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February 05 2019

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CW Match Report on Battle vs UBC Thunderbirds


Prems: CW 14 UBC Birds 32
Half time: CW 7 UBC Birds 17

CW was also chasing this game all day long. Not a good position to be in vs a well drilled, big, cohesive group of UBC teammates. The Tricolors were up for the test and their fitness kept them in the game as well as being dangerous for most of the match. UBC presented a solid challenge in the scrums; in the line outs they were the best we’ve seen so far, attacking the CW throw ins; and for CW to make progress with ball in hand it seemed every hit up was met with stout defence requiring more work and cycles to get into the red zone.

UBC opened the scoring at the five minute mark and Pitblado responded after an alert tap penalty, 7 – 5 visitors for a moment of glory! The Thunderbird scored in response and led at the interval, 17 – 7. A penalty and a further try put UBC ahead, 25 – 7 with about twenty to play. Hard-working captain, Nate Stewart was able to respond, breaking an almost impregnable defence, to reduce the gap at 25 – 14 however, the hosts closed it out with a late try down the wing for a more comprehensive than predicted, 32 – 14 victory. For CW, newcomers Joe Massyn and Dan Griffiths, along with freshly minted Fergus Hall did not look out of place on a day when the UBC backs were pretty lethal. Walsham Owen was awarded the Hard Hat for a quality performance.

Lesson learned, if Premier and Divvie Titles are in the plan, then this is the standard that CW will need to meet and beat. The Sage.

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