Canadian Rugby Championships - July 2018

July 23 2018

Canadian Rugby Championship

No Gold for BC at National Championships: Senior Women 4th, U19 Men 3rd and U20 Women 5th

It's a rare occurrence when BC comes home without Gold at a national age grade championship. The U19 men are three time defending champions but this year slid to 3rd, the senior women are perennial 3rd place finishers as of late but dropped a spot this year to 4th. The U20 women were the only winless team at the tournament and had a staggering -143 point differential. If you're examining trends in Canadian rugby, this isn't a good one for the west coast.

If you look at each division separately, each has unique factors but there's also an overriding pattern as well. Francois Ratier going to Quebec to be the top man in the organization is significant. Quebec won the senior women's title, going undefeated. They beat BC in the U19 men's competition for the first time ever, even though eventually finishing 4th. They finished 4th ahead of BC in U20 women. Not bad for an organization that has a smaller playing base and only 4 staff including Ratier. Perhaps even more impressive is what Jack Hanratty has done in Nova Scotia with a smaller playing base and a smaller staff. The Keltics finished ahead of BC and Ontario in senior women in 2nd place, they finished 2nd in the men's U19 as part of a larger Atlantic Rock team, and they finished 3rd in the women's U20.

You look at organizations like Quebec and Nova Scotia and see the results they achieve with minimum staff but excellent rugby people at the top and compare to large organizations like BC, Ontario and Rugby Canada who have the traditional CEO business model. A business model will focus on growing the organization with rugby as a by-product, a rugby model will focus on the product, rugby.

BC was also caught in a situation where their main rugby person, Dean Murten, is transitioning out of the position and moving to a new job. The motivation to excel is never good in those scenarios.

On a team by team basis, the U19 men, Curry Hitchborn won't be happy with a 3rd place finish. They did defeat Quebec in the return match but lost to the Rock as well in pool play, the 2nd place team. Ontario did well to win the final game against the Rock who appeared to rely heavily on Jack McCarthy the top try scorer in the tournament. The Rock won the pool match handily, 35-19, so Ontario obviously made some successful adjustments in the rematch. There was the issue of cost as well, BC apparently paying one of the highest fees, $2200 per player. The logistics of how each provincial union decided fees would be worth looking into in a separate article.

In the senior women, coach Aaron Frisby was hoping for more than 4th spot no doubt. They placed 3rd in previous years and he was hoping to improve on that this year. Quebec were early favourites to win, Ontario for second but Nova Scotia were the surprise team of the tournament and came second, pushing BC down to 4th. The Keltics defeated BC in pool play.

The U20 women are the big concern, they almost belonged in a Tier 2 competition as they were outscored 186-43 over 4 matches. There were some good players on the team but the level wasn't consistent over the entire roster. The strong university programs out east are a factor but the Wolf Pack won the competition going 4-0. What are our neighbours to the east doing so well with a limited number of university programs? The BCRU have to figure this one out and work with regions and clubs to develop this age level better.

Next up is the U17 and U18 CRC in Winnipeg August 9-12. BC usually do well at these age levels. The U15 and U16 teams have Westerns this year, no CRC, they are held in Kelowna July 27-29.

Day 3 Wrapup Senior Women 1-1, U20 Women 0-2 and U19 Men 1-1

It's not looking good for BC teams in their hunt for gold so far after 3 days of the CRC. The senior women lost to Nova Scotia 17-15 and have to face Ontario and Quebec in their last two matches.

The U20 women are being outclassed at the tournament losing to the Prairie Wolfpack 49-12 for an aggregate shortfall of 118-17 after two matches.

