BC Rugby Weekend of September 8th 2018

September 09 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: Saracens Edge Ravens; Vikes Topple Valhallians; Bays Outlast CW; Rowers Upset T-Birds

Can't remember the last time we went 0-4 on predictions, maybe never, but it happened this week as early guesses at playing strengths were not supported by any in-form data, but we'll return in Week 2 wiser and equipped with the Week 1 results.

Even though the BCRU lists this weekend's Island games as Premier in their schedule, they're not. The Premier is a 16 game schedule per team, the BCRU lists 19 games for the Island teams, the other 3 matches will be Barnard Cup matches. The Barnard Cup is an Island only competition among Premier teams. The mainland games this weekend will count towards the Premier standings.


A positive result for the home side, always tricky travelling south of the border but Ravens had a strong road squad this weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to get a match report on the result. Seattle and Rowers early leaders in the Prem standings after Week 1, never would have guessed it. Ravens have a week off to plan for their home game against Burnaby on the 22nd. Seattle get another home game against UBC next weekend.


The defending champions UBCOB Ravens on the road to start the season. What changes will we see there from last year? It's always interesting to see what the Seattle team will look like in the new season. Will they have masses of players coming in to trial for the Seawolves from across the USA or will it be the familiar names and faces?

So now the rosters are in, this seems the top level match this weekend. Saracens have at least 5 players who are also on the Seawolves roster, Olive Kilifi, Taylor Krumrei, Alladin Schirmer, Dion Crowder and Shalom Suniula. Ravens who are defending BC Premier champions have a strong roster. Aaron McLelland at #10, a good move, Canada are weak in that area, Aaron qualifies for Canada next July. So if Canada do get through the November repechage... they may be looking for #10 options. The Ravens have 5 imports and that includes Karl Moran the standout Irish #8 who has been moved to the reserves bench. Nothing says strong lineup like one of the top players from last year starting the bench. Some top names include Jon Phelan, Jorden Sandover-Best, Sean Ferguson, etc. This should be a good game.

It begs the question of why the Canadian national coaches don't recognize it, they're sending 10 players to play for the Arrows next weekend vs Glendale and yet don't recognize the quality of play in their own backyard. It boggles the mind. Prediction: Ravens by 5.


1 Benji Couling
2 Matiaz Suez
3 Curtis Delmonico
4 Jon Phelan (c)
5 Brian Moylett (i)
6 Cameron McWilliam
7 David O'Donaghue (i)
8 Conor Hamilton
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Aaron McLelland
11 Karsten Leithner
12 Lavu Vallabh (i)
13 Tyler Hergott
14 Robert Jones
15 Sean Ferguson
16 Bryce Blair (i)
17 David Pelosi
18 Karl Moran (i)
19 Kol Hendrickson
20 Cameron Denhoff-Ball
21 Nolan McAllister
22 Jef Vyres


1 Olive Kilifi
2 Daniel Trierweiler
3 Louis Henson
4 Taylor Krumrei
5 Nick McKenna
6 Eric Soto
7 Maile Taufa
8 Aladdin Schirmer
9 Isaiah Chinen
10 Shalom Suniula
11 Dion Crowder
12 Jonny Reid
13 William Stowers
14 Lauina Futi
15 James Tuiqilai
16 Pat Farrell
17 Danny Sonon
18 Ryan Youngman
19 Ben Gustafson
20 Cole Van Harn
21 Jope Motokana
22 Cecil Ala
23 Martin Vakamoce


We had predicted a Westshore tight five dominance but a Vikes backline advantage. It looks like the Vikes backline went berserk while Westshore hit the snooze button on defence. The Vikes and JBAA jump to the top of the standings in the Barnard Cup competition. Vikes led 28-5 at the half and Westshore's 2nd half comeback came up short. Kapi Vataiki scored 3 tries from the wing and #10 Grady Bowd put up 17 points with one try and 6 conversion. Ollie Nott at flanker added 2 tries of his own. Other Vike backs to score included fullback Liam Morrison and inside centre Mostyn Findlay. Next week Westshore host Nanaimo while the Vikes visit CW.


UVic another team that will be at the mercy of Rugby Canada in terms of what players will be available. UVic should have a little more pull than other clubs since there may be some scholarship incentives involved. Westshore may have a few new names as well. Always interesting to see the first week rosters.

