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December 03 2018

Vancouver Island Crimson Tide
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Vancouver Island Rugby Union vs Seattle Seawolves on Dec 22nd - Tide Reunion Event Prior to Match - Player Long List

The BC Rugby leagues have gone into hibernation for about 6 weeks, no wonder the provincial team are called the Bears. No need to worry though as there's rugby coming just in time for Christmas. The Seattle Seawolves vs Vancouver Island Crimson Tide match is on Saturday, December 22nd, at Westhills Stadium, kickoff at 4pm.

Online ticket sales are moving along nicely, tickets can be purchased here:

Before the match, there's a Tide reunion event at the adjoining restaurant, City Centre Grille, at 2pm. Former Tide members will be recognized at halftime of the match.

The Tide have a long history and even hosted the NZ All Blacks in 1954 (March 9th) at MacDonald Park. The All Blacks won 39-3. The Tide also hosted the NZ All Blacks in 1925 (Feb 18th) and lost that match 68-4.

More recently the Vancouver Island Tide shone in the Rugby Canada Super League which was Canada's top league from 1998 to 2008, the Tide won the most titles (4) of any team (1998, 1999, 2002, 2004).

Regional rugby has taken a back seat recently in Canadian rugby, the current CRC competition highlighted provincial rugby. Perhaps a league like the MLR will give the Vancouver Island Crimson Tide a new life, time will tell.

Here is the latest long list of players who have put their hand up for selection, 45 at the current time. The first practice (inter squad match?) will be Sunday December 9th at 11:30am at Westshore. The team will be reduced to 26 shortly after in preparation for the December 22nd match.

Andrew MacPherson, James Bay
Blake van Heynigen, James Bay
Foster Dewitt, Westshore
Jon Braddock, Castaway Wanderers
Noah Barker, James Bay
Noah Dobson, Cowichan
Ryan Kotlewski, Westshore
Antonio Corbin, Nanaimo
Casey Reed, Westshore
Clayton Thornber, Castaway Wanderers
Kiko Haliku, Nanaimo
Haydyn Evans, Castaway Wanderers
Hunter Grant, UVic
Mike Finnemore, Castaway Wanderers
Shea Wakefield, James Bay
Cole Mosychuk, Westshore
FJ Bronkhorst James Bay
James O’Neill, UVic
Kelton Dawe Castaway Wanderers
Matt Weir, Nanaimo
Nathan Stewart, Castaway Wanderers
Tua Vaa, Westshore
Zephyr Melnyk, Nanaimo
Adam Roer, Westshore
Brandon Schellenberger, Castaway Wanderers
Jenner Teufel, UVic
Sam Fowler, Nanaimo
Owen Wood, Cowichan
Spencer Jones, Westshore
Cam Hall, Castaway Wanderers
Danny Hamstra, Cowichan
Jared Stephens, Nanaimo
Nabeel Imtiaz, James Bay
Owen Walshman, Castaway Wanderers
Seth Purdey, Westshore
Aidan McMullan, UVic
Crosby Stewart, UVic
Justin Logan, Castaway Wanderers
Nathan Tough, James Bay
Jordan Tait, Westshore
Mitch Sora, James Bay
Shane Dagg, Westshore
Thomas Burton, James Bay
Quinn Ngawati, Westshore
Doug Fraser, Castaway Wanderers

Coaching staff includes Sean White, Aaron Frisby, Nanyak Dala and Simon Fitzgerald. The Tide manager is John Lyall, if you're interested in getting on the long list or have any questions about the Tide Reunion event his email is

More information on the Tide reunion event is here:

More information on the match and ticket sales is here:

By the way when we said the Tide had a long history, we meant long, here is a photo of the 1898 team!

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