Canadian Rugby Club Championship - 2018

July 22 2018

Canadian Club Championships 2018

Saskatoon Badgers Win First Match of Canadian Club Championship: Face Edmonton Nor'Westers Next: FULL MATCH VIDEO

The Canadian Club Championship, an initiative funded by the Canadian Rugby Foundation, kicked off on Saturday in the first round of the Prairie regional qualification. Provincial club champions from last season, Saskatoon Badgers and University of Manitoba Wombats squared off in Saskatoon. It was an entertaining match that went into the second period of overtime before Saskatoon scored the winning try. The teams were tied at 22 at the end of regular time with Saskatoon prevailing in OT 27-22.

Saskatoon had the dominant scrum on the day and that gave them a strong platform for the win. Manitoba had some large ball carriers who chewed up yardage on a regular basis but support was sometimes slow to arrive and Saskatoon were adept at poaching the ball at key moments during the match.

Saskatoon now face Alberta champions Edmonton Nor'Westers on September 1st to determine the Prairie champion who will take part in the four team tournament at Klahanie over the Thanksgiving weekend. BC will be represented by Premier champions, UBCOB Ravens. The Ontario/Quebec and Atlantic champions will be determined over the labour day weekend.

Full Match Video

Canadian Rugby Club Championship Kicks Off This Weekend - Saskatoon Badgers vs University of Manitoba Wombats: LIVE STREAMING LINK

[ed. kickoff 8pm CST, 7pm PDT, 10pm EDT - live streaming link is

It may not be on the rugby media radar yet but behind the scenes for the last 6 months key members of the rugby community, backed by funding from the Canadian Rugby Foundation, have put together a plan to initiate a national club championship in Canada.

Four teams from across the country will meet over the Thanksgiving long weekend in Vancouver to play a semi-final and final's match to determine top club in the country. The host venue will be Klahanie in West Vancouver.

Representing BC will be the UBCOB Ravens, the Prairie representative will be the winner of Edmonton Nor'Westers, Saskatoon Badgers, University of Manitoba Wombats - all winners of their top provincial leagues last season. Representing Ontario/Quebec will be the winner of Brantford Harlequins v Montreal Irish. Representing the Atlantic region will be the victor of Fredericton Loyalists v Newfoundland Dogs.

The first game takes place this coming Saturday in Saskatoon, as the Badgers host the Manitoba champions, the Wombats. The game is scheduled to be live streamed, details to follow. The winner of that match will take on the Edmonton Nor'Westers on September 1st. The eastern playoff matches are also scheduled for September 1st.

The full schedule can be found on the Canadian Rugby Club Championship website at:

Each team are allowed up to four "guest" players from their home union.
Saskatoon Badgers Roster
# Name City of Origin
1 Joe Franey Gillingham, Dorset, England
2 Josh Penner Saskatoon, SK
3 Connor Smyth Saskatoon, SK
4 Rod Janzen Saskatoon, SK
5 Nathan Thomson Saskatoon, SK
6 Robert Belanger Moose Jaw, SK
7 Paul Dietrich Saskatoon, SK
8 Bryn Walker Saskatoon, SK
9 Braydon Goldstein Saskatoon, SK
10 Kyle Goldstein Saskatoon, SK
11 Spencer Anderson Saskatoon, SK
12 Dakota Matthews Saskatoon, SK
13 Ryan Gay Yorkton, SK
14 Ryan Delvenne Saskatoon, SK
15 Brennan Marcoux (†) Saskatoon, SK
16 Matthew Allen Sarnia, ON
17 Daniel Brice Birmingham, England
18 Sam Garnet Saskatoon, SK
19 Mark Herrick Saskatoon, SK
20 Patrick Young (††) Regina, SK
21 William Buydens (†) Saskatoon, SK
23 Dominic Elsbury (†) Dorking, England
24 Cullen Wilhelm Saskatoon, SK

Guest player from the:
(†) Saskatoon Wild Oats
(††) Regina Rogues

Roger Tosney Skipton, Yorkshire, England

University of Manitoba Wombats Roster
# Name City of Origin
1. Justin Rak-Banville Winnipeg, Manitoba
2. Marko Klimenko Winnipeg, Manitoba
3. Robert Mackay (†) Winnipeg, Manitoba
4. Kerry Peterson Winnipeg, Manitoba
5. Quinn Horton Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. Paul Grosskopf Pretoria, South Africa
7. Thomas Van Walleghem Winnipeg, Manitoba
8. Shane Thiessen Winnipeg, Manitoba
9. Scott Sherrett Winnipeg, Manitoba
10. Mike Laverge Winnipeg, Manitoba
11. Colten Rasmussen Winnipeg, Manitoba
12. Kirk Kantyluk Winnipeg, Manitoba
13. Eric Steeves Winnipeg, Manitoba
14. Adam Leckie Winnipeg, Manitoba
15. Tom Mckee Cambridgeshire, England
16. Danny Sisler Winnipeg, Manitoba
17. Brett Roskos Winnipeg, Manitoba
18. Jake Slobodian Winnipeg, Manitoba
19. Mason Broadfoot Winnipeg, Manitoba
20. Christian Schelander Winnipeg, Manitoba
21. John Luke Winnipeg, Manitoba
22. Elias Fiebelkorn Winnipeg, Manitoba

Guest player from the:
(†) Assassins Rugby Football Club, Winnipeg

Eric Laflamme Montreal, Quebec / Lyon, France

Match Official
Chris Assmus

Pemberton Holmes
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