A lot of new names on the Vikes but some familiar ones. Grady Bowd #10 back from playing with the Wolf Pack this summer, Ollie Nott #6 back from the BC Bears. Crosby Stewart back healthy at #9. Kapi Vataiki back in uni now on the wing and a couple of U20 players who didn't make the last cut Mostyn Findley and Ethan Hager in the centres. The big question in the tight 5 with some new names. Richards, Pearce and Bostock are engineering students from the Norse program stepping up to Prem. Costa is from Shawnigan Lake School program but lives in Brazil, Canada may see him on the other side one day. Thomas Di Forio from Montreal is coming back from an injury season. So jury is still out on the Vikes tight five, it's a wait and see.

For Westshore, interesting that Foster Dewitt has moved from flanker to loosehead, believe he was groomed for that position while at UBC by Curry Hitchborn, if so he'll be interested to see that move. It's the in thing now, flanker turning to prop, better chance of getting selected at higher levels, more demand for props these days, especially mobile props. The last U20 selection for Canada was a flanker turned prop, Mitchell Wainman. First glance is that Westshore have a tight five advantage. Cole Mosychuk has moved from Burnaby to the Island and Westshore, good catch by the Westshore coaches, a top openside. It's a mix of old and new on the Westshore squad. Paul-Henri Van Thiel was an intern with Rugby Canada last year, from South Africa. Be interesting to see how he does against Grady Bowd. Should be a good match, edge to Vikes in the backline, edge to Westshore in tight five. Who will win, forwards usually, if played right. Prediction: Westshore by 3.


1 Foster Dewitt (c)
2 Casey Reed
3 Tobias Berg
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Aiden McClary
6 Ben Brill (I)
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Tua Vaa
9 Adam Roer
10 Paul-Henri Van Thiel
11 John Buck
12 Taylor McGuire (I)
13 Conrad Newell
14 John Cox
15 Matt Kemp
16 Neil Hagerty
17 Jay Jimmo
18 Cory Walker
19 Craig Inglis
20 Rahul Roy
21 Hyoga Onda
22 Cody Gervais


1. Callum Richards
2. Thomas Di Forio
3. Gui Costa
4. Bryce Bostock
5. Nick Pearce
6. Ollie Nott
7. Tom Heuser
8. Carson O’Sullivan
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Gradyn Bowd
11. Liam Mahon
12. Mostyn Findley
13. Ethan Hager
14. Kapi Vataiki
15. Liam Morrison
Tyler Wong
Nathan Yue
Karl Mattison
Nickolas Carson
Aiden Cole
Nicky Mouret
Noah Bain
Jonas Robinson


The Bays pregame lineup wasn't exactly accurate, no Travis Larsen but big Shea Wakefield did suit up in the second row and had a strong game. Their new #10 Nabeel Mohammed Imtiaz looks useful, man of the match was probably the openside Moe Abdelmonen. CW were ahead at the half 19-17, they lost focus for a bit after the half and the Bays leapt ahead 36-19 in the second half, CW had a resurgence in the final 10 to score twice but time ran out to give the home side the win.

Always a classic rivalry and a chance to see who will be suiting up at club level. The centralized players were segragated from club competition in the latter part of last season, it will be a good chance to see what the new policy is this week as usually James Bay and CW get the lion's share of Rugby Canada players coming to Victoria. Since this isn't a Premier match the Reserve team fixtures are listed as exhibition.

Not sure what's happening with the Bays, they're having problems getting their roster out. It's unlike them, a new coach feeling the pressure, Sean White and Tony Healy are behind the bench. Perhaps last minute pleading with RC to release a few players? There aren't many national players in the rosters so far.

Cam Polson from the Seattle Seawolves suiting up again for CW at openside, a plus for them. James Pitblado focusing on his teaching career has moved from UVic to CW. Liam Chisolm another former Vike suiting up in the tri colours. Clayton Thornber at hooker, a solid player, also played for the Vikes. Not a lot of "big" names and difficult to handicap the match without the JBAA roster. We'll leave this one and come back to it later and hope the Bays roster arrives.

7pm and still no roster from the Bays, have to figure CW a little more organized this week so will give them the edge. Prediction: CW by 8.


