Canada v Chile 2019 - Photos

February 23 2019

Will Percillier - Canada v Chile 2019 ARC
© Chris Wilson

Photos from Canada vs Chile ARC 2019 by Chris Wilson: Photographer & Editor Choose Top 3 and Explain Why

[ed. for the match report and video highlights click here.]

Chris Wilson is a top sports photographer on Vancouver Island and his shots keep getting better. We asked him to choose his favourite three photos from the game and explain why, our Editor also did the same from Chris' collection. You can view the entire collection here.

All the photos below can viewed in a larger format by clicking on the image.

Chris Wilson - Top 3

Here are three that I like, one for the pure emotion and joy of scoring, with Kyle Baillie scoring the first try.

The second is Ciaran Hearn lining up the kick and the focus on the ball.

The third is Doug (Fraser) as I know him a little. Doug being a local guy and all the hard work he has put into getting where he is now.

Editor - Top 3

I chose a sequence of Will Percillier making a line break. Sequence shots are more difficult, you have to keep the subject in the frame over a period of time. They tell more of a story over time. The first is Will seeing the gap with the entire front row looking on, he's focused on making it through. The second shot shows hope, his head is up, the goal line is within reach. The third shows a change of plan, something has changed, a defender came within view, a slight ankle tap on the previous frame.

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