Canada U19 vs Munster U18 - Match #5

April 07 2018

Rugby Canada rebranding Feb 2018

Canada U19 End Irish Tour With a Win Against Munster: Match Video and Commentary

Canada in Red and Munster in Blue.

2:00 Canada scrum rock solid and defensive line speed looks good, two positive early indicators

4:39 Munster methodically moves down the field, get a penalty inside the 22, slot it over, 0-3

6:05 #7 Sief El Din Sanad with the steal, this young guy from Nova Scotia has been impressive this tournament at the breakdown. He doesn't show on the U20 long list but hopefully has another year left of eligibility.

8:05 The Munster men are making their share of errors and throw one into touch trying to find the overlap

9:11 Canada have lost a couple of balls at the breakdown, just not reacting fast enough.

13:43 Munster knock the ball on at Canada's 22, they've had the better of the match early on, just going through the phases patiently and getting the occasional line break.

16:51 Canada's turn to go through the phases and make some yards, a front row forward gets into the backline and drops the ball. Still good territory at Ireland 22.

17:30 A nice counter attack try from a kick, scored on the far side of the camera so unable to make it out but not the wingers 11 or 14 as they're on the near side. Good acceleration whoever it was. 7-3

20:00 Canada seemed to have more confidence after the try, I think it's dawned on them they can win this match after playing one quarter. They get turned over on attack again though at the Ireland 22.

22:00 Canada return the compliment, steal one and slot it through the posts, 10-3 now.

25:00 Munster get one back on the outside, their #11 beat two defenders, 10-8

31:52 Canada doing well but after a solid set piece they throw it away in the backs, looks like #12 flings it to no one and the advantage is lost. Munster recover, get a penalty, and slot a 40 metre penalty. Those type of mistakes just kill momentum. 10-11

35:29 Another try from Canada. Munster let the kickoff hit ground, Canada got the scrum and looks like a strong run by former gold medal junior wrestler Hunter Grant in second row got the team moving forward. Siaki Vikilani takes it ahead, offloads in the tackle and the outside man takes it in. Again on the far side of the field so no resolution from the camera on the number. 17-11


47:26 A cheeky drop goal from the #10 to start off the half, nice play. 20-11

48:11 Canada botch the clearance on the ensuing kickoff and ruck, seen that a few times this tour. Combination of slow pass back, slow kick release and kicking with low trajectory at the wrong time. Munster stuff the kick and score after a couple of phases. Canada have been their own worst enemy sometimes with basic errors. They might have won a couple more games with just basic skills executed consistently. 20-18

50:31 #9 makes a tough go of a kick reception, gets injured in the process, and Munster get the penalty. They score after several phases, another example of a mistake turning into points after what looked like a harmless clearance kick by Munster. 20-25

57:43 Siaki makes a steal to give Canada back possession.

1:03 A nice run by the tighthead down the wing and a clever pass from the scrum half to set him up gives Canada go ahead ball. Siakia at #8 takes it a bit further, a couple of passes and it's a try under the posts 27-25

1:05:50 Probably the best series of play by Canada so far, hard running from the forwards, quick recyling, would have been nice to see 80 minutes of this. Looks like big Reid Davis finishes it off. Wait, ref has called it back for a forward pass, bit of a bollocks call by the ref or touch judge, maybe trying to keep the home team in the match.

1:10:52 Doesn't matter as Canada score next, they're playing good rugby now. #15 makes a nice cut inside, could have scored himself it looked like but didn't back himself and it gets a little tougher than it should have been but #21, replacement Harrison Hooke, muscles his way over in the corner for the try. 32-25

1:14:58 Canada had another try lined up but just nervous hands, calm down boys, confidence.

1:19:18 The play that netted them the first try in the first game is called up again. #8 pickup at the scrum, flick to the #9 down the blindside with the winger and a final try. 37-25

Overall a good way to finish the tour, the last 20 minutes of the game were perhaps the best by Canada on tour. Two of the three tries Canada gave up were attributable to Canadian errors in basic skills of kicking, catching, passing. It's no secret that getting players started earlier in mastering the basics will improve rugby thoughout the Canadian landscape. The value of these tours is an "accelerated learning" experience, not only for the players but for administrators who can measure and quantify the gaps in skill levels and hopefully implement a plan to close that gap.

Starting line-up vs Munster U18 Schools:

1. Jackson Scott
2. Tyler Wong
3. Tyler Rowland
4. Hunter Grant
5. Quentin James
6. Reid Davis
7. Sief El Din Sanad
8. Siaki Vikilani
9. Brock Gallagher
10. Max Radcliffe
11. Jim Newman
12. Dalton Campbell
13. Connor Byron
14. Kyle Tremblay
15. Gabe Casey
16. Guershom Mukendi
17. Nathan Lake
18. Kaden Duguid
19. David Stolz
20. Aurelien Muller
21. Harrison Hooke
22. Campbell Clarke

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