JBAA [pending changes]

1 Andrew MacPherson
2 Andrew “Rupert” Curtis
3 Blake Van Heyningen
4 Jim de Goede
5 Rhys Davies
6 Travis Larsen [ed. ??]
7 Moe Abdelmonen
8 Travis Larsen [ed. ??]
9 Mitch Sora
10 Nabeel Mohammed Imtiaz
11 TK Barnes
12 Kieran McAuley
13 Clayton Meeres
14 Guillaume Caillaux
15 Aaron Evison


A bit of a shocker but UBC always start slowly, VRC with lots of veteran talent. Jordan Wilson-Ross formerly of JBAA and playing for the Atlantic Rock this year in the CRC is in Rowers colours, quite a surprise but obviously helping to get the paddles in the water to give some pace out wide. Also a tighthead from the MLR Austin Elite is here for a short while, Mason Pedersen, usually plays loosehead for Austin but tighthead today. His presence helped the cause. The Rowers are full of surprises as they make their comeback to the BC Premier. They host Burnaby Lake next week while UBC travel to Seattle.

UBC have been in the finals the last four years I believe and won three of them. They sometimes have the wobblies in the early part of the season as the students get settled in. It's a good time of the year to play them. The Rowers getting back into Premier after a season in Div 1, what will their recruiting efforts yield?

No roster from the Rowers and hearing last minute panic registrations may be the order of the day. Welcome to week 1 of the season.

Either way UBC should have the advantage unless Rowers have brought in some serious overseas talent, always possible. UBC like the Vikes have some new names, also some familiar names from last year like Connor Sampson, Carsons, McQueen, Lan. If UBC are vulnerable it's usually during the first couple of weeks of the season. Curry Hitchborn now the UBC head coach so see how his first match in that position turns out.

Difficult to tell without the Rowers roster but we'll go with previous form. Prediction: UBC by 8.


1: Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
2: Harrison Smith (Handsworth)
3: Nick Frost (Collingwood)
4: Donald Carson (Southpointe)
5: James Carson (Oak Bay)
6: Liam Doll (Carson Graham)
7: Callum Botchar (Magee)
8: Jake Ikeda (Magee) ©
9: Fraser Hurst (St George’s)
10: Adam McQueen (Canmore)
11: Cole Keffer (Sutherland)
12: Nick Collett (Southridge)
13: John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
14: Jake Lan (Rockridge)
15: Daniel Archer (Renaissance College)



from BCRU

Vancouver, BC – September 1, 2018 – The start of BC Rugby’s 2018/19 Senior Club Rugby season kicks off this Saturday, marking the first of many weekends of rugby action in the Province. There will be action across all eight of the Men’s and Women’s senior leagues, as well as Barnard Cup and Times Cup over on Vancouver Island. The Senior Club Leagues will run through Fall, Winter and Spring, culminating in the BC Rugby Club Finals where champions of each league will be crowned.

The Men’s Premier League, sponsored by Onni, kicks off with two games on opening weekend, both intriguing for different reasons. The reigning champions, UBCOB Ravens, will kick-start their title defence with a trip across the border to Seattle Saracens. The hosts, who’s last game of the 2017 regular season was also against Ravens, will hope to land an upset and take the win on the opening weekend. However, as their best result in the last couple years was a 31-31 draw, the odds seem stacked in favour of the travelling side in this fixture. In the other match in the Men’s Premier League, UBC (defeated finalists in 2017/18) will take on Vancouver Rowing Club who make a return to the top flight this year. The Rowers, who claimed the Men’s Division 1 title in May 2018, will face a stern test as they seek to re-establish themselves amongst the top clubs in the Province. Both fixtures will be preceded by their Premier Reserve counterparts, with UBCOB Ravens’ Premier Reserve team aiming to go one better this year after losing in the 2018 Final to Meraloma.

In Men’s Division 1, there are only two games the opening weekend. Abbotsford will host Surrey Beavers at Exhibition Park, a matchup that never failed to provide high scoring results for both sides last season. Surrey were top of the standings after the regular season in 2017/18 so the odds may favour them for the win this weekend. Elsewhere, Bayside Sharks will travel to United for their opening game. Runners-up in the division final at the end of last season, Bayside will be keen to lay the foundations for another strong season. However their opponents will not feel like giving up a win on opening weekend, and with results between the two sides historically close, this fixture looks set to be an intriguing affair.

Men’s Division 2 has a packed line up with five matches kicking off the 2018/19 season. Reigning Champions Kamloops will travel to neighbours Kelowna for an Interior derby that will almost certainly produce some fireworks. Mimicking their Div 1 club-mates, Surrey Beavers will travel to Exhibition Park to face Abbotsford, while Brit Lions will host Burnaby Lake at John Oliver Park. Scribes will make a short journey east to face Langley at Crush Crescent while Bayside Sharks will head north of the river to take on United to round off the Div 2 fixtures for this weekend.

