Rugby World Cup Qualifying - May Updates

May 03 2018

Georgian Site Claims Romania, Spain, Belgium Disqualified from RWC - Leaving Russia Through as Europe 1 and Germany and Portugal Competing for Europe 2

A Georgian website article claims to have inside information on the recent Rugby Europe fiasco that has clouded the Europe 1 and Europe 2 pathways to the World Cup. Originally Romania were through to the World Cup as Europe 1 after Spain lost to Belgium. Spain were favourites to go through as Europe 2 - Canada would likely face Europe 2 in the repechage. There is a Europe 2 v Samoa home and away in between that Samoa are favourites to win and go straight into the World Cup.

The Georgian article claims the May 10th decision from World Rugby will be to disqualify Romania, Spain and Belgium for playing ineligible players. As they did to Tahiti earlier in the year.

What we know so far lends some credibility to this scenario. Russia's June internationals were a bit late coming online, USA Rugby just confirmed last week that Russia will visit and play USA in Denver. Canada will play Russia in Ottawa. Russia wouldn't be able to tour in June if they were involved in any Europe 2 qualifiers, they're all in or all out. According to the Georgian article they're all in, and now with some World Rugby money for qualifying.

Romania mysteriously had their June internationals pulled on the World Rugby officiating site, indicating they're either part of the Europe 2 qualifying process or as the article surmises, they lost their World Rugby funding and are out.

That would leave Germany and Portugal fighting for Europe 2 spot and a home and away with Samoa which has now been moved to July/August. The decision has been promised for May 10th, a week from today, in the meantime it's guess work and speculation.

For Canada, this new scenario would likely see Portugal in the repechage with Canada. Perhaps a bit easier for Canada but the Portugal U20 team recently qualified for the JWRT defeating Spain, so not to be taken too lightly.

Georgian Website Article

Google translation of article

The last round of the "Rugby European" Championship will be remembered for everyone, but you will still remember: A Romanian referee was appointed in the Belgium-Spain match, which was lost by the Pyrenees and it came with great news. In the case, "World Rugby" was involved and directly stated that Jedekesku's referee was a direct conflict of interest and had to play the game.

However, this has followed the protest of Russians. The matter is that naturalized Romanian player Siena Fakosilea played in Tonga's Sevens team and did not have the right to speak on behalf of Romania. There were also doubts about the two Spaniards (Bell and Fustier) who played in the French youth team and one Belgian (Pack).

In short, everything is fine and we are going to conduct a serious investigation and make a final decision on May 10.

It is still time until May 10, but some information has already been cleared, but a little later.

Let's get back to the World Rugby Trouble again. The point is that sanctions on the use of a player without a right to play in the team envisages a fine or disqualification, and the world rugby team could easily get rid of teams (the idea of ??disqualification of so many teams was overwhelmed), but the irony of the twin, two weeks before the scandal, was removed from the raffle. Thus, the precedent was created and the way back was actually cut.

As it turned out, two variants were discussed at the commission investigating this incident.

First: Mini Tournament with participation of Spain, Russia, Belgium and Romania, but this idea was soon rejected. And second: like Tahiti, disqualification from the Romanian, Spanish and Belgian world qualifiers (the fact that the above-mentioned countries have played in violation of the rules, no doubt).

As we know from a reliable source, the Commission has chosen the second option and accordingly, the above-mentioned countries will replace Russia on the world. And the winner of Germany-Portugal will take part in Samoa Play-off.

We already knew about this information a few days ago, but we stayed away from the sound. Today another interesting fact occurred: Romania withdrew from the Pacific Ocean and Samoa will play instead. This has further convinced me of the accuracy of the abovementioned information.

You might ask where there is a Pacific Cup and where to choose the world where they have a relationship with each other.

The thing is that the teams from the World Cup are getting a "world rugby" grant. Since Romania has been withdrawn from the selection, this grant has been dropped and will be handed over to Russia. Presumably, the Vlads have no money to go south. And because of the play-off, Samoa had been abandoned for a long time, so Rugby's parents took the place to compensate for this tournament.

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