Canada 7s Langford 2018

May 13 2018

Charity Williams - Canada

Canada Place 5th in Tournament - NZ Repeats as Champions: VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Canada are struggling to find their 3rd seed form with the World Cup looming in July. Canada are seeded third in the tournament but have had a run of poor form lately. At the World Cup in July they'll have to get by Brazil and France to make the final four. France are currently in better form and hold Canada's 3rd place ranking in the series. They finished in 4th in Langford.

Canada lost to USA in a crucial match 28-26 which put them out of the top 4, they rebounded to beat England and Ireland to claim 5th. New Zealand defeated Australia in the final to repeat as champions.


Charity Williams Steps Up to Keep Canada in Cup Hunt

Canada dropped their first game to Australia as expected, Australia are the top team in the series having won 2 of the 3 tournaments so far. An off form Canada have dropped to 5th in the series standings. The score in the match was 22-7, 4 tries to 1 with Bianca Farella scoring for Canada.

Canada got past Spain in the second match 24-10 with Charity Williams scoring twice along with Breanne Nicholas and Caroline Crossley. To ensure a Cup round placement Canada needed to win their final match against Ireland. In the past that wouldn't have been a problem but on Canada's current form it couldn't be taken for granted.

Canada ended up chasing the game from the start with Ireland leading by a try for most of the match but late heroics by Charity Williams on an end to end try sealed the win on the extra conversion by Landry, 19-17. That result sees them face USA in the QF on Sunday.

Perhaps worrying for Canada is where the attack is coming from, current Series leader for Canada Julia Greenshields (14 tries) has been kept off the score sheet as has the all time try scorer for Canada Ghislaine Landry (105 tries). Canada are 6th in the tournament stats on points production, 16.7 a match, about half of Australia who are scoring 32 points a game on average.

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