Kats Rugby - September 2018

September 10 2018

Kats Come out Swinging in 27-19 Victory Over Capilano

by Martin Pierce

The sun rose Saturday over the green field of Balaclava Park to welcome the start of a new rugby season for the Kats. With new Jerseys and new post pads the Kats had high spirits and were determined to seek revenge from Capilano for an early playoff exit last year.

The game started with Capilano seizing ball position for repetitive phase after phase against a steadfast Kats defense. Despite strong ball carrying by Capilano the Kats refused to give a meter as the continuous pressure gave Morgan Saint a 60meter intercept Try on Debut. After this the Kats gained possession of the game, with quick passing and strong ball running threats Fly-Half Anaru slotted a cheeky chip kick behind the Capilano rushing defense for Scotty to touch down for a Try.

Immediately after the Kats were back with successive forward phases giving Niall Hickey (Also on Debut) a chance to drive the ball over the Try Line, putting the Kats up 17-0.

Repeated Kats Penalties at the breakdown gave Capilano their best chance to strike, with multiple scrums and lineouts within the Kats 22. However the Kats defense held steadfast and it took a penalty try for wheeling the scrum to allow Capilano to get on the Board.

In the Second half, the Kats immediately started with a Bang, with Glenn Costello exploiting space and scoring a try on his debut.

With all said and done, the Kats started the season with a strong win over Capilano. Though there are things to improve on in the coming weeks, there is an energy on and off the pitch which is just getting started!

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