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April 19 2018

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Burnaby Match Reports vs Seattle, Brit Lions, Capilano: Three Home Matches This Weekend vs Langley, CW, James Bay

by Mike Devlin

BLRC Premier Women 30 – Seattle Saracens 33 (By Walt Brandl)

The Burnaby Lake women, fresh off a win over the league leading Westshore Club, were eager to take a shot at possession of second place heading into the final week of the season. Despite the long drive and the rain, they started strong and dominated the early going. Hard running through the forwards and solid tactical kicking kept the Blue and White camped in the Seattle end for most of the half. Two tries through the forwards from Emily Van Gulik and Carolyn McEwen were backed up by a pressuring defence. One long try from the Seattle winger was seemingly against the flow, although it would portent things to come in the second half. Even the carelessly missed opportunities close to the Saracens line seemed like a small price to pay for the amount of ball possession that Burnaby had.

Burnaby started the second half with another score, this time from Katie Grudzinski running from her sometimes position as an inside center. Seattle now decided it was time to play their game. With a sudden burst of energy and intent they spread the ball wide at every opportunity, finding numerous gaps in the previously stalwart BLRC defensive line. The barrage went on for 20 minutes of shock and awe, leaving Burnaby down by 13 points. Burnaby finally got up off the mat and started playing again answering the onslaught with tries from Lee Van Vugt, Lauren Tagg and a second try from Captain EV. This second wind was led by ferocious scrummaging by the seasoned front row of McEwen, Fedewa and Schamberger who took every ball they could against the head and often left a pile of Saracen forwards in their wake. Sadly, for the Blue and White there would be no repeat of the comeback in the previous tilt and Burnaby fell 33-30 with pressure on the Seattle line at full time. The loss leaves Burnaby in third and is dependent on Seattle beating Capilano in the Emerald City while Burnaby must defeat Castaway-Wanderers at the friendly confines of Burnaby Lake to secure a home field semi-final game. Kick-off is at 12:45 this Saturday at the Lake.

BLRC 2nd Div Men 19 – Brit Lions 24

Last week in Delta, the BLRC 2nds were victorious on the road but the Brit Lions got some revenge at the lake this Saturday. The game was a bit sloppy but was fun to watch with both teams laying out some big hits on defence and making some exciting plays on attack. The Brit Lions offence ran through their #10 and #12 with good reason. The #12 has got some skill and while that league doesn’t have an MVP, if it did, he’d be in the running. Their #10 knows his way around the pitch and can find a mismatch if it’s presented.

The BLRC scored first through Haydn Melin after long runs from Scott McCartney and Taylor Skwarok spread the defence. Melin converted his own before the Brit Lions responded through their #10 with #12 converting. The Brit Lions followed that up with a few more tries and a kick or two over the ensuing 60 minutes to jump out to a 24-7 lead. Big Mark Paddock responded with 2 late tries and Kishan Karunathasan added the extra’s on the final one to bring the final score to 24-19. The Brit Lions were deserving winners. This was a competitive & aggressive game but was played without incident. I never saw a punch thrown and rarely a push after the whistle. I believe the game finished with all the referee’s cards still safely in his pocket.

A good season so far for the Burnaby Lake Men’s 3rd XV. There was a bit of apprehension amongst the regulars and some supporters when it was announced that the club would seek to enter the team at a higher level than usual, but I think that all would agree that it has worked out well! There have been some pains with the scheduling of home club days on the occasions that the team needs to play at 11:15 or 11:30 when the rest of the league are used to playing at 12:45 (BIG thanks by the way to the Brit Lions and the numerous other clubs that have been understanding of our early kickoff requests by the way!!!) and being separated from the rest of the club on what used to be full “club” days at Capilano or UBC. But to move up a league and finish top 4 with a home playoff date in your first season is commendable. Great work to Coaches Paul Szabo and Neil McLaughlin and Captain Trevor Flynn & Vice-Captain Francois Botes.

This weekend the 2nd Div Men will host Langley in a quarter final match at Burnaby Lake.

