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March 06 2019

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Capilano Rugby Club Match Reports – Men with Two Wins at James Bay; Women Lose at CW

3rd Division Men
Capilano 39 – 12 Ridge Meadows

Premier Women
Capilano 36 – 41 Castaways

Premier Reserve Men
Capilano 13 -12 James Bay

Premier Men
Capilano 36 – 19 James Bay

Capilano Premier Women vs Castaways

This weekend’s scribe found the chilling cross field wind affected his note taking ability as it may also have affected the Capilano women, though they should have been used to it as Klahanie is still a frozen wasteland.

The Castaway women started early and scored often. Their number 8 scored from a turnover, conversion made, 0-7 CW. Five minutes later CW created an overlap to their number 14 who scored in the corner, its now 0-12. Ten minutes later another overlap in the back and the left wing scored, score now 0-14.

In the 30th minute Capilano Heather Muir broke through with a pass to Mikiela and then Macy who brought the score to 5-17. Macy again broke the back line with a pass to Ella Marwick for the try, converted by Shannon Craig and it looks like Capilano are back in the game with a score of 12-17. Caps then turned over the ball, one of many on the day, a CW winger cut inside for the try converted, score 12-24. A lineout led to Castaways breaking our line again with a try from the 13, halftime score was 12-29 for CW.

After the half, the Capilano women were going down the hill and seemed more invigorated. Three minutes in, with fresh legs, Demi Stamatakis made an impact on the field stealing the ball, leading to another assist from Macy to Ella bringing the score to 17-29. Nicola Jones went on a 40 yard romp, moved the ball to the far wing and gave Ella another one in the corner. Unfortunately Nicola turned her ankle shortly thereafter and had to leave the game. Hopefully she will get healthy quickly as we need her aggression.

The score was now 22-29 and it seemed that the Cap women were back in the game. Unfortunately, poor tackling allowed CW to score from the kickoff, score now 22- 36. CW’s 10 threw a great dummy and charged right in for a single handed try to bring the match to 22-41. Again, trying to come back, Macy broke the line at the 20 meter mark and sent Ella for another try, converted, score now 29-41. The Cap women continued to press CW resulting in a scrum drive off a penalty for a well earned try and convert. Though the Capilano women continued to attack, the clock ran out and CW took the day, 36-41. The Capilano women struggled with critical ball retention on numerous occasions and took too many penalties to win against a very determined CW side that deserve full credit for the win.

Thanks to the referee and A/R’s for a game well officiated and the Castaways for great post game hosting.

Ken Robinson

Capilano 3rd Div host Ridge Meadows - Caps 39-12

This game would not have been played but for some tireless and dogmatic work by former Cap President Ken Robinson and his assistant Gord Currie. Both Klahanie fields were unplayable due to snow and ice. Ridge Meadows had a similar problem. Ken Robinson decided to check out the Lucas Center grass field that gets full sun. The field wasn’t frozen but had several doggy holes and no marking lines. Ken phoned the North Van parks number but all he got was a message that all fields were closed until further notice. Ken refused to take this and began phoning Parks Officials. He finally got the go ahead late Thursday and he recruited Gord Currie and some third division players to mark the field on Friday and make it playable. The result was the game was scheduled and played! Great work guys! If contact could have been made sooner perhaps this could have saved Caps a two team trip to Vancouver Island.

Today both teams were anxious to play and needed a game. The game was entertaining and Caps won 39-12. Caps have some very promising young players and some veterans that can still play good rugby. Caps had the advantage up front and were dominant in the sets. Ridge Meadows had a couple of backs that can run and they scored two well-earned tries. There number 12 Josh Ladd showed that he has excellent rugby skills and good speed. Their number 21 Paul Stanfield also scored an excellent try. A shout from the Cap sidelines was “where was he in the first half”? He came in at the break and showed his running skills.

