BC Rugby Weekend of November 3rd 2018

November 03 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: Vikes Smoke Bays; Saracens Stung by Hornets; Lakers Ground T-Birds; Lomas Fall to Ravens; Caps Paddle Rowers

James Bay AA 10 v UVic Vikes 47

Not a result we saw coming but the Vikes were faster with a deeper bench. Nick Carson scored 3 tries from his #8 position, Lockie Kratz carved up the Bays defence from outside centre. The Bays not the same team without the two 7s players Connor Braid and Jake Thiel. Vikes jump up to 8th spot, Bays drop to 9th. Next week Vikes host CW, Bays have a bye.

James Bay (8th) and UVic (9th) are 3 points apart in the standings with a fairly even PF/PA stat. The Bays missing Connor Braid back to the 7s program, same with Jake Thiel. Josh Thiel continues with the team and the return of Mike Nieuweynheisen will help them. Moe Abdelmonen has been playing well at openside. For the Vikes some youth getting the start, believe this is the first Premier start for second row Hunter Grant. Hunter has played Canada age-grade and will be looking to make the Canada U20 squad for 2019. Logan Martin-Feek was in the mix for Canada U20 this year before an injury put him out of contention, he may have another year of eligibility. UVic have a fine halfback combination of Crosby Stewart to Gradyn Bowd, their outside pace is good with wingers Aidan McMullan and Kapi Vataiki. Think the Bays have a little more experience and muscle in the forwards, while the Vikes will be dangerous out wide. So close that home field may be the deciding factor. Prediction: Bays by 2.

1. Andrew MacPherson
2. Blake Cartwright
3. Blake van Heynigen
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Teigan White
6. Fischer Kooman
7. Moe Abdelmonen
8. FJ Bronkhorst
9. TK Barnes
10. Josh Thiel
11. Nate Tough
12. Mike Nieuweynheisen
13. Thomas Burton
14. Guillaume Cailaux
15. Ben Curley


1. Gavin Kratz Oak Bay Secondary
2. Tyler Rockwell Western High School
3. Gui Costa Shawnigan Lake School
4. Hunter Grant Esquimalt Secondary
5. Nick Pearce Argyle Secondary
6. Thomas Di Fiore Brentwood Secondary
7. Ollie Nott Shawnigan Lake School
8. Nicholas Carson Oak Bay Secondary
9. Crosby Stewart Oak Bay Secondary
10. Gradyn Bowd Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive
11. Aidan McMullan Lindsay Place High School
12. Logan Martin-Feek Claremont Secondary
13. Lockie Kratz Oak Bay Secondary
14. Kapi Vataiki McRoberts Secondary
15. Gabe Casey Nepean High School
16. Tyler Wong Carson Graham Secondary
17. Nathan Yue Paul Kane Secondary
18. Tom Heuser Sardis Secondary
19. Jenner Teufel Shawnigan Lake School
20. Mostyn Findlay Shawnigan Lake School
21. Nat Dring Sullivan Heights Secondary
22. Ethan Hager Brantford Collegiate Institute
23. Liam Morrison Earl Marriott Secondary
24. Denver Fatt St. George's School

Nanaimo Hornets 37 v Seattle Saracens 14

The surprise result of the weekend as Nanaimo notch their first win against the 3rd place Seattle side (now 4th). Seattle were the only team not to submit their roster this week, punishment by the rugby gods, we won't comment on that. Great result for Nanaimo who finally get the win they've worked hard for. Did the start of the Seawolves training have an effect, impossible to tell without the roster. Nanaimo now jump above Westshore and Meraloma in the standings, Seattle fall to 4th with Burnaby jumping up the rankings. Nanaimo host Westshore on the Remembrance Day weekend while Saracens have the bye.

Nanaimo without a win yet this year although their results have been getting better. They're at home to 3rd place Seattle. Nanaimo with a couple of young loose forwards, Zephyr Melnyk at blindside has one or two years eligibility for Canada U20. The halfback combination for Nanaimo is top level, Canada-eligible kiwi Sam Fowler to newly arrived Scot Stephen Gillies. They no doubt will also be looking to push for a place in the Island Tide roster in December vs Seattle Seawolves. The Saracens haven't submitted their roster yet so we've posted their Oct 20th roster for a close approximation. They have a few Seawolves in and out of the roster on a regular basis but with the MLR preseason getting close that may change. The Seattle team should be too strong although Nanaimo did claim the scalp last season. Don't think Seattle will take the trip too lightly this year. Prediction: Seattle by 8.


