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January 21 2019

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Caps Split Results with Burnaby: Win in Premier Women; Losses on Premier & Reserve Men

Premier Women

A great start to the second half of the season for the Capilano Premier Women. They have a solid team and a good bench. The coaches An Hoang, Will Newbigin, and Gary Cartwright have them playing exciting open rugby with the forwards providing good ball to the cohesive backs. Caps are fortunate to have Kamloops native Macy Munson in their lineup. Caps have had some top notch players that went on to star for Canada. Hilary Leith, Mandy Marchak and Andrea Burk. These players provided much excitement to the Capilano and Canada rugby fans. Macy Munson is now providing excitement for Capilano fans. Today she put on an amazing performance. She scored a double hat trick. Six tries before being replaced in the second half. I have never seen one player score 6 tries in a game. Rugby is a team game and credit has to go to the entire team but to have a power runner who can finish the way Macy does is very advantageous. The task will get harder though as the Island competition will be stiffer than Caps have faced so far. Burnaby is not a pushover and they have much potential.

The first Capilano try, came following a long run by Macy who was stopped just short of the goal line. Caps managed to get the ball back from a scrum and Macy crashed over for the score. Burnaby, answered shortly after with a quick tap penalty that turned into a well taken score. The conversion sailed wide and it was 7-5 for the visitors. That was as close as it would get. Caps next score came after a quick tap penalty also. The ball went to Nathalie Beliveau who made a strong run, one of several that she made in this game. Burnaby made a strong tackle but Caps re cycled the ball and Macy finished it for her second try. Lindsay Nicholson converted her second and it was now 14-5. The rest of the Conversion attempts were from out wide and were difficult kicks. Linday converted 3 today but was giving the ball a good ride and was unfortunate not to hit more. Burnaby lost second row forward number 4, listed as Rebecca Suchodolski. She was later taken to hospital. We all wish her well! Caps increased their lead to 43-5 before Burnaby answered with an excellent try by their number 10 Leyhana Van Vugt who had a good game. The conversion was made and it was 48-12. Burnaby struck again following a long run by their winger. The cover defense finally caught her but the score was finished off by fullback Jessica Harvey who came up in support. Burnaby scored again with a try but number 17 that with the conversion made it 48-25. Other Cap scorers beside Macy Munson, were Ella Marwick, Hannah Scott and Stacey Hake. Congratulations to the Capilano Women who helped the Caps avoid a sweep today. Thanks to Burnaby for the hosting and thanks to the referee.

by John Langley

Premier Reserve Men
Burnaby 43 Capilano 10

A great day for rugby to return for the spring session. Weather co-operating and fields in decent shape gave hope for some competitive games between old rivals Capilano and Burnaby. The blue and white hoops of Burnaby and the black and gold of Capilano have had many epic battles in past years, but in recent times the hoops have been in the ascendency. Saturday's battle proved to be no different as Burnaby showed no sign letting the Caps get close enough on the scoreboard to let anyone think that the Prems or Reserves would win. A slow start in both games would give the Caps a huge hill to climb just to get back on even terms, and against a well drilled Burnaby side that wasn't in the cards. There was some encouraging news for the Caps however, as their effort and tenacity was good to see. The Caps managed to slow down the Burnaby in both games after the initial onslaught, and played some good rugby of their own.
The Reserves game started with Burnaby scoring two quick tries in the first 5 minutes. Led by Cole McQueen in the backs and a powerful tight five setting the table it was all Burnaby as they added two more fivers by the 20 minute mark.

To their credit, Capilano fought back against the bigger heavier scrum and started to win some ball which they turned into a penalty and shortly after a try of their own. The half ended with Burnaby up 22-10.

The second half was bit more even with Burnaby dotting over at 50 min. to go up 29-10. The game then settled into a battle between the twenty two's. It took until the 78 min mark for Burnaby to pop the first of two quick tries to add to their total. The final tally 43-10 Burnaby.

Some noticeable players for the Caps included # 9 Malcolm Klaver, # 4 Buckler, #12 McLennen, and the two vets, # 6 Kasha and #5 Cartwright. For Burnaby, they looked strong all over the field.

Thanks to the referee

Premier Men

Burnaby 36 Capilano 14

The narrative here is similar to the report in the Reserve game. Burnaby up 19-0 by the twenty min. mark. Laker # 7 O'Toole gets the table set by the scrum at the 2 min. mark and eases over the line. Helper by Geoff Ryan 7-0 Lakers. Then # 8 Vikilani and # 11 Josak play catch from their own half for another try. Ryan helper 14-0 Burnaby. Caps take a deep breath, play evens out a little, but Burnaby breaks the line and rams one over at the 22 min mark. No convert 19-0 Lakers. Caps come back strong and camp on the Burnaby goal line until # 8 Reid-Harvey bulls over at 32 min. Franklin helper good. 19-7 Lakers. Just before half time Burnaby pops another over after a line out win and a big push. Convert missed 24-7 Lakers.

The second half saw Burnaby # 4 Toi after another line out win and a big push drop over the line and with convert 31-7 Lakers. Caps came back with # 2 Jason De Freitas collecting a Cap line out and having a go at pushing one over. With helper 31-14 Lakers. One more try ended the scoring at 36-14 Burnaby. The Lakers full value for the win.

 Some bright spots for the Caps were #3 Neil Courtney with some line breaking runs, #7 Alex Boyd with some bit hits, #10 Jeremy Simon with some timely kicks, and # 13 Johnny Franklin with some hard running.

Thanks to Burnaby for a great day and thanks to all the officials.

by Steve Feenstra    

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