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November 06 2018

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Five Capilano Senior Teams Took the Field on Saturday with Four Positive Outcomes: Double Win Over Rowers in Premier and Reserve

by Steve Feenstra

Five teams representing Capilano RFC took to the soggy pitches on a rain filled Saturday. Four positive outcomes and a loss at the death made the day a bit more bearable as the Cap supporters had lots to cheer about.

Both women’s teams were in action with the Prems playing on the road against Simon Fraser and the 2nds also away at Brockton Oval against the Rowers. From all reports the theme of the day for both women’s teams was a comfortable victory for each one.

The Cap Prem women were a bit short staffed but had enough quality to make sure the game was always in hand. Same for the Cap 2nds, with the Rowers putting in a good effort but not having the results they desired. Congratulations to both women’s groups for successful outings.

I had the pleasure of watching the three men’s games at Brocton Oval, and they were all fairly close, with the score not always a true indicator of how competitive the contests were.

Starting with the 3rds, there wasn’t a lot of scoring, the first half ending with the Rowers getting an unconverted try and the Caps a penalty. 5-3 Rowers. The second half saw the Caps get an unconverted try and the Rowers with the penalty. Tied at 8 apiece the two teams pounded each other and it looked for moment that a tie game would be the final result but a last second penalty against the Caps saw the Rower kicker calmly slot the ball through the uprights. Whistle blows and Rowers take it 11-8.

On to the 2nds game where the Rowers looked to be the on form team. But this is where predictions on the outcomes can be tricky. You never know from one week to the next who’s playing and who’s not. There are so many variables that I always marvel at Mark’s usually close predictions. Case in point, this was probably the strongest Cap 2nds team fielded this season so far.

The 2nds game started like most, lots of energy, good coverage in defence and not many scoring chances. That changed at 14 min. with Caps # 10 Jeremy Simon chipping a kick at his 22 which was collected by # 12 Ben Cameron and run over 50 meters to open the scoring. Convert good, 7-0 Caps.

The Rowers came right back with a try at the 16 min. off a missed Cap pass and an alert poach of the ball to go over the try line. No convert, Caps up 7-5. Rowers added another 3 points after a nice series of off loads resulted in a penalty against Caps. Rowers up 8-7. At the 28 min. mark Caps answer with their own penalty kick and regain the lead 10-8. Then at 30 min. # 13 Trevor Yip made the run of the match by sprinting 60 meters to dot down a beauty. No convert, Caps up 15-8. The next points came of the boot of Jeremy Simon after a nice steal by # 9 Malcolm Klaver ended with a penalty kick for the Caps, who now led 18-8. The Rowers came back for a penalty kick of their own to make it Caps 18, Rowers 11 at the half.

The second half saw a bit of argy-bargy come into play as all the hard hitting seemed to put a few players in bad moods. A couple of yellows and the game stayed on track so good on the ref for keeping a lid on the rest of the match. The scoring in the second half was Capilano with a penalty kick at 42 min. and a try at 70 min. to make the final Capilano 26 Rowers 11

For the Rowers I thought #10 Oisin Daley put in a shift to be proud of as did # 3 Gus Buss

For the Caps # 6 Joe Brit cracked the gain line on several punishing runs and # 8 Ryan Scott did some heavy lifting to set the tone for the big boys up front.

Thanks to the referee who had to control this Prem Reserve games on his own, not an easy task.

The Premier game was looking to be hard fought match with both teams coming off losses and needing a win to stay relevant in the standings. Plus the addition of Canada Sevens star Adam Zaruba was eagerly anticipated by the Capilano faithful.

The game started brightly for the Caps as their ever improving # 10 Chris Robinson calmly picked a ball out of the ruck and trotted uncontested to the posts at the 9 min. mark. With the extras Caps take a 7-0 lead. The Rowers tried to respond but they were having no luck or bounces going their way today. It seemed every time they had a promising run there would be a knock-on or penalty or errant pass. For the Caps the opposite was true, their passing through the backs was as crisp as it has been all season. And the forwards were putting in the hard yards as required. In fact the next try by Caps at 13 min. was a concerted effort led by # 6 Zaruba and eventually finished off by # 8 Jordan Reid- Harvey.

Convert missed, Caps up 12-0. Then at the 24 min. # 15 Sam Franklin stole in his own half and showed a another gear to dive under the posts. With the convert it was Caps 19-Rower 0. One more penalty kick left the Caps up at the half 22-0.

None of the Capilano fans were celebrating just yet as the Rowers have shown this season to be capable of coming on strong in the second half of their games. However as the second half wore on and it appeared that drowning was more imminent than scoring, the Cap faithful were justified in thinking the game would play out in Caps favor. A late try by Zaruba which was the culmination of some hard forward thrusts gave the Caps an insurmountable lead of 29-0 with only a few minutes left. All credit to the Rowers though. They forced their way over the whitewash just before the final whistle and with the convert the game ended 29-7 in favor of Capilano.

For the Rowers # 4 Kelly Anderson was a force in the pack and # 10 Jordan Wilson-Ross was running hard all game as he always does.

For the Caps # 15 Sam Franklin is a luxury to have with his clearance kicks almost always giving the Caps breathing room and his brother # 13 John Franklin kept the young backs organized all game.

As well it was great to see Adam Zaruba back, he is a difference maker.

Thanks to the officials of all the games and thanks to the Rowers for hosting on a very trying day.

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