The BC U19 men who have won the last 3 years are at least in the running for gold after bouncing back with a 39-10 win over the Wolfpack. BC will face the Atlantic Rock in one semi on Friday while Ontario and Quebec battle it out in the other semi. Both the Rock and Quebec are undefeated so far.

from BCRU

U19 Men

Two games in two days is tough on any rugby team and in the words of Coach Curry Hitchborn, this was a "must-win match". Alberta would prove a worthy foe in the first half keeping things tight for BC. They applied lots of pressure in the first ten minutes and made BC’s defence work right away. Despite a few able runs into the Alberta half, BC was unlucky to knock the ball on in the final moments of attack. Flanker, Tyler Wong, of North Vancouver, made good on one of these opportunities though, taking a ball with pace over the try line for BC’s first score. A few minutes later, outside-centre Corben Bowen of Victoria sealed the deal with a dashing run down the sidelines, making the score 12-0, BC. Alberta answered though with a try and conversion of their own. When Alberta was penalized in their own zone, Jack Scher took the opportunity to kick for points. Scher’s foot was to prove almost flawless today and he knocked this one in, making the score 15-7. That’s where it would stand at halftime.

Alberta put the pressure on BC early in the second half, trying to claw back in and BC allowed them by gifting a few penalties. When one BC player infringed at the ruck, the whistle blew, and Alberta kicked for points, score: BC 15-Alberta 10. After an Alberta lineout did not go straight, BC was given the ball for a scrum and an attacking opportunity. Big #8 Nick Carson, from Castaways, picked the ball off the back and had a rumble towards the Alberta try line. After he was taken down, #10 Jack Scher ably passed down the line where it ended with North Vancouver winger Josh Wang going over for the try. Scher had his work cut out for him with the conversion which was a few feet away from the sideline but notched the kick in. The score now was 22-10 for BC and Alberta’s control was slipping away. BC attacked again off a lineout and swung a miss pass through their centres which ended in a try. The score now as 29-10, BC would add ten more to finish it up without a response from the Wolfpack. A final score of 39-10 will doubtless have pleased the whole side, players and coaches alike. Hitchborn was quick to praise the attitude of his players, saying "Full credit to the boys, they earned that win as a team". Will this spark more self-belief into the side going forward? Time will tell.

This was a pleasing result after yesterday’s close to defeat to Quebec. This BC team still has problems taking penalties and today’s referee echoed yesterdays with complaints about high tackles. They also need to make more ground forward in the middle of the field amongst their centres, we saw some bright instances of this today and the results were rewarding. Despite a 1-1-0 record so far, BC are sitting pretty atop their group after day two thanks to a couple of bonus points. How they will ultimately finish the group is now out of their hands, but they have made a good effort on damage limitation. Quebec will face Alberta tomorrow at 1:00pm PT to determine the final group standings and as a result, which semi-final spot BC could occupy. The semi-final matches will be held in tandem on Friday, Jul 20 at 1:00pm PT and we'll keep you updated with the U19 Men's XVs fate.


BC U19 Men – 39

Tries: Nick Carson (2), Sam Kahn, Josh Wang, Corben Bowen
Conversions: Jack Scher (4)
Penalties: Jack Scher (2)

Alberta Wolfpack - 10

Tries: Cooper Kenda
Conversions: Tom Isherwood
Penalties: Tom Isherwood

U20 Women

BC started brightly, looking to shake off the memories of their opening defeat to Ontario Blues. Early signs were good, spearheaded by creative attacking play from #9 Berlyn Seselja and BC cycled through the phases and gained ever more ground. Their opponents, Alberta Wolfpack, soon found their own form and the two sides seemed well matched for the first quarter of the game.

BC’s Fly Half, Grace Campbell put in a great tackle just outside her own 22m line, allowing teammate Vivianna Johnson to rip the ball from Wolfpack hands and sprint away for a 60m solo try. The windy conditions made kicking challenging and the conversion drifted wide. If the Wolfpack weren't fully awake from the start, that opening score from BC really lite a fuse under them and soon the spectators were about to see exactly how clinical the Albertan ladies could be. Spotting an overlap on the near side, the ball was quickly shipped wide and BC could do little to stop their opponents drawing level, 5-5.

