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September 08 2018

Will Percillier - UBC and Canada U20
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A Chat with Will Percillier: From Singapore to BC to Canada U20

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A conversation with Will Percillier in Romania.

We had a chance to talk to Will the evening before the Romania match after the jersey presentation ceremony. Will suffered a concussion in the Fiji match which rules him out of this game but he's confident about Canada's chances on Sunday. He talked about his initial perceptions of Romania, the rugby pathway that brought him here and his future plans.

Q: What was it like first coming to Romania, what were your perceptions?

It's been different than I actually expected, some of the guys who came on tour here in 2016 or 2015, they came in the winter, and didn't have such a great time, so I really didn't know what to expect but it's been great. The city has an older feel to it, definitely a European city you can tell. Our hotel is quite close to the old town, it's been awesome. So in terms of the city and arriving it's been nothing but positive experiences.

The rugby's been good, we've been having some really good training, we've been a little bit unfortunate in the way games have been unfolding, we don't let it really drag us down. In regards to the Romania game coming up, we're not taking a back foot, everyone's up for it.

Q: Your injury is a concussion is that correct, do you remember the play?

It was between the 10th to 15th minute, we made a break, I passed it off to Jack McCarthy, he chipped it, the Fijians kicked it back, I caught it and tried to get between the defenders, I got through one and got tackled from behind and had a Fijian in front of me, I went down into his knee, shin, sort of thing. It wasn't too bad at first, it got recognized and to keep it safe I came off. I've just started my concussion protocol.

Q: When did you first start playing rugby?

I was 6 or 7, I was in Singapore. Dad got me into it. It was at a club called Centaurs Rugby.

Q: What was your first Canadian experience in rugby?

It was the Victoria 7s, I think in 2015, I played 7s with the Capilano Rugby Club, their rugby coach was Danny Weidner. I was like a kid coming from Asia, we asked if he had a spot on the team, he said sure, he's a super nice guy, welcomed me to the team. Then trained with the BC guys and played Ontario.

Q: Where did you go after Capilano?

That was just for the summer so I'd come back to Asia for school, then BC for the summer. Then went to the Brentwood rugby camp and then applied there and that's where my rugby progressed more I'd say. I played most of my rugby there at Brentwood School.

Q: Where did you go after Brentwood and what's the future plan?

I went to UBC, that's the plan to continue at UBC. The dream is to represent Canada at the senior level obviously. I'd take any opportunity that presents itself to do that but right now the focus is on school.

Q: What studies are you taking at UBC?

It's looking right now like an International Relations Major.

Q: You play 7s as well as XVs, do you have a preference?

As a back you like 7s, there's so much space, it's such a fun game. I don't think I have a specific preference, I wouldn't be able to choose. I love the tactics behind XVs, it's more of a match than a game, but 7s you can't beat it, it's just so much fun, it's so enjoyable. I don't know if I could pick between them. Right now it's just about playing as much rugby, I enjoy both.

Q: There are a lot of good Canadian scrum halves, and at the international level, are there some you specifically watch and try to emulate?

Phil Mack's running game, I try to pick the ball up more, try to test defences more and the way he does 7s and XVs, that's the way I want to do things. Other than that as a young guy when I was in Hong Kong, I remember watching the men's 7s team, players like Taylor Paris and Sean Duke, Harry Jones, Nate Hirayama, all those guys, just watching them kind of inspired me. You want to play like them, you want to play in front of a lot of people. Especially fantastic they take time after tournaments to meet the fans, even in places like Hong Kong, it makes it a big deal, I look up to those guys.

Q: What's your prediction for the Romania match?

The way our coaches look at it is about 17 minutes of lapses have cost us 3 games, we let it go in the last minute of the first game, we let it go in the last minute of the second game, and the last 15 minutes of the third game, so this game is about putting a full 80 performance out. If we can put a full performance out then I'm more than confident we can pull a result.

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