BC Rugby Weekend of April 21st 2018

April 21 2018

BCRN 2018

Top Seeds Go Through in BC Premier: CW Edge Vikes; Burnaby Dominate Bays: SCORE UPDATES IN ALL DIVISIONS

It's quarter-finals weekend in almost all divisions, except Premier Women. In men's Premier and Reserve there are only two semis with 3v6 and 4v5, #1 and #2 getting a bye. In Div 1, 2 and 3 it's the full 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 and 4v5 scenario.

UVic 37 @ CW 45

It was a back and forth battle, CW starting strong as last week, going up 14-0 but Vikes battled back to lead 22-21 at the half. It was 38-37 late in the match when the ref was injured and had to be replaced according to the CW twitter account. Nathan Abdelnour was the designated referee. Vikes battling to go ahead were picked off in the backline and Josiah Morra was the hero securing the win and a trip to UBC next weekend.

UVic won this matchup last week by one point and had to come back for that win. It's a coin toss really and one point may be the difference. The rosters look identical to last week, CW have moved Dala from hooker to blindside and Leask from blindside to second row. Last game CW went out strong and Vikes finished strong. Vikes may have the better goal kicker which could be important if the match is close. Prediction: Vikes by 1.

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Alex McAra
3. MacBryan Bos
4. Jesse Burns
5. Gavin Kratz
6. Ollie Nott
7. James O’Neill
8. Jackson Matthews
9. James Pitblado
10. Grady Bowd
11. Cathal Long
12. Logan Martin-Feek
13. Jack McCarthy
14. Ethan Hager
15. Brennig Prevost
16. Callum Richards
17. Mostyn Findlay
18. Bryce Bostock
19. Carson O’Sullivan
20. Liam Morrison


JBAA 17 @ Burnaby 50

A tough day for the Bays on and off the field. BC Ferries misplaced their bags and they had to put out an SOS to the rugby community for jerseys, balls and water bottles. Burnaby replied "we got you #spiritofrugby" and it was sorted. On the field it was all Burnaby, a 26-0 half time score went to 50-7 before Bays answered with two late tries. It will be Burnaby @ Ravens in the semis.

There is no love lost between these clubs especially come playoff time, there's history. This year Burnaby are playing the game under protest, the basis being that JBAA played unregistered players in their last two Reserve matches which would have pushed them over the 2 defaults and invoke the clause to make the Premier team ineligible for playoffs. The BCRU are ruling it's a finable offence but not a default so game on. The teams met two weeks ago and Burnaby came away with a 27-10 win. The lineups will be similar, for the Bays the front row is the same, Shea Wakefield is back in the second row which will help the team, Kieran McCauley moves to the centres. Otherwise a very similar lineup from two weeks ago. For Burnaby, Craig Mclaughlin replaces Riley Fahlman in the second row. The halfback pair are new, Higgins and Maclaine replacing Caithness and Shelley. Big Kimi Vunituraga is back in the centres and Andrew Porter on the wing. It could be a feisty affair, Harry Mason is officiating. Have to go with the team that won +17 two weeks ago but with a smaller spread. Prediction: Burnaby by 9.

1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Bryce Worden
4 Craig Mclaughlin
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O' Toole
7 Cody Rockson
8 Cole Mosychuk
9 Mark Higgins
10 Neil Maclaine
11 Andrew Porter
12 Max Tacket
13 Kimi Vunituraga
14 Gino Paolella
15 Cole Macqueen


Premier Reserve

The Vikes host Ravens in one semi and the UBC v CW match has been moved to Sunday. CW already playing two games on Saturday and likely need the extra troops for the Reserves match at UBC.

Ravens 41 - UVic 5
CW 33 - UBC 24

Burnaby v Ravens
Meraloma v CW

Women's Premier

The playoffs start next week with the semis. Westshore far ahead in the standings but the other teams will be affected by the outcomes this weekend. Burnaby host CW and Seattle host Capilano.