The Wolfpack lineout was misfiring early on, giving BC the chance to mount a few attacks but handling errors would stop these chances before they could amount to any points. Once again the Wolfpack players absorbed the BC pressure and then unleashed their own attack, once again finding the pace in their backs an effective tool against the BC defence. As the first half drew to an end, the ladies in the black and pink shirts were clearly building in confidence, regularly breaking through the first BC tackle and able to offload the ball more effectively. Right before halftime, the Albertan lineout finally clicked in to place. As it happened, this was right on the BC 5m line and it proved to be timely, the Wolfpack maul rumbling over the line for try number three. The halftime score stood at 5-15, advantage Wolfpack but BC still very much part of the contest.

The second half of the match proved to be a much more one-sided affair. BC continued to push, hard but their opponents had found another gear and were putting the pedal to the metal. Some key substitutions added more strings to the Wolfpack bow and soon their forwards were charging through BC’s defensive lines. With excellent supporting runs from their backline, the Wolfpack were able to add a further two tries and a conversion to their tally, giving them a comfortable gap, 5-27. Proving that they weren’t done fighting yet, BC found their form again. Taking advantage of an attacking scrum in the Wolfpack half, #8 Lyric Atchison produced a delightful pick and go, breaking through several tackles before reaching for the line and snatching back a try for BC. Berlyn Seselja ably kicked the conversion to add two more points.

The response from the Wolfpack was swift and decisive. Almost immediately they responded with a try of their own to push the gap back beyond 20 points and from then on there was no stopping them. BC never capitulated, continuing to throw bodies into contact and half the tide of pink and black, but they were unable to contend with the pace, power and precision of the Wolfpack, whose confidence seemed to grow with every passing minute. The Albertan side would add a further three tries to take their total tally up to nine for the match, sealing a comprehensive 12-49 win. The BC women should take heart from their performance though as they showed real commitment right until the end, and could well have made it a closer match had they taken their chances in the first half. A day’s rest now awaits weary bodies before they face Équipe Québec on Friday at 6:00pm MDT/5:00pm PT.

Coach Walt Brandl had this to say after the match, “the team took a big step forward today. Our defence needs improvement, but that’s something we can work on tomorrow. We were much more competitive in all phases of the game compared to our first match and we expect another big improvement on Friday.”


BC U20 Women – 12

Tries: Vivianna Johnson, Lyric Atchinson
Conversions: Berlyn Seselja

Alberta Wolfpack - 49

Tries: Linnea Hokanson (2), Emmanuella Anye (2), Sara Cline Heidi Farley, Allison Leckie, Lora Lee, Kelsey McKinnon
Conversions: Caitlin Sears (2)

Senior Women

The BC Senior Women took the field again in Saskatoon today, ready for their second match of the CRC tournament. With a win on Monday against the Prairie Wolfpack, they were looking to make it two in a row versus the Nova Scotia Keltics. This game was quite a back and forth affair, with both teams trading time in each other’s end. However, Nova Scotia was able to hold more possession in BC’s end for the majority of the game. A series of offloads by Nova Scotia lead to them camping out on BC’s try line early in the first half. Macy Munson displayed wonderful tackling form when she launched a Nova Scotian player away from the line. However, after a few short pick and goes later, Nova Scotia were able to fall over the line to make it 5-0.

After Nova Scotia conceded a penalty, BC kicked to touch and found a favourable position in their opponents’ end. Off of the lineout, an impressive display of hands led to BC’s first try being scored on the opposite side of the field, courtesy of Macy Munson. Things were now evened up at five points apiece. BC put together lots of nice phases in the middle of the first half but unfortunately lost the ball due to being counter-rucked or taking a penalty. The remainder of the half saw both teams going far in each other’s ends, Nova Scotia threatening and retaining most of the possession. The score would remain tied going into halftime.

BC showed some great pace off the top of the second half, running onto the ball with depth and speed, looking like a new team. However, after the Keltics regained possession they got close enough to the BC line to deliver some more pick and goes and short gains by the BC try line. Nova Scotia scored again by grinding away, one pick and go after another until they touched it down.

