Toronto Arrows - December 2018

December 11 2018

Toronto Arrows

Toronto Arrows Name 34 Man Squad for 2019 MLR Season - John Moonlight Makes Comeback

The Toronto Arrows finished naming their squad, the interesting news is seeing John Moonlight, now a full time firefighter add his name to the list. He apparently won't be available for all matches, understandable, but likely we'll see him out for the home matches when spring rolls around as Arrows spend the first half of the season on the road, again understandable considering Toronto's weather.

Several BC clubs will see players not returning for the spring Premier season. Bays might have counted on seeing Cole Keith, Steven Ng, Paul Ciulini, Lucas Rumball and Kainoa Lloyd suit up again. CW might have seen the last of Riley di Nardo and UBC will miss Theo Sauder as will UVic Guiseppe du Toit. The Ravens will be minus Aaron McLelland and Jamie Mackenzie won't be suiting up for the Old Boys in the spring. Westshore will miss Spencer Jones who spent the fall there after coming in from NZ, Andrew Ferguson also has found a home with the Arrows.

The Arrows start their season in New Orleans on January 26th and after 8 straight road games finally see the green grass of home on April 7th, again against New Orleans.

There's more information on the Arrows in this Canadian Press article.



Rob Brouwer
Lindsay, Ont.

Tom Dolezel
London, Ont.

Cole Keith
Sussex, N.B.

Morgan Mitchell
Gore, New Zealand

Mike Smith
Freelton, Ont.


Steven Ng
Ottawa, Ont.

Andrew Quattrin
Holland Landing, Ont.


Paul Ciulini
Vaughan, Ont.

Kolby Francis
Brantford, Ont.

Mike Sheppard
Brampton, Ont.

Josh Van Horne
Cambridge, Ont.

Tom Van Horne
Cambridge, Ont.

Back Row

Peter Milazzo
Toronto, Ont.

John Moonlight
Pickering, Ont.

Jack Nay
Hertfordshire, England

Lucas Rumball
Scarborough, Ont.

Marcello Wainwright
Toronto, Ont.


Riley Di Nardo
Toronto, Ont.

Guiseppe du Toit
Maple Ridge, B.C.

Jack Evans
Victoria, B.C.

Andrew Ferguson
Mississauga, Ont.

Spencer Jones
Cambridge, New Zealand

Leandro Leivas
Montevideo, Uruguay

Jamie Leveridge
Oakville, Ont.

Kainoa Lloyd
Mississauga, Ont.

Jamie Mackenzie
Oakville, Ont.

Sam Malcolm
Whanganui, New Zealand

Aaron McLelland
Gisborne, New Zealand

Gastón Mieres
Punta del Este, Uruguay

Dan Moor
Toronto, Ont.

Mitch Richardson
Stoney Creek, Ont.

Theo Sauder
Vancouver, B.C.

John Sheridan
Bolton, Ont.

Shawn Windsor
Stoney Creek, Ont.


Bill Webb
Co-Founder & President

Mark Winokur
Rugby Operations and Management

Chris Silverthorn
Director of Rugby

Aaron Carpenter

Cory Hector

Peter Smith

Rodin Lozada
Performance Analyst

Sean Harrison
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jeff Watson
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Pemberton Holmes
Real Estate Sales

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Heritage House Trophies
Lionheart Sports