1 Tui Tauaika
2 Tom Larder
3 Pat Milford
4 Mallory Roe
5 Takahiro Sugawara
6 Zephyr Melnyk
7 Antonio Corbin
8 Matt Weir
9 Sam Fowler
10 Stephen Gillies
11 Seth Recalma
12 Taniela Tulia
13 Mua Uluilelata
14 Harrison King
15 Cathal Long
16 Ricky Keen
17 Sam Tooke
18 Alec Brydon
19 Alex Brown
20 Hank Hankins
21 Tyler Hume
22 J. Ardern
23 John Wright

Seattle (from October 20th)

1 Kellen Gordon
2 Dan Trieweiler
3 Ryan Youngman
4 Justin Stevens
5 Taylor Krumrei
6 Jacob Flores
7 Maile Taufa
8 Aladdin Schirmer
9 Andrew Nelson
10 Jonny Reid
11 Dion Crowder
12 Marvin Iosefa
13 William Stowers
14 Lauina Futi
15 Mosese Lalasava
16 Solomona Sa'u
17 Pat Farrell
18 Giuseppe Semeraro
19 Cole Van Harn
20 Ben Gustafson
21 Jope Motokana
22 Matthew Brennan
23 James Tuiqilai

UBC 14 v Burnaby Lake 24

Another one we got wrong. Burnaby played a well structured game we heard, well coached team. Their #9 Reid Watkins received plaudits from insightful rugby eyes on the ground. It was only 7-0 for BLRC at the half so an epic defensive battle during the match. Burnaby jump up into 2nd place but CW still lurking undefeated with 2 games in hand on both #1 UBC and #2 BLRC. Both UBC and Burnaby with byes next weekend.

UBC continue winning and besides that first stumble at the beginning of the year are undefeated and sit top of the standings but with undefeated CW having two games in hand just behind them. Burnaby in 4th place and have been a solid team, looking like one of the semi-finalists at least when April rolls around. Burnaby taking care of Lomas last week while UBC are coming in rested off a bye. They're hoping to defend their National University title later this month so will be building towards that. Difficult to bet against UBC at home on current form. Prediction: UBC by 3.


15: William McDougall-Percillier (Brentwood)
14: Jake Lan (Rockridge)
13: Daniel Archer (Renaissance College)
12: Flynn Heyes (Carson Graham)
11: Cole Keffer (Sutherland))
10: Nick Collett (Southridge)
9: Fraser Hurst (St George’s)
8: Nick Allen (Mulgrave)
7: Jake Ikeda (Magee) ©
6: Michael Smith (Earl Marriott)
5: James Carson (Oak Bay)
4: Nolan Howell (Hugh McRoberts)
3: Nick Frost (Collingwood)
2: Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
1: Cali Martinez (Earl Marriott)


UBCOB Ravens 30 v Meraloma 15

One we did get right. Ravens two wins in a row, Lomas falling to 2nd last place in the standings. Ravens maintain their 5th place position in the standings, top 6 make the playoffs. Both teams with byes next week.

Ravens notched their first win in a while last weekend against the Rowers but faded badly near the end. They're still not the complete squad they were last year when they won the Premier title. The Lomas have only won one match, that against last place Nanaimo. They came up short against Burnaby last week who played most of the game with 14 men. A few teams losing players to the Canadian Classics team in Bermuda this week, Kol Henrickson from Ravens, Derek Townsend from Lomas, and Jared Stephens from Nanaimo. We'll take time to wish the Classics well when they kickoff against South Africa. Think Ravens will have the edge with the always dangerous Aaron McLelland at the back and Jorden Sandover-Best orchestrating from the #9 position. Prediction: Ravens by 7.


