James Bay AA - February 2019

February 05 2019


Lomas outlast Bays in Battle of Basement Dwellers

By - Bernhard the Brewer

JBAA joined the Lomas at the bottom of the BC Premier table thanks to a 33-27 loss on a cold afternoon at MacDonald Park on Saturday.

JBAA sustained a ton a pressure in the first ten minutes of the match, with Thiel’s massive boot providing as much relief possible. At ten minutes, though, JBAA score after Tomas Burton blocks an attempted Lomas kick. Cooper Coates can’t convert. 5-0 JBAA.

Four minutes later, Lomas press deep in JBAA territory, but err and are penalized. The Lomas assistant coach gets upset and comically refers to his forwards as ladies of the night.

Midway, or what we think is midway through the first half, Nate Tough gathers an errant Lomas kick, and decides to run into about five Lomas defenders. He just barely manages to dish to his scrum-half, Aaron Evison, who sprints a good twenty meters into Lomas territory. Of note: Aaron begged to be included in the game report to impress his beloved. You’re welcome, Aaron. Off the ensuing breakdown, Thiel finds Mike Nieuwenhuysen who offloads to Tomas Burton, who then finds FJ Bronkhorst who scores just to the right of the posts. Cooper Coats can’t convert. 10-0 JBAA.

Three minutes later, after some questionable JBAA defense, Lomas open their own account. The Lomas fly-half, who was impressive with the boot all day, and who looks like he might play guitar at poetry readings, slots the conversion. 10-7 JBAA.

Andrew MacPherson is poked in the eye shortly thereafter and time stands still. Not long after the play resumes, time stands still again, as Blake and his opposition prop have a conversation with the referee for another five minutes. The first half is on pace to go an hour.

What we believe was four minutes from the end of the first half, the Lomas score (and convert) again. Right after, the Lomas score yet again on what we believe was the last play of the half, but play resumes. JBAA gather from the kickoff, the ball eventually comes to Cooper Coates, who grubbers through to Nate Tough who scores to end what may well be the longest first half ever recorded at MacDonald Park (fifty-five minutes). The half (more like two thirds) ends with the score 21-15 Lomas.

The teams trade possession, and exchange territory, for the first twenty minutes of the second half. The Lomas then score under the posts at twenty-one minutes. The guitar player slots the conversion. 28-15 Lomas. Freezing fans in attendance let out a deep sigh. Five minutes later they let out a deeper sigh, as the Lomas score yet again. Their kicker finally errs. 33-15 Lomas.

Captain Shea and Mike Nieuwenhuysen connect shortly after the kickoff with Shea scoring under the posts for another five points for JBAA. The next ten minutes sees the Lomas maintain possession. At many times, well, most of the time, fans wondering why JBAA won’t compete at the breakdown. Three minutes from time the Bays score again after a fantastic bosh from Carson O’Sullivan, drawing JBAA to within six points.

The comeback wasn’t meant to be, however, as half two was indeed forty minutes and not fifty-five like half one. The game ends on an error. Final score Lomas 33, JBAA 27.

JBAA fell 33-19 to the Lomas in the Premier Reserve match.

Lomas opened the scoring at twenty-eight minutes. Their kicker successful with the conversion. Cole Braid, who was immense on defense all day, replied at thirty minutes. The conversion was a success, tying the game at seven. At thirty-minutes, Todd Wilson gathers a pass from Mitch Sora, and with the support of his own personal Kiwi cheering, smoking, vaping, and boozing section, scores from the set piece play, increasing the JBAA lead to 12-7.

Ten minutes into the second half, Hans de Goede Development’s January Employee of the Month, Etienne Roberts, intercepted at his own twenty-two and just barely outran the lone Loma defender to score under the posts. The conversion, again, was a success. 19-7 JBAA. Asked postgame if he earned a bonus for being employee of the month, Etienne smiled and said, “Of course not. My boss is Dutch.”

At about twenty minutes, JBAA simply run out of gas, conceding four tries over the last quarter of the match. Final score: Lomas 33, JBAA 19.

Credit to the Premier Reserves who continue to grow and improve week in and week out. They are getting close, but they need to keep their mouths shut and instead let their shoulders do the talking. That, and clear out rucks just that much lower and harder. With that most of what ails them will cease.

Excuses are weak. JBAA must be strong.

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