Canada Sevens - Langford 2018

May 09 2018

Pam Buisa - 1st senior cap Langford 7s 2018

Tait Names Canada Roster with One New Face Pamphinette Buisa: By The Numbers Canada's Top Capped Player, Most Points This Year, Win Record Last 30 Matches

Coach John Tait has named his 12 players for the tournament and there's one new name Pamphinette (Pam) Buisa. Pam grew up in Gatineau, Quebec and Rugby Quebec has acknowledged her as one of their own. She was born in Ottawa, is 21 years old, and is currently studying Political Science at UVic according the article on the Visions of Canada website. Other interesting notes, she went to the Youth Olympics in Nanjing China, studied ballet & tap dancing when she was younger and was the Student Ambassador for her high school. Hopefully she'll be able to dance around a few defenders and negotiate a few tries in her first appearance.

Britt Benn injured her wrist in Japan and is out for this tournament. Ghislaine Landry is back from injury.

A look at the stats shows who is hot and who is not. Canada are in a little bit of a blue streak right now. As expected New Zealand and Australia are the hot teams, NZ especially have only lost twice in their last 30 games. Australia have only lost 4 and Canada 9 in that same time period, the other teams are in the double digits. Three of those losses for Canada have come in the last four games.

What about number of 7s caps for Canada, who is the leader. Most people would say Jen Kish or Ghislaine Landry which is close but it's actually Bianca Farella and Kayla Moleshi who have the most caps at 25 with Kish and Landry at 24. The most capped players are from NZ and Australia, Emilee Cherry, Sarah Goss, Shannon Parry and Portia Woodman.

Who is scoring for Canada, all time and this year? No surprise that Ghislaine Landry leads Canada in points and tries, she actually is top in the world in points but Portia Woodman of NZ is the top try scorer. Bianca Farella is the second most prolific try scorer for Canada, with Britt Benn 3rd among active players, Kayla Moleshi fourth. Karen Paquin is high on the list but is now retired.

As for who is putting in the tries this year, it's Julia Greenshields. Ghislaine Landry has completely fallen off the try scoring list and that may be part of Canada's problem as her role has shifted. She is more the play maker and distributor now and is not taking those gaps and out pacing defenders on a regular basis. You have to go way down the list, there's no Canadian in the top 20 after Greenshields. At 23 and 24 are Britt Benn and Hannah Darling and at 31 is Breanne Nicholas. You would expect Charity Williams to be on the list but apparently even though her tries are memorable they're not consistent.

It will be interesting to see who will be stepping up in this tournament for Canada.

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