BLRC Premier Reserve Men 31 – Capilano RFC 10

The first BLRC vs Capilano Men’s tilt was a good one. The BLRC rode off with the comfortable win in the end but the Caps made them work for it. Watching the game, it was amazing to me that the Capilano Reserves didn’t make the playoffs this year. They tackled well, ran hard and strung some solid phases together. They also scored 10 points on the BLRC which is more than the Burnaby Lake Men usually allow. Perhaps this game was an anomaly in their level of play, but they looked like they could beat some teams at this level. Except their 8-man Kes Kasha - he looked old and slow... just kidding, I thought Kes was Capilano’s man of the match, though officially it went to a young up + comer whose name escapes me.

The BLRC took the lead at 10 minutes with their forwards driving a maul over the try line. Brian Robinson was at the back of the maul and was awarded the try. Jarett Richardson made it 7-0. At 25 minutes the BLRC scored again from a strong maul. This time it was Taitusi Vikilani who did the honors. The convert sailed just wide, so the score sat 12-0. Giuseppe Laudisio added to the lead 5 minutes later with the BLRC pressing inside the Capilano 22m. Sean McKeown drew in some defenders and passed to Giuseppe who swerved through the final Capilano tacklers to score. Richardson made the conversion which put Burnaby Lake ahead 19-0 going into the halftime break.

Burnaby Lake struck first in the 2nd half with Ben Chater taking an innocent looking crash ball at the 22m and running through or around 3 would-be tacklers before diving over the try line. Richardson split the uprights to extend the lead, 26-0. With 15 minutes gone in the half Capilano got on the board after scrum half Malcolm Klaver found a gap in the BLRC defensive line and sprinted for about 25 yards before passing wide to fullback Cam Waddell who was wide open. Waddell’s try made the score 26-5 which is where it stayed until there was only a few minutes left. At 76 minutes, the BLRC’s Ben Chater was brought down just inside the Capilano half. Paul Murphy passed the ball from the back of the ruck to brother Brian who went on a long run to the Capilano 5m before popping the ball off the deck back to Paul who spun it wide to a charging Sean McKeown who scored in the corner. Off the kickoff, Capilano came down with the ball and captain Kes Kasha found the ball with plenty of space. Kes made it to almost the BLRC 5m before he was brought down. Shortly after the Capilano #9 Malcolm Klaver picked the ball up from the back of a ruck and did his best Superman impression while diving in for a try! Final score 31-10 in favour of the home side.

The BLRC Premier Reserves have the week off as they await the winner of the UVIC/UBCOB quarter final.

BLRC Premier Men 58 – Capilano RFC 7

The only Men’s game at Burnaby Lake with any playoff implications had the BLRC needing a bonus point win and a CW loss to claim 3rd spot while Capilano needed at least a bonus point to qualify for the Premier playoffs. The BLRC got the win and unfortunately Capilano were unable to achieve their goal so Burnaby Lake will host James Bay this Saturday in the BC quarterfinal.

The BLRC pack led the charge in the first half with Nik Hildebrand, Mike Gough and Mike O’Toole crossing the paint along with one try from the backs in the form of Andrew Porter finishing off nice runs from Caithness & Tacket. Cole McQueen added 2 points while Johnny Franklin got one back for Caps and Steven Cassells converted it for a half time score of 22-7. It was a competitive 40 minutes of rugby with the BLRC just finishing a little better and playing a bit better defence than their opposites.

Siaki Vikilani breaks a tackle in the 2nd half – photo by Pj Carr

The 2nd half was one-way traffic and the competitiveness of the first half gave way to a more one sided game with Burnaby Lake scoring 6 try’s (3 of them converted) in the final 40 minutes to give the game it’s lopsided final score. The 2nd half try scorers were Cole Mosychuk, Max Tacket, Mike O’Toole, Gino Paolella and Micha Govorchin. McQueen added 2 converts while Johnny McLoughlin kicked one.

Cole Mosychuk makes a first half break – photo by Pj Carr

Big thanks to the BCRRS and to Seattle, Capilano and the Brit Lions for a great day of rugby!

3 home games this week at Burnaby Lake, as of now the 2nd Div quarterfinal is set to kick off at noon. The Premier Women have their last regular season game of the year vs CW at 12:45 and I believe the Premier Men will host James Bay at 2:45.

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