1 Curtis Delmonico
2 Dim Gotsopoulos
3 Chris Taylor
4 Jon Phelan (c)
5 Jessy Lee
6 Jake Wolfman
7 Dan Cervino
8 Connor Hamilton
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Robert Jones
11 Graham Turner
12 Michael Nevin
13 Conor Finn
14 Jef Vyres
15 Aaron McLelland


Vancouver Rowing Club 7 v Capilano 29

Caps get it done on the road, how Zoobs did as flanker, we'll wait for the Caps match report. Caps into a top 6 position, playoff bound if they maintain the course. Both teams have byes on the Remembrance Day weekend.

from Cam
Adam Zaruba was very effective as a loose forward for the Caps, in the lineouts, scrums and around the pitch; overall, though, fitting in seamlessly with the players around him and overall, the level of play for the Caps across all 15 players I thought was very high. The Rowers also presented various challenges to the visitors and but for stout defensive play on the visitors part, defense often switching over to offense at the spill of a ball, the Rowers might well have put more ticks up on the scoreboard.

Always feel a fierce rivalry between these clubs, not far apart on either side of the bridge, competing for high school talent in a common catchment area. The Rowers with usually a few more imports, Caps usually more home grown players. This weekend the match is at the picturesque Brockton Oval. Big surprise is seeing Adam Zaruba aka Zoobs at blindside flanker. That's interesting, usually he plays centre or wing. Love to see the big man as a loosie. He's back practicing with the 7s squad so this may the last chance to catch him in club XVs for a while. Impressed by the resiliency of the current Rowers squad. They came back to win against Seattle, almost came back for the win against Ravens. They love the possession game, as do the Caps so this will be an interesting match. He who makes the least mistakes wins. Prediction: Caps by 4.


1 - Mackenzie Mills
2 - Jason de Freitas
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Reid Tucker
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Adam Zaruba
7 - Alex Boyd
8 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
9 - Rob Cattanach (i)
10 - Chris Robinson (C)
11 - Ari Stan
12 - Eligh Papin
13 - Johnny Franklin
14 - Ryan Agyagos
15 - Sam Franklin


1 Robert Spearing
2 James Kelly
3 Eddy Quinn (I)
4 Kelly Anderson (I)
5 Brandon Kaye
6 George Richmond
7 Michael Jordan (c)
8 Colin Cooper
9 Nick Wackwitz (I)
10 Richard Thompson
11 David Andersen
12 Jordan W-Ross
13 Matthew Liszt
14 Paddy O Connell (I)
15 Garret O'Suilleabhain (I)
16 Jason Carton
17 Michael Caldecott
18 Quinn Cowie
19 Jack Warren
20 Ray Bissonette
21 Kevin Gurniak
22 Oisin Daly
23 Gregory Crowe

FULL SCHEDULE (Division / Home / Visitor / Time)


Premier James Bay AA UVic Vikes 14:30
Premier Nanaimo Hornets Seattle 14:30
Premier UBC Burnaby Lake 14:30
Premier UBCOB Ravens Meraloma 14:30
Premier Vancouver Rowing Club Capilano 14:30
Premier Reserve James Bay AA UVic Vikes 12:45
Premier Reserve Nanaimo Hornets Seattle 12:45
Premier Reserve UBC Burnaby Lake 12:45
Premier Reserve UBCOB Raves Meraloma 12:45
Premier Reserve Vancouver Rowing Club Capilano 12:45
Division 1 Surrey Beavers AA Bayside Sharks 14:30
Division 1 United Abbotsford 14:30
Division 2 Bayside Sharks Abbotsford 12:45
Division 2 Langley Brit Lions 12:45
Division 2 Scribes Kelowna Crows 12:45
Division 2 Simon Fraser RC United 12:45
Division 3 Bayside Sharks Meraloma 11:15
Division 3 Langley Chilliwack 11:15
Division 3 UBC Axemen 11:15
Division 3 Vancouver Rowing Club Capilano 11:15
Division 3 Surrey Beavers AA Richmond 12:45
Division 3 Cowichan Castaway Wanderers 11:15
Division 3 Comox Valley Kickers Westshore 12:00
Time Cup Westshore Port Alberni 13:30


Women’s Island Cowichan Castaway Wanderers 11:15
Women’s Island Nanaimo Hornets Comox Valley Kickers 11:15
Women’s Mainland A Meraloma Abbotsford 11:15
Women’s Mainland A Seattle Burnaby Lake 11:15
Women’s Mainland A Simon Fraser Capilano 11:15
Women’s Mainland B Vancouver Rowing Club Capilano 10:00
Women’s Mainland B Bayside Sharks Ridge Meadows 11:15
Women’s Mainland B Brit Lions Langley 11:15
Women’s Mainland B Scribes Kelowna Crows 11:15

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