BC Rugby Weekend of April 7th 2018

April 07 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: Lakers Sink Bays; Vikes Top Caps; T-Birds Edge CW; Ravens Smoke Hornets; Valhallians Vanquish Lomas


It was 15-3 at the half for Burnaby and it looks like more of the same in the second. The Burnaby Reserves put up a 87-0 score on the Bays. The Rules of Competition say more that 2 Reserve defaults and your Prem side is ineligible for the playoffs so the Bays had to call up some of their "experienced" reserves to man the fort. They showed up but obviously were out gunned. It may be a moot point for the Bays Premier as they now sit 5 points out of a playoff spot with one weekend left. In theory a bonus point win next weekend against Westshore along with a Capilano loss to Burnaby without a BP would put them in a tie for 6th. Then the tie breaking rules would have to be followed. The head to head so far this season is tied, both teams won a game by 7 points. The second article favours the Bays, they've won 9 matches to Caps 8 so far. If the Caps can manage a BP against Burnaby they'll advance.

Tie Breaking Rules
i. The aggregate score of the matches played between the two teams;
ii. The most wins in regular season;
iii. The points differential in league play;
iv. The most bonus points earned in league play; or
v. The toss of a coin by the Chair of the Committee.

#4 hosting #7, both teams with two games left. Burnaby look solid for a 4th place finish this year, the Bays are in a dogfight for the final playoff berth. Caps are 4 points ahead, the Vikes are 5, if Caps and Bays both lose on Saturday the Bays still have a chance to make up the difference as they have the easier last match. The Bays got a couple of players back from RC duty, Travis Larsen and Noah Barker, that will lift their game. Kieran McAuley and Clayton Meeres were influential in the win over Caps last weekend. Burnaby haven't played since March 24th when they lost to UBC. It should be a close match and never count out the Bays when playoffs get close. Prediction: Burnaby by 2.

1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Bryce Worden
4 Riley Fahlman
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O' Toole
7 Cody Rockson
8 Cole Mosychuk
9 Jack Caithness
10 Nolan Shelley
11 Darren Mcrory
12 Max Tacket
13 Cole Macqueen
14 Gino Paolella
15 Ben Mcivor

1) Blake Vanheyningen
2) Steven Ng
3) Noah Barker
4) Graham Harriman
5) Kieran McAuley
6) Carl Willams
7) Tyler Rockwell
8) Travis Larsen
9) Max Sydenham
10) Elliot Mitrou
11) Guilaume Caillux
12) Mitch Sora
13) Clayton Meeres
14) Nathan Tough
15) Ed Adams


The bonus point loss for Caps may be a season saver, they only need one BP next weekend to advance to the playoffs, win or lose against Burnaby. UVic hold onto 5th place and if the season were to end this way they would travel to Burnaby in the quarter-finals. Vikes travel down to Oak Bay next weekend to finish off the regular season.

Caps lost to the Bays last weekend, a win they really needed, the 2 bonus points in the loss helped to keep them 4 points ahead of the Bays. The loser of this match will be fighting it out with the Bays for 6th place. The Vikes have been on an impressive winning streak, travelling to Seattle last weekend to knock the Saracens out of playoff contention. A win at home might have the same effect on the Caps if the Bays manage to upset Burnaby. The Vikes have Ollie Nott back in the loose forwards which will make them even tougher to beat. Prediction: Vikes by 11.

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Alex McAra
3. MacBryan Bos
4. Jesse Burns
5. Gavin Kratz
6. Ollie Nott
7. James O’Neill
8. Jackson Matthews
9. James Pitblado
10. Grady Bowd
11. Cathal Long
12. Logan Martin-Feek
13. Jack McCarthy
14. Ethan Hager
15. Brennig Prevost
16. Callum Richards
17. Mostyn Findlay
18. Bryce Bostock
19. Carson O’Sullivan
20. Liam Morrison

1. Mackenzie Mills
2. Jason de Freitas
3. Neil Courtney
4. Rich Merinsky
5. Reid Tucker
6. Jonathan Webster
7. Jordan Reid-Harvey
8. Glen McKinnon (C)
9. Chris Robinson
10. Steven Cassells
11. Austin Karius
12. Chad Carlsen
13. Johnny Franklin
14. Erik Hunter-James
15. Sam Franklin


A close match as expected, UBC retain their #1 ranking with one week left. They host Lomas next weekend while CW host the Vikes. CW were up 14-0 in the first half in a scrappy affair. CW were down two men at one point. UBC fought back for a 22-14 lead at the half. The teams traded penalties in the second 40. UBC look set to keep their #1 spot while CW look comfortable in #3 in which case they would host either Caps or JBAA in the QF in two weeks time. A loss next week vs UVic along with a Burnaby win over Caps could see them host UVic again in the QF.

