Letters to the Editor - September 2018

September 06 2018

More on 7s Player Dispute; BC Rugby Blood Drive Challenge

Sevens – Player Dispute

Once again the national union finds itself embroiled in a player dispute – a dispute which the union created, fueled and remains totally responsible for in every way.

For many years now this administration has failed miserably in their attempts to govern effectively - always putting their interests ahead of those who play the game – the participants/players.

It is small wonder that there is massive dissatisfaction within the membership from coast to coast as more and more people shake their collective heads when the word “rugby Canada” is mentioned.

The contributing factors to all this dysfunction are many and deep rooted but the fact remains – our results on the field in the fifteens game are not good – in fact dismal.

Who is responsible?

Here’s a scenario to consider before we start pointing fingers at our players: imagine renovating a house and stocking it with furniture from IKEA, Eaton’s, Wal-Mart, Lazy-Boy and Dodd’s Furniture for example – walk in on that configuration and have a look at the confusion and ugliness in design.

Over the last several years under the present administration’s mandate they have brought in coaches and office personnel from Australia, New Zealand, England, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Wales just to highlight a few.

In turn all these ‘experts’ have come and gone with no real intention of assimilating or appreciation of our culture and each in turn has come with the same message – “this is how it is done in ____” and thrust that intention down the throats of our membership and our players.

Confused…? Imagine being a player…

If you aren’t confused then you need to go hiking for ten or fifteen minutes with a grizzly bear to get your heart rate up!

The result is that our fifteens program ends up looking like a Sunday morning buffet at the Empress Hotel – too many choices, too many experts, too many structures and certainly too much input from offshore.

Now as we approach the eleventh hour of qualification for the RWC in November the chaps in red are in a panic and they turn on the very people who might rescue the situation – the players and the membership.

They have thrown a hedge between the XVs players and Sevens players by taking from one team and reassigning funds to another team – and the union thinks this is a solution!

It would seem that the boys in red have got into some ‘product’ before the Bill was signed into law!

One of the really attractive traits that Canadians have is “fairness” in all aspects of our culture and if those people in the national office think this resembles fairness then they need to change places with a fifteens or sevens player for a year and see how that goes.

Further - no one in the national office has taken a pay cut from their oversized salaries – instead they raise registration fees nationwide, fired field employees who actually work with players and cut monies to players.

It’s another disgraceful attempt by the national union to remedy a lost cause and the Sevens players should stand united and strong and not budge for a second at this latest disastrous move by the union.

BC Rugby Blood Drive Challenge

Does Burnaby really bleed blue and white?

Prove it…

Capilano RFC have recently become Partners for Life with Canadian Blood Services and are challenging all other BC Rugby Clubs to do the same! Starting Sept 8, 2018 with the kick-off to the 2018/2019 season, we will be encouraging regular blood donations by all Capilano RFC members, friends and family and are hoping other BC clubs will follow suit. (If anyone has a cool trophy lying around that could be awarded to the winner that’s great, otherwise, its all for bragging rights!)

One club member needs to register your team as a Partner for Life at https://blood.ca/en/blood/how-do-i-start-team to receive a Partner ID which will track all blood donations by anyone connected to that ID. It’s a simple and easy way to give back to the community! PLEASE contact Ashley Robinson with any questions or comments at aerobins16@gmail.com and to confirm your participation to ensure our competition tally is accurate! We will be sending out periodic updates to keep the spirit of donation alive!

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