A really nice run by Andrea Burk seemed to spark life back into BC and the women in gold and white took it deep into the Nova Scotia half. After being awarded a penalty and kicking downfield, BC found themselves near the try line and stretched the ball wide across the whole field. It looked like Nova Scotia might be able to shut BC out here, but Sophie de Goede charged over the line and scored a try. The score was tied 10-10 now. The conversion attempt was very close and went off the post, which would prove crucial.

BC showed their class with some really nice ball handling in the Nova Scotia end which was capped off by a try by #8 Gabrielle Senft. Now, holding the lead 15-10, it looked like BC was in control of the game. Nova Scotia had other plans though and took the ball right at BC. The opposition were no slouches and moved the ball just as ably as BC, demonstrating good hands and creativity. Once again, Nova Scotia worked the ball very close to BC’s try line and focused on retaining it with short charges close to rucks. BC defended very well, and the referee called for one-minute remaining. BC was called out for not being onside and the referee played a continued advantage. Phase after phase of Keltic pick and goes led to their backs hollering for the ball. At this point, they swung it wide and one of their centres gathered enough pace to take the ball over the line, right under the posts. The placing of this try would be all the difference as no other conversions were made on the day. This one went over, securing the win for Nova Scotia Keltics and breaking BC hearts all in one kick of the ball. Final Score, 17-15 to the Keltics.

Coach Aaron Frisby said after the match, “It’s hard to play rugby when you haven’t got the ball. They did a great job of starving us of possession.” To add salt to the wound, BC’s Senior Women will have to recover and pick themselves up quickly as they face their second match in as many days at 3:00pm MDT/2:00pm PT tomorrow, taking on Équipe Québec on field 1.


BC Senior Women – 15

Tries: Sophie De Goede, Macy Munson, Gabrielle Senft

Nova Scotia Keltics - 17

Tries: Jordan Orlando, Janna Slevinsky, Emma Taylor
Conversions: Dominique Rumball

BC Senior Women Only Winners on Day 1; U19 Men Suffer Shock Loss to Quebec; U20 Women Destroyed by Ontario

posted July 17 2018

BC U19 men went into the tournament full of confidence having won the competition for the last several years. Coach Curry Hitchborn has been at the helm during that time and was feeling confident pre-tournament. Quebec had other ideas and upset the champions 24-20, outscoring them 3 tries to 2 with the winner coming at the final whistle. Since Francois Ratier, former national coach, took over as Director of Quebec Rugby the outlook for rugby in Quebec has improved and this result is a good example. In other action the Atlantic Rock upset Ontario 35-19 with U20 player Jack McCarthy scoring a hatrick.

In women's U20 play BC were obliterated by Ontario 69-5 in an 11 tries to 1 shellacking. The other match was closer 20-17 for Wolfpack over Nova Scotia.

It was left to the senior women under coach Aaron Frisby to restore some winning results for BC. They delivered with a close 29-24 win over neighbours, Prairie Wolfpack. Scoring for BC were Brooke Bazian 2, Tyson Beukeboom , Macy Munson with Jess Neilson kicking 3 conversions and a penalty.

from BCRU

BC U19 Men’s XV vs. Équipe Québec

The team from the east came out of the gate hard and dominated the first half. BC seemed unfocused and undisciplined in their game, conceding several high tackle penalties, eventually resulting in a yellow card for flanker, Frank Carson. The problem was retaining the ball for extended periods of time, which left Québec with lots of time to execute. Expansive ball movement by the Québec squad stretched the field and kept play alive for them. BC defended well, but the penalty count against them was mounting and their opponents were more than happy to capitalise. By half-time, the score was 14-3 to Québec.