The match could be a precursor of a semi-final match depending on how the final standings play out. Currently UBC at #1 would face the 4th/5th winner in the semis, a loss and a Ravens win would drop them to #2 and a matchup with the 3rd/6th winner in the semis. CW currently sit in 3rd with a 7 point buffer above and below with 2 weeks left. UBC missing Clint Lemkus this week but a capable front row with Martinez and Sampson look to show they can get the job done. Theo Sauder is back in a starting role at fullback. The UBC attack had an off week against Westshore in their last outing but padded the scoreline in the last quarter. CW have Anton Ngongo back in the lineup as well as Kevin Leask, Nanyak Dala moves from hooker to blindside flanker. It should be a good match, slight edge to the 3 time defending champions. Prediction: UBC by 4.


1 Cali Martinez (Earl Marriott)
2 Harrison Smith (Handsworth)
3 Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
4 Nolan Howell (Hugh McRoberts)
5 James Carson (Oak Bay)
6 Michael Smith (Earl Marriott)
7 Jake Ikeda (Magee) ©
8 Nick Allen (Mulgrave)
9 Cole Keffer (Sutherland)
10 Nick Collett (Southridge)
11 Kevin Vertkas (Mentor College)
12 Flynn Heyes (Carson Graham)
13 John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
14 Jake Lan (Rockridge)
15 Theo Sauder (St George’s) ©


As expected Ravens ran up the score. Nanaimo have completed their Premier season now, the Ravens travel to Seattle for their last match. The Ravens will get a bye in the QF and then host the winner of 3v6.

This one shouldn't be too close, the #2 and #11 teams. Nanaimo only travelling with one team as one of the players, to remain anonymous, planned a wedding on Saturday and who are your best mates but your teammates. In his defence we can only assume he had no choice in the decision. The Nanaimo top scorer Jared Stephens has returned to forest fire fighting duties up north and will be missed. The Ravens will have too much pace around the park and will put up the numbers. One of their top scorers Aaron McLelland is with the Ontario Arrows for their match with Utah this evening. Prediction: Ravens by 20.

1 Paul Ahn
2 Alex Mascott
3 Marc Belevdere
4 Kiernan Collie
5 Jon Phelan
6 Nathan Kendrick (i)
7 Simon Etheve (i)
8 Conor Hamilton
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Adam McQueen
11 Kol Henrikson
12 Ben Grant
13 Cully Quirk ©
14 Karsten Leitner
15 Sean Ferguson
16 David Pelosi
17 Dan Cervino (i)
18 Curtis Delaminco
19 Nick Waggot
20 Adrien Carcy (i)
21 Benz Hendrickson
22 Harjun Gill
23 Aj King (i)

1 - Dean Briggs
2 - Aurelien Muller
3 - Pat Milford
4 - Matt Weir
5 - Kiko Haliliku
6 - Sawyer Barth
7 - Antonio Corbin
8 - Joe Blain
9 - Sam Fowler
10 - Matt Poole
11- Jacob Thom
12- Brad Marshall
13- Blake McGregor
14- Harrison King
15 - Ryan Bradley


Westshore had a strong second half to overcome an early Meraloma lead. Both teams wrap up the season on the road, Lomas to UBC and Westshore to James Bay.

Both teams out of the playoff picture with #9 hosting #10. The Lomas won the first match comfortably 35-13 in Vancouver back in November. Westshore the only team not to have their roster ready, perhaps scrambling to work out the logistics of sending a third team up island to Comox. The Lomas have played some good rugby this year and upset a few higher ranked sides. Westshore have a few danger players, Sitiveni Nacoko on the wing, Taylor Maguire in the centres. It's a toss up but the more organized team seems to be the Lomas. Prediction: Lomas by 3.

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Scott McGinley
3. Nathan Amey
4. Hank McQueen
5. Anton Belozerov
6. Ben Martin
7. Connor McCann
8. Patrick Zuk
9. Mike Hall
10. Guy Schwikkard
11. Dom Boyd
12. Calum Baynham
13. Benji Cottle
14. Derek Townsend
15. Evan Lloyd
16. Dan Fumano
17. James Beck
18. Billy Noonan
19. Teddy Arnason
20. David Brammall
21. Tom Viljoen
22. Steff Evans
23. Gavri Grossman



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