Men's Div 1

Four games on the go, #1 Surrey host Port Alberni, #2 Cowichan host United, VRC host Abby and Bayside host Langley.

Cowichan 36 - United 26
Bayside 20 - Langley 18
Surrey 62 - Port Alberni 17
VRC 35 - Abbotsford 24

Semi-finals next week will be:

Cowichan v Bayside
Surrey v VRC

Men's Div 2

Good to see a proper Div 2 this year instead of two Div 3 championships in previous years. Burnaby host Langley, Surrey v Bayside, VRC v Brit Lions and Kamloops hosting Kelowna.

VRC 46 - Brit Lions 25
Burnaby 49 - Langley 21
Surrey 30 - Bayside 42
Kamloops 25 - Kelowna 15

Semi-finals next week
VRC v Burnaby
Kamloops - Bayside

Men's Div 3

Only one title this year, last year Westshore and Caps won separate Div 3 A and B titles. Westshore host Chilliwack and Caps host Kats, also Squamish v Ridge Meadows and Lomas v CW.

Capilano 67 - Kats 5
Squamish 45 - Ridge Meadows 5
Westshore 54 - Chilliwack 33
Meraloma 59 - CW 0

Semi-finals next week will be
Capilano v Meraloma
Westshore v Squamish

Women's Div 1

A bit of controversy that even hit the local Kamloops paper. Comox asked BCRU for a neutral venue citing the distance to Kamloops as a factor so the game is being played in Abbotsford. Kamloops not happy, they want the home game. Here is the article from Kamloops This Week. In other matches Lomas host SFU, Bayside host Brit Lions and it's Abby v United.

Abbotsford 66 - United 20
Bayside 51- 14 Brit Lions
Kamloops 49 - Comox 28
Meraloma 20 - SFU 0

Bayside v Kamloops
Meraloma v Abbotsford

Women's Div 2

One match Ridge Meadows hosts Langley.

(Time - Venue - Home Team - Visitors - Ref)

Mens Premier Playoffs 2018

14:30 Burnaby Lake BURNABY LAKE V JAMES BAY AA Harry Mason
14:30 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V U OF VICTORIA Nathan Abdelnour

Mens Premier Reserve Playoffs 2018


Mens Division 1 Playoffs 2018
13:00 Cowichan COWICHAN V UNITED Kevin Smith
14:30 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA V PORT ALBERNI Jivan Dhaliwal
15:00 Bayside BAYSIDE V LANGLEY David Holmesko agreed between clubs

Mens Division 2 Playoffs 2018
12:00 Burnaby Lake BURNABY LAKE 3 V LANGLEY 2 Shanda Mosher-Gallant
12:45 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 V BAYSIDE 2 Colin Sexton
12:45 Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 V BRIT LIONS David Smortchevsky
13:15 Kamloops Park KAMLOOPS V KELOWNA CROWS Bob Zryd

Womens Division 1 Playoffs 2018
11:15 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UNITED Barry Cummins
11:15 South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V BRIT LIONS Robin Tolbert
11:15 Connaught Park MERALOMA V SIMON FRASER RC Mike landiak
12:45 Exhibition Park KAMLOOPS V COMOX Matt Myers neutral venue

Womens Division 2 Playoffs
11:15 Thomas Haney RIDGE MEADOWS V LANGLEY Julie Beyea

Mens Division 3 Playoffs 2018
11:15 Klahanie Park CAPILANO 3 V KATS Andy Cannon
12:45 Squamish SQUAMISH V RIDGE MEADOWS Graham Stone
13:00 Connaught Park MERALOMA 3 V CASTAWAY WANDERERS 3 Scott Johnson
13:00 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE 3 V CHILLIWACK Latoya Blackwood

Womens Premier League
12:45 Ryan Field CAPILANO V SEATTLE venue switched

Mens Premier Reserve Playoffs 2018
13:00 UBC UBC 2 V CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 Toby Mustill date change agreed by clubs

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