James Bay - September 2018

September 06 2018


James Bay Athletic Association Hosts Castaway Wanderers Saturday at MacDonald Park

by Phil Meyer

Saturday at MacDonald Park, JBAA Premiers and Premier Reserves host Castaway Wanderers at MacDonald Park in the start-up to Victoria’s senior men’s rugby season. This is the first game between these two clubs, in annual competition for the storied Barnard Cup – emblematic of championship play on Vancouver Island. Competition between JBAA and CW is often referred to as a continuation of the 100 Years War – although, in fact, we have been playing each other for much longer than that.

Island competition actually started a week ago at Langford 7’s. Castaway Wanderers’ Juniors, under the eye of Ian “Macca” MacLeod, have led the pack for several years. They continued this trend at Langford – their Young Ladies sprinting to the U19 trophy. JBAA has spent recent years reinventing its youth program, almost from scratch – with coaches Tommy Woods, Corey Payne, James Graham, Brian Kim, Jared Barker, and others, creating a resurgence of Young Power at the Bays. Ryan and Evan Boothroyd, Keaton Williams, and Adam Geggie-Bowker led the U19 Bays last Saturday – with Lucy Beauchamp, Maggie Swan and Libby Hogg leading JBAA’s Young Ladies. More Young Success to come as this season progresses!

Castaway Wanderers coaching staff, led by Scott Manning, is strengthened by the return of Kenny Goodland. JBAA will premier new Head Coach Sean White, assisted by Tony Healy – both former Canada’s. Line-ups for Saturday’s Premier games – beset by continuation of Rugby Canada’s formula of removing key players from BC play as they see fit – and by present chaos in the RC Camp – are unsure. Neither team can do much about this. What we can do is stick to our own knitting. So JBAA Prems will depend on our Core Domestic Players. Bays supporters should particularly look for a reinvigorated Jimmy de Goede, Keiran McAuley, Clayton Meeres, Moe Adelmonen and Aaron Evison!

Festivities start at 11:00 with a Social Members Brunch at Heron Rock Bistro. Then, down to The Mac, for continuation of the 100 Years War!!!

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