Off the top of the second half, BC looked like a changed team, much more cohesive and motivated. Off the back of an attacking scrum, BC’s Jack Carson picked up the ball and infiltrated down the blindside to score BC’s first try. This lit a fire under the BC squad and they played with a pace that was unseen for the first 40mins. Québec responded with a penalty kick to reduced BC’s gain. After the Quebec side was penalized for coming off their feet in the ruck, BC kicked and found touch. The resulting lineout was completed with a drive by the forwards resulting in a try from Tyler Wong, converted by Jack Scher, leaving the score 17-15 for Québec.

Now, completely reenergized, the BC squad took the ball with pace and veracity into tackles and the opposing side. A BC sprint down the wing took them deep into their opposition's half and a resulting high tackle handed BC a penalty. The resulting kick and go led to a try, BC leading 20-17. After this, BC’s outside-centre, Lachlan Kratz received a red card, something BC could have done without in such a delicately balanced game. Playing with one man down, BC defended extremely well and looked very much like they would hang on for the win. Québec mounted an attack in the BC end with under five minutes to go, their forwards keeping the ball in close quarters, retaining possession well. Eventually, these picks sucked in BC’s defence and Québec switched the attack out wide, crossing the line to score in the corner. The kick was good and that was full time. A tough loss for BC in a game that they were slow to start but eventually showed some real talent. The penalty count was the biggest issue and the team could do without making extra work for themselves as the tournament continues. BC will have to perform a quick turnaround as they take on Alberta Wolfpack at 2:00pm MDT/1:00pm PT on Tuesday.

Coach Curry Hitchborn had this to say after the match, “Full credit to Québec, they played a solid game plan and were well coached. Their players adapted to conditions well and played a simple brand of rugby that benefitted them in the match. Disappointing to start with a loss. We could have prepared better for this match, now we’re back to the drawing board. We now face a must-win situation, which is never ideal.”


BC 19 Men – 20

Tries: Jack Carson, Tyler Wong (2)
Conversions: Jack Scher
Penalties: Jack Scher

Équipe Québec - 24

Tries: Andreas Dionisopolis, Rafael Forteza, Ethan Hager
Conversions: Toff Patel 3
Penalties: Toff Patel

BC U20 Women’s XV vs. Ontario Blues

With a relatively young side, many of the team only recently stepped up from the U18 teams, this tournament was always likely to be a learning curve for the BC U20 Women’s Team. They came out of the gates quite well, applying pressure on the Ontario side and scored first through Viviana Johnson. BC’s outside-centre applied a nice step to leave the Ontario defender hopeless. Unfortunately, after that Ontario didn’t just respond, they opened the floodgates. Indeed it was as if the Ontario side were just operating in another gear for the remainder of the match, despite valiant efforts from BC to mount a defence. Part of Ontario’s game plan seemed to be to hit the middle of the field with tons of pace and work offloads incessantly, which they did. Every time an Ontarian player made space, they were supported by a teammate and aptly offloaded the ball for scoring opportunities. The score at half was BC 5 – Ontario 26.

BC saw some encouraging play by their backs and kept their discipline, but they weren’t able to hang in with this Ontario team who’s smash and grab tactics were working with devastating effect. When BC did secure possession, they battled hard but came up against a well-drilled Ontario side that, metaphorically at least, had the wind at their backs. If this BC squad looks to change their fate at this tournament, then they will have to take a cue from Ontario who showed how to keep the ball alive and moving with pace. They will have time to reflect, assess and prepare before their next match on Wednesday when they take on Alberta Wolfpack at 4:00pm MDT/3:00pm PT.

Head Coach Walt Brandl reflected after the match "We started strong in all phases of the game and scored well, but a couple of small mistakes, blocked kicks etc, snowballed into bigger things. At some point, the players lost confidence and the wheels fell off. Part of that is adjusting to this level of play.” Brandl clearly has faith in his team though, understandable given the talent within it and is positive in his outlook for the rest of the tournament. “The coaches have every reason to believe that we will come out strong and more effective next game."


