Regional Matches - May 12th 2018

May 12 2018

Sam Fowler - North Island Tsunami
© Lorne Collicutt

Regional Results Tide Over Tsunami 40-38 in Senior Men, Wave Overcome Tide 38-31 in Senior Women; VRU Defeat FVRU in U23 Men

There were three regional matches today as part of the regional competitions.

Senior Men
South Island Tide 40 - North Island Tsunami 38

An entertaining match that shifted leads after the second half. The North Island led 21-19 at the half but the South Island came storming out in the second half to go up 40-21 and it looked like the game would get out of hand. The North Island Tsunami made a 4th quarter surge to close the gap to 2 points and were pressing on the 5 metre line when the final whistle blew. It was an entertaining match that saw lots of line breaks and good interlinking play. Sitiveni Nacako was man of the match for the South with 3 tries, he would seem a shoe in for a spot on the BC Bears. Sam Fowler, the North #9, was equally influential scoring a try and setting up a few more, he was the North man of the match. Next action is May 26th when the Island host the Mainland for the McKechnie Cup.

North Island v South Island at Port Alberni Rugby Club at 2:30pm

The McKechnie Cup in existence since 1896, first won by Vancouver, then Victoria in 1897 and Nanaimo in 1898 will continue today in the form of the Island North v South match. Ideally there would be four teams in the competition, a Vancouver, Fraser Valley, South Island and North Island but the Mainland are only putting in one team as last year. So the Cup final will be a Mainland v Island match on May 26th on the Island. This weekend's North v South match will be for Island bragging rights and a selection match for the combined Island team on the 26th. A player from each 2017 team went on to play in the MLR with Seattle. Nakai Penny from the North and Cam Polson from the South are now with the Seawolves

U23 Men

The official score hasn't been reported but we've been told VRU won the match about 40-10 over the Valley. That sets up a Vancouver vs Island match for the Dunbar Keg.

Fraser Valley v Vancouver at Sullivan Heights Park, Surrey 1pm

The Dunbar Keg used to be a U20 competition, players like Doug Fraser (Island) and Jared Douglas (Fraser Valley) have gone on to play for the national teams. It's now a U23 competition and starts this weekend with the Fraser Valley hosting Vancouver. The winner of this game will play the Island on May 26th for the title, the loser will play the Canada U20 team on the same day in an exhibition match.

Vancouver Roster

1 - Tom Ruffalls (Capilano RFC)
2 - Harrison Smith (University of British Columbia)
3 - Arsalan Schaigan (Capilano RFC)
4 - Frank Carson (University of British Columbia)
5 - Oscar Blue (Capilano RFC)
6 - Donald Carson (University of British Columbia)
7 - Jack Bae (University of British Columbia)
8 - Matias Suez (UBCOB Ravens)
9 - Owen Pitblado (Western University)
10 - Will Sauder (Western University)
11 - Luc Hansen-Boucher (Western University)
12 - John Franklin (Capilano RFC)
13 - Flynn Heyes (University of British Columbia)
14 - Sam Hughes (University of British Columbia)
15 - David Thompson (Queens University)
16 - Nicholas Gray (University of British Columbia)
17 - Alex Chitan (Capilano RFC)
18 - Jackson Bushell (SFU Rugby Club)
19 - Joe Collier-Pandya (Brit Lions RC)
20 - Malcolm Klaver (Capilano RFC)
21 - Keegan Matheson (Western University)
22 - Jake Lan (University of British Columbia)
23 - John Tolton (University of British Columbia)

Senior Women
Vancouver Wave 38 - Vancouver Island Crimson Tide 31

The Wave won but the Tide carried away the spoils. The Tide went into the match with a +12 aggregate and the -7 loss wasn't enough to release their grip on the Ruth Hellerud-Brown trophy for another year. The Vancouver Wave went out quickly to a 19-0 lead and the Tide were battle all game to catch up. It was 26-10 at the half and the Wave had half a hold on the trophy taking a +16 into the second half. It went to 33-10 and it was looking ominous for the Island. The Tide scored two before the Wave again put a +14 gap between them with another try at 38-24. The Tide secured one more try however to claim the series win.

Vancouver Island v Vancouver at Westshore Rugby Club, 1pm

The women play for the Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup, it's a two game series between Vancouver Island Crimson Tide and Vancouver Wave. The Island won the first match 32-20 and have a +12 start on the aggregate going into game two.

Vancouver Wave

1 Tess Woldring BLRC / UBC
2 Mel Robinson Capilano
3 Sarah Klok UBC
4 Emily VanGulik BLRC
5 Tianna Coutts BLRC
6 Gillian Boag Capilano
7 Gabby Hindley BLRC
8 Katie Grudzinski BLRC
9 Christina Burnham Capilano
10 Megan Mason BLRC
11 Brooke Bazian UBC
12 Mack Carson UBC
13 Kaitlyn Cumming Capilano
14 Jessica Piotrowski SFU
15 Macy Munson Kamloops
16 Mikiela Nelson VRC
17 Nicola Jones Capilano
18 Chantalle Bracken-Ilich VRC
19 Beth Dueck SFU
20 Lauren Tagg BLRC
21 Alyssa Lacap SFU
22 Kaila Pickering SFU
23 Aphra Taylor Ridge Meadows

Vancouver Island Crimson Tide

1. Valerie Wideski
2. Brittany Sims
3. Melissa Sims
4. Tyson Beukeboom
5. Zoe Goodwill-Sutton
6. Chanelle Challenger
7. Courtney Sims
8. Sophie de Goede
9. Jess Neilson
10. Sya Trafford
11. Renee Gonzalez
12. Amanda Thornborough
13. Paula Simpson
14. Kennedy Rolston
15. Asha Payson
16. Bronwyn Corrigan
17. Marlene Nedved
18. Shaye Tudor
18. Angela Davies
19. Daris Tendlor

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