Rugby Canada Updates - July 2018

August 01 2018

Ken Goodland - Tide U20 Coach

Ken Goodland Leaving Position as Manager Player Development and Talent ID - Welshman Gethin Watts Picking Up the Slack

This isn't being portrayed as a re-organization of any kind. Official word is that Ken Goodland is returning to his teaching roots to spend more time with his family as the Rugby Canada job requires a lot of travelling from home.

Behind the scenes it's impossible to tell for sure the subtle changes happening at Rugby Canada but the reporter's instinct tells me there's something more to the story.

Goodland's job isn't currently being advertised on the Rugby Canada website but Gethin Watts has been working on contract for a while with Rugby Canada. Ken speaks highly of him and the two have been working together since the spring as Gethin tries to understand the Canadian system. Gethin Watts is also working with Jeff Williams and the Canada U20 program. He's still based out of Wales and on contract but followers of Canadian rugby have seen these situations turn into full-time positions on a short turnaround.

Gethin left the WRU last year to pursue a consulting career, the article below includes a quote from Geraint John, well known to the Canadian rugby community.

Gethin Watts twitter account is here if you want to follow his Wales/Canada adventures:

There's the tendency, no doubt, to raise eyes skyward (aka roll one's eyes) on the announcement of another off-shore expert brought in to "fix" Canadian rugby. As usual, we'll reserve judgement and base our evaluation on results. Damian McGrath proved to be a useful addition but the scoreboard going back to Martin Gallagher in 2005 hasn't been flattering for the off-shore team.

We'll watch with interest his influence on the Canada U20 program and any new age-grade initiatives he'll be driving.

We wish Ken all the best returning to teaching, he'll no doubt be a welcomed coaching addition at the club level with CW.

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