Caps had a good turnout and plenty of bench strength. Caps have several young players that look like solid prospects to play at the higher level. Bruce Bowman does a great job coaching them and if they can keep this group together they should be do well. Today’s scorers for Caps were Brad Wightman, Graham Swanson, Babak Manavi, Filip Preda, Casey Paddock, and Jovit O’Santos. Liam Burdick added a conversion as did Babak. Both sides headed to the Capilano Clubhouse for pizza and refreshments. Capilano President Nick Belmar rang the bell much to the delight of all of those present. Thanks to the referee who did a good job in a game played in the true spirit of the game. Caps and Richmond are discussing a Friday night game in Richmond under the lights to makeup a postponed contest. If this happens try to get out and support your team.

John Langley

Capilano vs James Bay

A beautiful sunny day greeted the Capilano's as they took to the high seas and travelled to the capital city to face the Blue Crush in James Bay. Field issues in North Vancouver were the cause of the venue change so under blue skies with a biting cold wind the Prems and Reserves battled it out at MacDonald Park.

Both Capilano and JB Reserve teams haven't had a great deal of success this season so a close hard fought game was expected and delivered. Both teams spent almost all of the first half between the 22's with turnovers and knock ons the main culprits for the mid field stalemate. The Caps opened the scoring later in the 1st half with # 10 Connor Martin stretching out and laying the ball on the whitewash to open the Caps account. No convert 5-0 Caps. More mid field play ensued until JB # 14 Etienne Roberts showed a burst of speed to outpace the Cap defenders and dot down in the corner. No convert, game tied 5-5 at the half.

The second half was more of the same with neither side gaining control of the game. Caps converted a penalty kick to take an 8-5 lead only to have the Bays come back hard and after a series of pick and goes crash over for a fiver. With convert it was Bays up 12-8. As the second half was coming to a close both teams picked up the urgency of the game. With time running down the Caps started at mid field and determinedly threw everything they had ay the Bays. The payoff came within seconds of the final whistle as Caps # 2 James Ritzema drove over to the delight of the visitors. No convert needed for a final score of 13-12 Caps. Not a classic but both teams laid left nothing on the table in terms of effort or desire.

On to the main event with the stakes not what they've been in past years for these two teams. JB in an unfamiliar place looking up at almost every one else in the standings and the Caps fighting for the chance to be in the playoff hunt.

The Prem game started with bone crunching hit by # 8 Jordan Reid-Harvey that set the tone for a hard hitting take no prisoners game from both sides. The tempo and game management of Caps # 10 Jeremy Simon was also evident in the opening minutes. He coolly kicked the Caps out of trouble as JB pressed hard at the outset of the match. The Caps did get the scoreboard ticking with a nice run and then pass by Caps # 12 Johnny Franklin to # 4 Jonathan Webster. No convert 5-0 Caps. Caps Simon followed with a penalty kick to add three more. 8-0 Caps. A few minutes later it was Caps Robinson passing to Jeremy Simon for the next five points. With convert 15-0 Caps. The Bays came right back with a series hard runs to take them to the Caps 5 meter line. After a Cap penalty the Bays scrum half # 19 faked a kick for a line out, tapped, and dove in to open the Bays account. With convert 15-7 Caps. The next score was a beauty as Caps # 9 Chris Robinson chipped down the blindside and retrieved for nice fiver in the corner. With convert 22-7 Caps at the half.

The second half had both teams slugging it out in the midfield until JB initiated a series of pick and goes with Bays # 2 Slobodian reaping the rewards. With convert 22-14 Caps. Caps came back quickly with a bit of good fortune as an errant JB pass fell to Caps Johnny Franklin and he darted in for an easy one. With convert 29-14 Caps. Credit to JB as they were not going to hand it to the Caps. A Cap penalty near the Cap goal line saw the Bays string together several phases and # 12 Mike N. dotted down for JB. No convert 29-19 Caps. At this point a JB tackle led to a very worrisome head injury to the Bay player. After a short delay the game continued with the Caps depositing one more fiver in the bank on another try from Robinson. With the convert 36-19 Caps and that's how the game ended. 

First and foremost everyone at the park hopes for a speedy and full recovery for the injured James Bay player. A big thank you to the game officials who handled both games and for letting both teams playing hard to the whistle. And thanks to James Bay for hosting on short notice.

Steve Feenstra

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