Western Tournament for U16 & U18 Players

August 01 2018


BCRU Announce U17 & U18 Teams for Westerns: New Competition Structure for U16, U17 and U18 Doesn't Track Standings or Medals

The BCRU news articles for the Boys U17 and U18 teams travelling to the Westerns in Winnipeg are listed below.

U18 Boys

U17 Boys

The article states, "In a change to the tournament format, there will be no final standings or medals, with the focus on maximising performance in each individual game and giving all players plenty of time on the field."

We noticed the same in the U15 and U16 tournament from the results in Kelowna. That article noted, "The tournament has the goal of developing youth talent from each of the provinces, with a focus on maximising player involvement while expanding horizons for the young athletes."

It falls off the radar of news sites when standings aren't involved. It becomes more of a participation exercise, a cross between a development camp and a tournament.

This year the age grades below U19 have been regional, western and eastern, instead of national. We're not sure if the East are following the same "no tracking the standings" format. BC didn't do well this year in the senior competition where results were actually tabulated, usually BC do well at the U16 and U18 nationals but it's a non-event this year. Best we can say is BC participated well at the Westerns.

This participation model apparently hasn't affected costs as BC parents notice costs have gone up this year. The cost for BC players going to Winnipeg is $2100, compare that to Alberta players who pay $1100. If you add the cost of attending the BC PRCs (Provincial Regional Championships), the selection camps at UBC and the trip to the Westerns, a BC parent could easily be out of pocket $3000+. That's a lot of money to participate with no gold to mine this year.

The U18 7s nationals held during the Canada 7s in Vancouver did award medals and track standings, as did the U16 and U18 PRCs held last month. Will there be changes next year as this trend continues?

Thinking this through, based on recent performances from the men's XVs team, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to convince World Rugby to abolish rankings at the senior level as well. I'm sure Rugby Canada are right on top of that. As Voltaire said, "the best is the enemy of the good"... which may imply the mediocre are keen to get along with everyone and blur the distinction in between.

Regardless, best wishes to the young athletes, bring home the... good memories.

There will be no live streaming of the event.

U18 Boys

Ryan Agyagos - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Jacob Bossi - Brentwood (Langford, BC)
Jacob Bourne - UBCOB Ravens (Vancouver, BC)
Tyler Buchanan - Bayside RFC (White Rock, BC)
Calem Chambers - Bayside RFC (Surrey, BC)
Alex Chitan - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Liam Clark - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Logan Henry - Kamloops RFC (Kamloops, BC)
Austin James - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Rhys James - Kelowna Secondary (Kelowna, BC)
Izzak Kelly - Bayside RFC (White Rock, BC)
Gavin Kilpatrick - Westshore RFC (Langford, BC)
Owen Kokan - UBCOB Ravens (Vancouver, BC)
Ryan Leskiw - Carson Graham (North Vancouver, BC)
Zephyr Melynk - Nanaimo Hornets (Gabriola Island, BC)
Conor Paivarinta - Abbotsford RFC (Abbotsford, BC)
Simon Paul - Kelowna Crows (West Kelowna, BC)
Cooper Powell - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Nick Sauder - Vancouver Rowing Club (Vancouver, BC)
Forest Scarrwener - UBCOB Ravens (Vancouver, BC)
Liam Stephenson - Cowichan RFC (Victoria, BC)
Devon Stroud - Earl Marriott (Surrey, BC)
Josh Tweed - Bayside RFC (Delta, BC)
Lochlan Wilson - Kamloops RFC (Kamloops, BC)


Aaron O'Flaherty
Aaron McLelland
Brian Moylett
James Welsh
Naomi Ogawa

U17 Boys

Joel Abdel-Barr - Collingwood School (West Vancouver, BC)
Anson Adshade - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Henry Bibbi - UBCOB Ravens RFC (Vancouver, BC)
Ty Cheyne - Clarence Fulton Secondary (Vernon, BC)
Raymond Chou - Bayside Sharks RFC (Surrey, BC)
Henry Down - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Elvis Duru - St Micheals School (Victoria, BC)
Josh Elbourne - James Bay AA (Victoria, BC)
Nathan Goliath - Shawnigan Lake School (Cobble Hill, BC)
Adam Greggor-Bowker - James Bay AA (Victoria, BC)
Ryder Heaney-Corns - James Bay AA (Saanich, BC)
Matthew Holt - UBCOB Ravens RFC (Vancouver, BC)
Nick Joe - Cowichan RFC (Ladysmith, BC)
Reilly Kagetsu - Merelomas Rugby Club (Vancouver, BC)
Masen Kehler - G.W. Graham Secondary (Chilliwack, BC)
Zach Monckton - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Graeme Norris - Cowichan RFC (Victoria, BC)
George Piper - Abbotsford RFC (Abbotsford, BC)
Sky Smyrichinsky - Cowichan RFC (Comox, BC)
Matthew Turi - Abbotsford RFC (Abbotsford, BC)
Ethan Turner - Abbotsford RFC (Maple Ridge, BC)
Carter Wanless - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Logan Weidner - Carson Graham Secondary (North Vancouver, BC)
Tim Zimmer - North Peace (Chilliwack, BC)

Non-Travelling Reserves

Iain McTavish - Capilano RFC (North Vancouver, BC)
Luc Simmonds - Salmon Arm Secondary (Salmon Arm, BC)
Basil Schincariol - UBCOB Ravens RFC (Vancouver, BC)
Mackenzie Nordli - Nanaimo District Secondary (Nanaimo, BC)
Udhay Nijjer - James Bay AA (Victoria, BC)
Tom Barnard - Hawthorne Secondary (Vancouver, BC)
Simon Jobst - TORA (Oyama, BC)


Head Coach - Doug Branchflower
Assistant Coach - Randall Barton
Manager - Paul Cleaver
Medical Staff - Eric Marriot

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