BC Rugby Weekend of September 15th 2018

September 15 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: UBC Edge Seattle; UVic Fall to CW; Westshore Dominate Nanaimo ; Burnaby Sink Rowers; Capilano Top Meraloma

The centralized players have been given the option of playing this weekend, some have gone to play for the Ontario Arrows this weekend, others are playing in the BC Premier.


I hope it wasn't anything we said to rile the Thunderbirds up although our predictions have been used before by coaches to get under a team's skin and game ready. Hopefully we can get a match report. If UBC can pull off the win in Seattle without their Canada U20 players and their Canada A players then it could be a warning to the rest of the league. So much of the game is mental and motivation, kudos to Curry and team for the result. Seattle (1-1) will have to regroup next weekend for their first road trip of the year as they face Capilano (1-0). UBC (1-1) travel across town to take on the Meralomas (0-1).

Seattle knocked off the defending champions UBCOB Ravens last weekend, the success of the pro team, the Seawolves, seems to have given the Saracens a new outlook on life. They're playing in the same stadium as the Seawolves now as well, it's all looking sunny in Seattle. UBC fell to Premier newcomers Vancouver Rowing Club last weekend, they're missing a number of players and unlike other clubs haven't brought in their returning Canada U20 players this weekend. Add in the coaching change with the departure of Rameses Langston and the T-Birds have dropped in the prediction rankings from last season until they start notching some wins. Prediction: Seattle by 8.


1 Ryan Youngman
2 Daniel Trierweiler
3 Louis Henson
4 Taylor Krumrei
5 Eric Soto
6 Hannibal Vaivao
7 Maile Taufa
8 Aladdin Schirmer
9 Jope Motokana
10 Shalom Suniula
11 Dion Crowder
12 William Stowers
13 Cecil Ala
14 Lauina Futi
15 James Tuiqilai
16 Pat Farrell
17 Solomona Sa'u
18 Jasper Bowen – Shepherd
19 Ben Gustafson
20 Cole Van Harn
21 Isaiah Chinen
22 Shane Donovan-Moore
23 Jonny Reid


1: Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
2: Harrison Smith (Handsworth)
3: Nick Frost (Collingwood)
4: Liam Doll (Carson Graham)
5: James Carson (Oak Bay)
6: Donald Carson (Southpointe)
7: Callum Botchar (Magee)
8: Jake Ikeda (Magee) ©
9: Fraser Hurst (St George’s)
10: Adam McQueen (Canmore)
11: Cole Keffer (Sutherland)
12: Flynn Heyes (Carson Graham)
13: John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
14: Jake Lan (Rockridge)
15: Nick Collett (Southridge)

[ed. hear Isaac Kaay also suiting up for CW on the bench]

As predicted CW with 5 Canada A and Canada 7s players were too much for the visiting Vikes. CW played their Canada U20 players, Vikes rested theirs. The University sides, UBC and UVic have their sights set on the University Championships in November in Victoria and are managing their players accordingly. The Vikes match report is here. UVic (1-1) host James Bay (1-0) next weekend while CW (1-1) travel to Nanaimo (0-1).

The three Victoria based Premier teams have loaded up with Canada A players released from training this week to play club rugby. The Vikes didn't benefit as much as their opponents, CW, with Aiden McMullen returning but GDT not suiting up. Vikes ran through the Westshore backline with abandon last week but will find it a lot tougher against a CW team with added Canada A players. Pat Kay and Doug Fraser are suiting up for CW in the centres, Canada 7s player Luke McCloskey is on the wing, they also have returning Canada U20 players Schellenberger and Morra. Luke Bradley, the Canada 7s player from Port Alberni, has turned his back on neighbouring Premier team Nanaimo to suit up with CW. The rich get richer. CW with the added talent should have this one in the bag. Prediction: CW by 10.


