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June 06 2018

DTH signs cards at Victoria 7s 2012
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Romania, Spain Fail with Rugby World Cup Appeals; PRO Rugby and Doug Schoninger File Lawsuit; DTH Talks Scotland Match and Firefighting

Romania, Spain fail with Rugby World Cup appeals

So it appears the way this is all going to unfold from a Canadian perspective is that Europe will be sending Portugal to the repechage tournament. Portugal will beat Germany in their match, Portugal will lose to Samoa in the home and away series and Portugal will end up in the repechage. It's possible Germany could oust Portugal, neither of the teams are likely to compete successfully with Samoa, and Germany could end up in the repechage. Don't forget it was Germany that knocked Canada out of the repechage 7s tournament for the Olympics, so no time to get too smug but as it stands Canada are looking good for repechage glory in November.

It's amusing to consider that if Vlad the Romanian ref, who may or may not have been part of a Romanian conspiracy, had reffed in a fair manner and Spain had defeated Belgium and gone to the World Cup - it's possible none of the ineligible player accusations would have come under scrutiny. Romania would have likely ended up in the repechage with a shot at the World Cup. Now both Spain and Romania are out, Russia is in and Germany and Portugal are in with an outside shot. Funny how things work out sometimes.

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PRO Rugby and Doug Schoninger File Lawsuit

Talk about funny what about Schoninger's timing, not to be confused with Schrodinger's cat, although the principle of quantum entanglement may be relevant here... a little quantum humour. The former pro league going after the governing body while the second pro league is mid-season.

Rugby Wrapup has a good article along with some details on the court filing. Schoninger is going after USA Rugby, two former Directors, and two former CEOs of USA Rugby. It doesn't directly affect Canadian rugby but may have an impact on governance of rugby south of the border. Out of all this chaos however USA rugby has thrived in performance terms, qualifying for the World Cup for the first time without going through the second stage of qualification.

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Van der Merwe sees Scotland as a stepping-stone to the World Cup

DTH talks to the Scotsman about the upcoming Scotland test, his captaincy and his future as a firefighter when his pro career comes to an end. “I would like to live in Victoria some day, but I’ll move anywhere in Canada", there you go, your club need a former professional player and potential new coach, talk to your local fire department about career opportunities.

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