McKechnie Cup 2018

May 26 2018

McKechnie Cup

Mainland Sweep Island in McKechnie Cup and Dunbar Keg Competitions: VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Vancouver got the job done on Saturday. The Vancouver U23 team are the top in BC without doubt, they laid a 48-10 defeat on the Fraser Valley earlier in the month and ran out 52-22 winners today against the Island. Vancouver went out quickly and the game was never in question, the Island scored a few tries late in the game after subs had changed the tempo of the match to make the scoreline more respectable. Likely a lot of the Vancouver players will be on the BC U23 side that takes on Canada U20 on Friday in Abbotsford. Canada U20 defeated Fraser Valley 79-19 at Westhills Stadium on Saturday. Tony La Carte was on hand to present the Dunbar Keg trophy to captain Will Sauder after the win.

In the senior game it was a close match at the half, 30-26 for Vancouver after they scored at the half-time whistle to go ahead. It was all Vancouver in the second half with the Island only scoring once. The scoreboard had 53-31 but we had it 60-33 as the mainland scored at the closing whistle as well.

Some video highlights below tell the story.

Matt Evans and Tony Healy take in the matches at Cowichan Rugby Club

McKechnie Cup Since 1896: Vancouver and Vancouver Island Rosters for Saturday's Match in Cowichan - Dunbar Keg U23 Match at 12:45pm

The McKechnie Cup will be contested this Saturday in Cowichan. Vancouver Island and Vancouver will do battle for the 122 year old trophy. It was first won in 1896 by Vancouver and they were the most recent recipients in 2017. The Island last won the trophy in 2003. Vancouver have won the trophy 40 times, Vancouver Island have won the trophy 38 times (11 as Vancouver Island + 26 as Victoria + 1 as Nanaimo), UBC have won it 28 times, Fraser Valley have claimed it 8 times, 15 times it was not contested (5 during WWI, 1932 during the Great Depression, and 9 times since 2005). There have been a couple of solo winners, the Pacific Pride in 2002 and the Nor-Wests in '56 and '69. There were a few years there were ties and co-winners of the trophy.

Dr Robert McKechnie was a Nanaimo physician when he donated the trophy in 1896 to the BC Rugby Union, he also represented Nanaimo in the provincial legislature. He went on to become the second chancellor of UBC and the longest serving from 1918 to 1944.

This Saturday it will be a time to continue the proud tradition of rugby in the Province. The U23 Dunbar Keg will kick off at 12:45 with the McKechnie Cup at 2:30pm.

Besides the trophies and bragging rights, players will be looking to impress to gain spots on the BC Bears team and a BC U23 team that will be in action in June. The BC U23 team will take on Canada U20 while the BC Bears will compete in the Canadian Rugby Championship, they are current title holders.



2017 Vancouver
2016 Not contested
2015 Fraser Valley
2014 Fraser Valley
2013 Fraser Valley
2012 Not contested
2011 Not contested
2010 Not contested
2009 Not contested
2008 Not contested
2007 Not contested
2006 Not contested
2005 Not contested
2004 Fraser Valley
2003 Vancouver Island
2002 Pacific Pride
2001 Vancouver
2000 Fraser Valley
1999 Vancouver Island
1998 Fraser Valley
1997 Vancouver Island
1996 Vancouver Island
1995 Vancouver Island
1994 Fraser Valley
1993 Vancouver
1992 Vancouver
1991 Vancouver
1990 Vancouver
1989 Vancouver Island
1988 UBC
1987 Vancouver
1986 Vancouver Island
1985 Vancouver Island
1984 Vancouver Island
1983 Tie (Vancouver and UBC)
1982 Vancouver
1981 Tie (Fraser Valley and UBC)
1980 UBC
1979 UBC
1978 Vancouver Island
1977 UBC
1976 Vancouver Island
1975 UBC
1974 Tie (UBC and Victoria)
1973 Victoria
1972 Victoria
1971 UBC
1970 Victoria
1969 Nor-Wests
1968 Vancouver
1967 Vancouver
1966 Vancouver
1965 Vancouver
1964 Victoria
1963 Tie (Vancouver and UBC)
1962 Vancouver
1961 UBC
1960 Vancouver
1959 Vancouver
1958 Tie (Vancouver and UBC)
1957 Tie (Vancouver and UBC)
1956 Nor-Wests
1955 UBC
1954 Vancouver
1953 UBC
1952 UBC
1951 Vancouver
1950 UBC
1949 UBC
1948 UBC
1947 UBC
1946 Tie (Vancouver - Victoria - UBC)
1945 UBC
1944 Victoria
1943 Victoria
1942 Victoria
1941 Victoria
1940 Victoria
1939 Victoria
1938 Victoria
1937 UBC
1936 Victoria
1935 Tie (Vancouver and Victoria)
1934 Not contested
1933 Victoria
1932 Victoria
1931 Victoria
1930 Vancouver
1929 Vancouver
1928 Vancouver
1927 UBC
1926 UBC
1925 Vancouver
1924 UBC
1923 UBC
1922 UBC
1921 Vancouver
1920 Victoria
1919 Not contested
1918 Not contested
1917 Not contested
1916 Not contested
1915 Not contested
1914 Victoria
1913 Tie (Vancouver and Victoria)
1912 Vancouver
1911 Victoria
1910 Victoria
1909 Vancouver
1908 Vancouver
1907 Vancouver
1906 Vancouver
1905 Vancouver
1904 Vancouver
1903 Vancouver
1902 Vancouver
1901 Vancouver
1900 Victoria
1899 Victoria
1898 Nanaimo
1897 Victoria
1896 Vancouver

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