BC U20 Women – 5

Tries: Viviana Johnson

Ontario Blues - 69

Tries: Celia Martensson (3), Leah Pedis (2), Taylour Hurd (2), Camille Irvine, Annabelle Clement, Cassandra Tuffnail, Madison Woods

Conversions: Taylour Hurd (7)

BC Senior Women’s XV vs. Alberta Wolfpack

The last match of the day at Saskatoon Rugby Club was a real nail-biter between two well-matched sides, incidentally the bronze and silver medalists from the 2017 CRCs in Truro, NS. Both started the match well, confidently taking the ball in to contact. Wolfpack were first to show their hand, shipping the ball wide to their fullback who hit the boosters and accelerated down the touchline to open the scoring. BC did well to chase all the way and keep her in the corner, with the resulting long-range conversion falling short of the target.

First blood to the Wolfpack and they clearly liked the taste as they were immediately on the offensive again, pinning BC down on their 5m line. After sucking in more defenders the ball was worked to the centres and a grubber kick got in behind the BC defence, only for the Wolfpack to score again through their fullback. Again, the conversion was missed, this time the ball ricocheting off the crossbar. These two errant kicks would later come back to haunt the Albertans, but with a 10-0 early lead, they weren’t worried.

Keen to prove that the Wolfpack weren’t the only side with a talented fullback, BC’s Macy Munson went on a storming run down the nearside touchline that caught the opposition of guard. BC continued to gain territory, Sophie de Goede blazing a path off the back of an attacking lineout, only to be stopped short of the line. Quick thinking saw the offload move efficiently through players’ hands and it was Munson who eventually carried the ball the final few meters and crossed the line for BC. Jess Neilson was on target with the conversion and with that BC indicated that they were going to have plenty to say in this fixture.

The ensuing to and fro demonstrated just how dangerous each side was, Wolfpack dominating any contest that involved their forwards, particularly the scrum and breakdown. Meanwhile, BC were able to absorb the pressure and repel some serious attacks, before showing that when they secured possession they had some real skill at their disposal. Building off great work from the BC pack, Brooke Bazian had no problem rounding her defender to help her team take the lead. This incensed the Wolfpack and they stepped up their onslaught, waging war on the BC 5m line via their scrum, before a textbook pick and go from their Number 8 brought them their third try, a conversion rubbing salt in the wound.

In the second half, BC had to absorb a lot of early pressure. While they were still no match for the might of the Albertan scrum, they managed to neutralise the threats out wide with a much quicker defensive line. Finally securing some possession, Sophie de Goede and Gillian Boag combined well on the far touchline to break through the Wolfpack defence. Their teammates surged up the field behind them and Brooke Bazian rounded off the move to secure BC’s third try. Neilson again added an excellent conversion kick and BC were back in front, 19-17. The celebration was short lived though, a fumbled restart handing possession and territory to the Wolfpack, the scrum doing the initial damage and the move finished off with some deft footwork from their no.11. Conversion added, the Wolfpack once again took a five-point lead.

With the two teams so well matched and the game finely balanced, it’s only fair that fortune swung both ways. This time Wolfpack fumbled the restart to hand a quick advantage to BC. They took the chance with relish and stormed towards the posts, initially denied on the line but with advantage in hand. At the second time of asking, they were not to be denied, Tyson Beukeboom securing the points and the ever-accurate boot of Neilson making it a full seven points. BC once again edged ahead.

It was a nervous end to the game from both sides, the Wolfpack well aware that they had the skills to secure more points but BC’s belief building and sensing that victory was near. When a penalty came BCs way in the closing minutes, Jess Neilson stepped up to the mark full of confidence. Having slotted home all but one attempt already and with a more generous angle than many of her conversions, this kick was a prime opportunity to add a little extra breathing room. Confidently taken, the extra points may just have tipped the balance in the minds of the Albertans. They continued to press but now it was against an increasingly certain wall of yellow and white, strong individual play combining to make a greater sum force in defence. Moments later the final whistle blew and the match was over.