1. Nathan Yue Paul Kane Secondary
2. Tyler Wong Carson Graham Secondary
3. Gui Costa Shawnigan Lake School
4. Gavin Kratz Oak Bay High Secondary
5. Nick Pearce Argyle High Secondary
6. Tom Heuser Sardis High Secondary
7. Ollie Nott Shawnigan Lake School
8. Carson O’Sullivan Shawnigan Lake School
9. Crosby Stewart Oak Bay High Secondary
10. Gradyn Bowd Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive
11. Aidan McMullan Lindsay Place Secondary
12. Mostyn Findlay Shawnigan Lake School
13. Kapi Vataiki McRoberts Secondary
14. Liam Mahon West Van Secondary
15. Liam Morrison Earl Marriott Secondary
16. Thomas Di Fiore Brentwood School
17. Aidan Cole St. Michael’s Secondary
18. Nicholas Carson Oak Bay Secondary
19. Hunter Grant Esquimalt Secondary
20. Jonah Hall Oak Bay Secondary
21. Noah Bain Yale Secondary
22. Jenner Teufel Shawnigan Lake School
23. Jackson Matthews Loyola Secondary


(note Barnard Cup game, doesn't count in BC Premier standings)

Westshore with 4 Canada A players in the roster went out early and the end result was not in doubt past 20 minutes. Nanaimo battled bravely and did well when they held possession for long periods of time but Westshore had too much firepower when the ball was turned over and they gained possession. Nanaimo (0-1) host CW (1-1) while Westshore (1-1) have a bye week.

Talking of riches, Westshore added 4 Canada players to their roster, interesting positional selections. Kotlewski takes his normal prop position and Kyle Baillie is familiar with #8 but Eric Howard at openside will be an interesting experiment, maybe a new career path. Brock Staller at #10 is a good choice. Westshore would have been slight favourites but with the additions they go up the predictions rankings. Westshore were vulnerable in the backs against UVic but Nanaimo doesn't have that sort of firepower, especially with their fire fighting star player, Jared Stephens, still working up north. Interesting to watch Zephyr Melnyk, the BC and Canada U19 player up against Kyle Baillie, in a few years they may be battling for the same national jersey but at this stage it will be a good learning experience for the young Nanaimo player. Have to figure Staller and Baillie good for a try apiece, Kotlewski giving the Westshore scrum some ascendancy. Prediction: Westshore by 15.


1 Ryan Kotlewski
2 Casey Reed
3 Toby Berg
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Aiden McCleary
6 Foster Dewitt
7 Eric Howard
8 Kyle Bailey
9 Matt Kemp
10 Brock Staller
11 John Cox
12 Ben Brill
13 Cole Mosychuk
14 Spencer Adams
15 Conrad Newell
16 Jay Jimmo
17 Neil Hagerty
18 Ryan Waldriff
19 Rick Bown
20 Rahul Roy
21 Keegan Edwards
22 Mike McDougall


1 Dean Briggs
2 Sisanda Dlamini
3 Patrick Milford
4 Kiko Halaliku
5 Makz Foot
6 Paul Jacobsen
7 Matt Weir
8 Zephyr Melnyk
9 Sam Fowler
10 Harrison King
11 Hank Hankins
12 Antonio Corbin
13 Cooper Kenda
14 Sam Raiwalui
15 Cathal David Long
Sam Tooke
Rick Keen
John Wright Jr.
John Dale
Christian Harpe
Ron Macdonald
Dayne Retzlaff
Satchel Micdermid


After upsetting UBC the previous week the Rowers world came crashing back to reality with a loss to Burnaby. It was a tight match at the half, 5-5 but it was all Burnaby in the second 40. Burnaby secured a BP in the win. Next week Burnaby (1-0) travel to defending champions Ravens (0-1) while Rowers have a bye.

Burnaby's first match of the season a chance to measure their strength this season. Rowers upset last year's #2 team UBC, how will they fare against perrenial semi-finalists Burnaby. Rowers have Mason Pedersen the Austin Elite prop from the MLR, he'll likely win his side of the battle. Burnaby usually one of the best scrummaging teams but they've lost a few of their veterans who helped them achieve that reputation. Jordan Wilson Ross is back at it, playing with the Bays for several years, now with the Rowers. He was in the Canada mix at one point. It's obviously a decent lineup, knocking off UBC. Tom Cvijanovic may be an interesting find for Burnaby, according to Google, capped for Serbia and played in England's lower divisions with Vale of Lune club out of Lancaster. There could be more than one Tom Cvijanovic of course, but we'll stick with this story until told otherwise. So Tom Cvijanovic and Admir Cejvanovic, an editor's worst nightmare. Prediction: Burnaby by 3.


