Repechage Notes - November 2018

November 08 2018

Ray Barkwill - Canada v Brazil 2018

World Rugby Publishes a Canada 30 Roster; TSN to Broadcast Canada's Games

An astute reader noticed the official Rugby World Cup website has posted a 30 man roster for Canada that looks like it could be close, barring any last minute changes. The screen captures are posted below.

The official RWC website doesn't include Taylor Paris or Pat Parfrey in the backs or Luke Campbell or Paul Ciulini in the forwards. We've seen these early lists be changed before but it's apparently a snapshot from some point in the conversation between RC and WR. There's no word on when RC will release the official 30 man roster but it should be today or tomorrow.

We've been advised the tournament only requires 24 hours notice on starting rosters so don't expect to see Canada's starting lineup vs Kenya until the wee hours of Saturday morning or late Friday night. The Kenya kickoff is 4am PT on Sunday.

TSN has announced they'll broadcast the Canada matches on TSN 1 and 3. That raises the question about live streaming in Canada, will it be geo-blocked and will other matches be available.

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