Head Coach Aaron Frisby was full of praise for the opposing side, saying “Their forward pack is going to do damage at this tournament. Isolating one on ones with their forwards is unstoppable.” Acknowledging that this was a win they had wrestled back from the Wolfpack, Frisby commented, “We need to keep on our feet in contact and tighten up supporting play to eliminate the poach if we want to win our remaining matches”. The BC Senior Women’s Xvs now had a day of rest before taking to the field on Wednesday against Nova Scotia Keltics at 4:00pm MDT/3:00pm PT.


BC Senior Women - 29

Tries: Macy Munson, Brooke Bazian (2), Tyson Beukeboom
Conversions: Jess Neilson (3)
Penalties: Jess Neilson

Ontario Blues - 24

Tries: Elysa Sandron (2), Liz Steele, Alanna Fittes
Conversions: Elysa Sandron (2)

National Championships for U19 Men, U20 Women and Senior Women Starts Monday in Saskatoon: BC Rosters

Traditionally the BC U19 men have been strong contenders at the nationals - perennial winners. The high cost of the championships, $2200 per player, have caused some players to withdraw this year. It will be interesting to see how it effects playing levels.

In women's play Ontario and Quebec have been the strong teams so a good chance for BC to try and claim a top two position this year.

Live streaming to be provided at

BC U19 Men from BCRU

Vancouver, BC – July 11, 2018: BC Rugby is delighted to announce the 2018 U19 Men’s XV squad. The team will compete in the Canadian Rugby Championships (CRCs), to be held in Saskatoon, SK, on July 16-22. This tournament will mark a high point of competition for these young men and offer an opportunity to catch the eye of national level selectors. BC has seen some great results at this age level, winning it the past three years.

This year's team boasts a strong core of five players who went on the highly successful tour of Ireland last year with BC. That team went a perfect 3-0, beating Mullingar RFC, the Bective Rangers, and Leinster U17, all quite handily. The fierce competition at the breakdown during this tour was a steep learning curve for the BC boys, so hopefully, they will take those lessons into the CRCs and win tons of possession for the rest of their teammates.

The team will benefit from the experience of Corben Bowden of Chilliwack and Jack Scher of Vancouver, who played in the Men's U18 Rugby Europe Open Championships last year in France. The squad is rounded out by three players who played on last year's BC U17 team.

Head Coach Curry Hitchborn was quick to acknowledge the level of commitment these players have put forward, "We're very pleased with the amount of work these guys have put in not just in these sessions but during their respective seasons. This upcoming competition will hopefully showcase the work that local clubs and schools put into developing these athletes over the course of the season."

The Canadian Rugby Championships U19 Men’s tournament will take place between July 16-22 at the Saskatoon Rugby Club. The BC U19s start their CRCs against Quebec on July 16th followed by a match against the Prairie Wolfpack on the 17th. For more details on the CRC, check out their website.

BC U19 Men’s Canadian Rugby Championship Schedule:

July 16, 2pm CST/1pm PT – BC vs Quebec
July 17, 2pm CST/1pm PT – BC vs Prairie Wolfpack
July 20, 2pm CST/1pm PT - Semi-Final
July 22, 12:00pm CST/11am PT - Final

BC Rugby U19 Men’s XV Team Roster:

Jared Andrews-Almack - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Corben Bowen - UVic Vikes (Chilliwack, BC)
Scott Bowers - United Rugby Club (New Westminster, BC)
Michael Caldecott - Vancouver Rowing Club (North Vancouver, BC)
Frank Carson - UBC Thunderbirds (Tsawwassen, BC)
David Carson - UBC Thunderbirds (Victoria, BC)
Nick Carson - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Jack Carson - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Henry Davitt - UBC Thunderbirds (North Vancouver, BC)
Max Freund - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Ethan Gottschalk - Capilano RFC (West Vancouver, BC)
Dane Hopkins - UBC Thunderbirds (North Vancouver, BC)
Sam Kahn - University of Wester

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