1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Preston Petrovitch
3 Bryce Worden
4 Callum Toi (i)
5 Mike Gough
6 Tom Cvijanovic (i)
7 Mike O'Toole
8 Doug Breadon
9 Reid Watkins
10 Nolan Shelley
11 Gino Paolella
12 Sean Mckeown
13 Kimi Vunituraga
14 Dan Josok
15 Ben Mcivor


1 Rob Spearing
2 Chris Seyler
3 Mason Pedersen
4 Kevin Nanne
5 Phil Hosie
6 George Richmond
7 Michael Jordan ©
8 Colin Cooper
9 Chris Nolan
10 Nick Wackwitz
11 Adriaan Meiring
12 Matt Liszt
13 Brian Derham
14 Jordan Wilson-Ross
15 Kevin Gurniak


Caps start off the season with a bang on their 50th anniversary and get the festivities heading in the right direction. It's the first game for both teams, next week Caps (1-0) host Seattle (1-1) while Lomas host UBC.

First matches for both teams, so no previous form to go by this season. Chris Robinson has moved from his normal #9 spot take the quarterback role at #10 for Caps. A few familiar names like Neil Courtney, Jordan Reid-Harvey and Johnny and Sam Franklin but a few new names as well. Jebb Sinclair still coaching at Meraloma. Five imports in the roster for Lomas indicates they could be good for the upset. Home field advantage has to count in Caps favour and we'll go with that for the first match of the season. Prediction: Caps by 2.


1. Mackenzie Mills
2. Jason de Freitas
3. Neil Courtney
4. Reid Tucker
5. Rich Merinsky
6. Jonathan Webster
7. Alex Boyd
8. Jordan Reid-Harvey
9. Rob Cattanach
10. Chris Robinson (C)
11. Ari Stan
12. Eligh Papin
13. Johnny Franklin
14. Ryan Agyagos
15. Sam Franklin


Full Schedule

Mens Premier League
14:30 @ Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA David Smortchevsky
14:30 @ Winona Park VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V BURNABY LAKE Shanda Mosher-Gallant
14:45 @ Starfire Field SEATTLE V UBC Christopher Assmus
15:00 @ Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V U OF VICTORIA Saro Turner

Barnard Cup 2018
15:15 @ Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE V NANAIMO Andrew Foster

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 Klahanie Park CAPILANO 2 V MERALOMA 2 Bradley Schwalger
12:45 Starfire Field SEATTLE 2 V UBC 2
12:45 Winona Park VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 V BURNABY LAKE 2 Jamie Levchuk
13:30 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE 2 V NANAIMO 2 Nathan Abdelnour times cup. does not affect league table

Mens Division 1
14:30 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA V UNITED Colin Stroeder

Mens Division 2
12:45 Kamloops Park KAMLOOPS V SCRIBES
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field KELOWNA CROWS V BAYSIDE 2 Ben Lambrick
12:45 Simon Fraser no.4 SIMON FRASER RC V SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 David Holmes
12:45 United - Hume UNITED 2 V BURNABY LAKE 3 Toby Mustill

Mens Mainland Division 3
11:15 Klahanie Park CAPILANO 3 V MERALOMA 3 Scott Johnson
11:15 Winona Park VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 3 V RICHMOND Jamie Dopson
12:30 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA 3 V UBC 3 John Abreunote ko time change
12:45 Whistler Secondary School AXEMEN RUGBY CLUB V CHILLIWACK Robert Crowenote home venue

Mens Island Division 3
13:00 Cowichan COMOX V COWICHAN 2 Kevin Smith

Womens Island Tier
11:15 Cowichan COWICHAN V COMOX Kevin Smith
12:00 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE V NANAIMO David Valentine (Pending)

Womens Mainland Tier A
11:15 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V BURNABY LAKE Colin Sexton
12:45 Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA Tyler Dawson

Womens Mainland Tier B
10:00 Winona Park VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V SCRIBES Heather Lilburnnote k
11:15 Klahanie Park CAPILANO V BRIT LIONS David Williams
11:15 Parkinson Rec Field KELOWNA CROWS V BAYSIDE
11:15 Thomas Haney RIDGE MEADOWS V UNITED Thomas Cooper


USport Game
11:30 U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA V LETHBRIDGE Shanda Mosher-Gallant

Boys U19 Mainland
14:30 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UBCOB RAVENS Colin Sexton
14:30 Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA Paul Kelly
14:30 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA V LANGLEY Riley Robinson
14:30 Town Centre South UNITED V BURNABY LAKE Julie Beyeanote

Boys U19 Island
14:30 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA V CASTAWAY WANDERERS Nathan Abdelnour
15:30 Cowichan COWICHAN V NANAIMO Phil Smith

Boys U16 Mainland
13:00 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UBCOB RAVENS Jivan Dhaliwal
13:00 Connaught Park MERALOMA V CAPILANO Scott Johnson

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