Canada U19 vs Ulster U19 - Match #4

April 02 2018

Canada U19 Lose to Ulster U19 26-3 in Match #4: Full Match Video and Commentary

3:90 Canada have two attempts at clearing their 22, both kicks are subpar, first one blocked, second one not much better. Just basic skills clearing inside your 22.

6:49 Ulster forward knocks the ball on before crossing the line, the Ulster forwards look bigger than the forwards Canada have faced so far. This is a U19 team, the other teams have been U18.

9:55 Most of the game has been played inside Canada's half, a nice steal by #7 Sief El Din Sanad, don't know much about this player listed from Bedford, NS, but liking what I see. He's been strong at the breakdown when he's got game time.

16:05 Game very lacklustre, Siaki picks up at the base of the scrum as #8, knocks the ball on. Little errors like this just kill the game, frustrating for coaches as well.

20:00 Canada get half a chance but runner gets taken into touch. Very slow match so far.

22:30 Watching the Canada attack is like watching paint dry, so slow, an Ulster defender decides to shoot up, nothing to lose and the attack is so predictable - he creates a turnover. Fast defensive line speed, so easy to implement, takes no specific talent besides fast acceleration and a commitment to make the tackle. Against a plodding attack it's so effective.

23:36 Good defence from Canada and the Ulster attack is going nowhere either, Canada turn the ball however over the clearance kick is poor. That's been a consistent theme, no one with a strong boot, is it a skill that's even practiced anymore?

33:00 Good intercept by #13 Connor Byron as neither attack is sparkling and is very predictable. He doesn't have the wheels to go the distance but does get a penalty and Canada get 3 points. That would be their only points of the day.


47:33 The Ulster try is a comedy of errors from Canada, first the #9 throws a bullet pass to the #8 who is 2 feet from him, #8 thinks the pass is meant for someone behind him, so lets the pass go. The ball is turned over and chipped ahead the #14 knocks it on and Ulster get a scrum 5 metres out. They go blindside #8 to #9, Canada #15 misses the tackle and it's a try. These are mental mistakes, the players really don't look focused on the task they're performing.

57:00 Canada almost score a try in the corner, camera doesn't catch the result except they're short of the line and a penalty to Ulster.

1:02:42 Canada gift a try to Ulster, lineout close the line, #18 who has subbed in can't take the throw and it goes back in goal, Ulster fall on it. Both Ulster tries so far a result of Canada mistakes.

1:08:45 Ulster get another, Canada tackling falling off now, #10 misses his tackle and Ulster are in.

1:11:48 Canada's game really falling apart in several areas now, breakdown work is falling off, player gets isolated, replacement scrum half can't get his passes to first receiver. It's messy. Ulster get the penalty.

1:14:42 Ulster scrum, really easy try, missed defensive assignments, winger runs diagonally but doesn't get tackled. Players look like they've given up a bit now. Not a strong ending to the match from Canada.


A good first half defensive effort saw Canada leading 3-0. They let in four tries in the second half. The first two due to Canada errors then Canada's resolve seemed to melt in the drizzling rain. Canada couldn't generate any attack, basic ball handling skills were poor and recycling of the ball from the breakdown was slow.

One more match vs Munster on Thursday.

Starting Line-up vs Ulster U19 Development XV:

1. Guershom Mukendi
2. David Stolz
3. Tyler Rowland
4. Hunter Grant
5. Reid Davis
6. Harrison Hooke
7. Sief El Din Sanad
8. Siaki Vikilani
9. Brock Gallagher
10. Campbell Clarke
11. Kyle Tremblay
12. Tyler Wong
13. Connor Byron
14. Jim Newman
15. Gabe Casey
16. Aurelien Muller
17. Nathan Lake
18. Quentin James
19. Kaden Duguid
20. Jackson Scott
21. Jacob Siems
22. Max Radcliffe
23. Dalton Campbell


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April 02 – Canada U19 vs Ulster - Result: Ulster 26-3 Canada
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