National XVs Updates - June 2018

June 25 2018

Gruff Rees - Kingsley Jones Backs Coach

Rugby Canada Bring In Another Welsh Coach, Gruff Rees, to Assist Kingsley Jones as Backs Coach

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Well it's not exactly Kieran Crowley hiring his brother as assistant coach but there's a feeling of deja vu with Kingsley Jones bringing in another Welshman to enjoy the RWC experience.

As Gruff mentions in the article, "Every coach dreams of being involved at a World Cup, so if Canada can qualify it would be special for me to coach in Japan in 2019... The Canada position will help me to develop as a coach but it will not interfere with my work in Cardiff."

Rugby Canada have been very accommodating in allowing coaches from around the world to enjoy the RWC experience, they haven't been as generous in considering domestic coaches however.

With Canada to join the repechage tournament with the likes of Kenya, Hong Kong and Germany, it's likely the Moose Jaw U12 Ringette coach could get them through to the World Cup, but two Welshmen will do fine as well.

As for developing coaches Gruff was excited about his other job back home as Cardiff Blues academy manager, “There are already a lot of talented coaches at the region and I want to work with them and help the youngsters there realise their potential."

O Rugby Canada, you've completely lost the plot.

Full Story from Wales Online

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