Over in Men’s Division 3, there will be a mirror of the Premier and Reserve clashes when UBC hosts Vancouver Rowing Club. Meanwhile, Langley will host Axemen at Crush Crescent while Capilano will journey south of the river to take on Kats at Balaclava Park. Finally, Richmond’s fixture against Bayside Sharks has been postponed.

In a joint decision between BC Rugby the member clubs in the female leagues, Fall 2018 will see a different structure to preceding seasons. The Women’s Leagues have been split into regional tiers for the first half of the year, and will then resume the regular Premier/Division 1/Division 2 structure after the Christmas break. The aim of this shake-up is to reduce travel costs while promoting regional competition in the women’s game. Two games are set for the Women’s Island Tier, with all the action taking place further up the island when Comox host Castaway Wanderers and Nanaimo host Cowichan. The Women’s Mainland Tier 1 starts with three games: Abbotsford versus Capilano at Exhibition Park, Burnaby Lake (2018 Women’s Premier League runners-up) hosting Bayside Sharks and Meraloma making the long drive up into the Interior to take on Kamloops.

As if all that wasn’t enough there are also matches in the Barnard and Times Cup competitions. These are regional cups for Island-based teams that play in the Men’s Premier and Premier Reserve Leagues respectively and will have fixtures interspersed throughout the regular season. To kick off the Barnard Cup, reigning champions Castaway Wanderers will face 2017 winners James Bay in what promises to be a thrilling spectacle. In the other fixture for this cup, 2018 runners-up UVic will host Westshore. The Times Cup will have the same fixtures but kicking off earlier in the day.


Mens Premier League
14:30 @ James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA V CASTAWAY WANDERERS Nathan Abdelnour barnard cup game. does not affect prem standings
14:30 @ U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA V WESTSHORE Colin Stroeder barnard cup game. does not affect prem standings
15:00 @ Starfire Field SEATTLE V UBCOB RAVENS Denny Russell ko time change

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA 2 V CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 Derek Horton exhibition game. does not affect standings
12:45 UBC UBC 2 V VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 Bradley Schwalger
12:45 U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN V WESTSHORE 2 exhibition game. does not affect standings
13:00 Starfire Field SEATTLE 2 V UBCOB RAVENS 2

Mens Division 1
14:30 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V SURREY BEAVERS AA Saro Turner
14:30 United - Hume UNITED V BAYSIDE Jamie Levchuk
13:00 May Bennett Park COWICHAN V NANAIMO 2 Mauke Mauke Times Cup

Mens Division 2
12:45 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD 2 V SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 Sean Dingley
12:45 John Oliver Park BRIT LIONS V BURNABY LAKE 3 Colin Sexton
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field KELOWNA CROWS V KAMLOOPS
12:45 Crush Crescent LANGLEY V SCRIBES Jivan Dhaliwal
12:45 United - Hume UNITED 2 V BAYSIDE 2 David Holmes

Mens Mainland Division 3
12:45 Balaclava Park KATS V CAPILANO 3 Robin Tolbert
14:30 Crush Crescent LANGLEY 2 V AXEMEN RUGBY CLUB Jamie Overgaard

Womens Island Tier
11:15 Comox COMOX V CASTAWAY WANDERERS Anthony Forth
11:15 May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO 1 V COWICHAN Clive Stocks

Womens Mainland Tier A
11:15 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V CAPILANOMatt Myers
11:15 Burnaby Lake BURNABY LAKE V BAYSIDEHeather Lilburn
11:15 Kamloops Park KAMLOOPS V MERALOMA

Womens Mainland Tier B
11:15 John Oliver Park BRIT LIONS V RIDGE MEADOWSMike landiak
11:15 Crush Crescent LANGLEY V SCRIBESJulie Beyea
11:15 United - Hume UNITED V BAYSIDEGrant Gladish

Saratoga Cup 2018
11:30 Penticton Harlequins VERNON V PRINCE GEORGES Shanda Mosher-Gallant
13:30 Penticton Harlequins TERRACE NORTHMEN V ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROGUES Ben Lambrick

13:00 UBC UBC V U OF VICTORIA David Smortchevsky usport game

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