BC Rugby Weekend of March 23rd 2019

March 23 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Weekend Results: Ravens Sink Lakers; T-Birds Soar Past Bays; Vikes Rout Valhallians; Saracens Paddle Rowers; Hornets Stung by CW



Ravens made a solid statement today that they're peaking at the right time. A repeat of last year's final Ravens vs UBC looks a possibility although CW, UVic and a healthy Burnaby might say otherwise. Burnaby were missing several starters which may have made the gap wider in the scoreline. The win maintains the Ravens in 4th place, the Burnaby loss drops them to 3rd. The Ravens at 51 points and 3 games left can reach a maximum of 66 points with 3 BP wins against Seattle, Caps and Nanaimo, certainly feasible. UBC with one match left against Meraloma are already at 62 so with a BP win will finish at 67 points. CW with one game left against Rowers will finish at 66 points with a BP win, possibly tied with the Ravens. The Ravens and CW split their matches this season with Ravens holding an edge in the point differential. Burnaby at 58 points have two matches left and can top the lot at 68 points with 2 BP wins against Westshore and Lomas, again very possible. So a possible playoff scenario could see Burnaby and UBC get the QF bye, with CW hosting UVic and Ravens hosting Seattle. The April 6th Seattle @ UVic match could be crucial in deciding the QF matchups.

#1 hosting #4 with Ravens having a game in hand. Burnaby coming off a big road win over previous #1 CW have paid the price with a few injuries. Their halfback combination from last weekend is changed with #9 Reid Watkins not showing in the starting XV and #12 Neil Maclaine replacing Geoff Ryan at flyhalf. Taitusi Vikilani also missing from #8, Preston Petrovitch also replaced at hooker. It will be a test of the program's depth this week. Ravens are coming off a bye week and presumably the extra rest and recuperation at this stage of the season will reduce the injury count. Some key players Chris Taylor in the front row, Brian Moylett second row, Jorden Sandover-Best at #9 and Aaron McLelland at fullback. A player of Grant Crowell's ability on the bench indicates they have some depth. Both teams played previously unbeaten CW in recent matches Ravens won by +34 while Burnaby won +7. It's unusual to favour the lower ranked team but injuries to the home side may be the key factor coupled with the extra rest time for the visitors. Prediction: Ravens by 3.

1 Curtis Delmonico
2 Dim Gotsopoulos
3 Chris Taylor
4 Brian Moylett (i)
5 Cameron McWilliam
6 Nathan Kendrick (i)
7 David O'Donaghue (i) (c)
8 Conor Hamilton
9 Jorden Sandover-Best (RC)
10 Robbie Jones
11 Graham Turner
12 Kol Henrikson
13 Colby Mason (i)
14 Jef Vyres
15 Aaron McLelland
16 Paul Ahn
17 Matiaz Suez
18 Grant Crowell
19 Jake Wolfman
20 Kelepi Cucake

1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Chris Dunne (i)
3 Bryce Worden
4 Tom Civjanovic (i)
5 Craig Mclaughlin
6 Siaki Vikilani
7 Mike O'Toole (Capt)
8 Callum Toi (i)
9 Ruhan Smit
10 Neil Maclaine (i) Haydn Munck
11 Dan Josok
12 Andrew Porter
13 Cole Macqueen
14 Darren Mcrory
15 Ben Mcivor (i)



Like many of the matches this weekend, a lot of one way traffic. Nanaimo scored the first try and then it was all CW. Nanaimo picked up at least 3 yellow cards in the match. CW win the Barnard Cup which is for the top Premier team on the Island. CW close out the regular season at home against the Rowers and then have to wait on other results to see where they fit in the top four in the standings. Nanaimo have three matches left, they host James Bay then travel to Westshore and the UBCOB Ravens.

#3 hosting #11, CW are poised to claim the Barnard Cup with a win this weekend as the match counts towards both the Premier and Barnard Cup standings. Last time these teams met Nanaimo were given a thorough drubbing 94-5 at home. Hopefully that will provide some motivation for them to up their intensity in this match. Nanaimo are missing their top scorer, Jared Stephens, who has returned to his northern BC firefighting unit. They have improved since that September match but it won't be enough to claim the win, hopefully enough to keep it competitive. CW fully loaded with their regular starting XV. Prediction: CW by 18.


1. Tui Tauaika
2. Tom Larder
3. Cam McKerrow
4. Matt Weir
5. Kiko Halaliku
6. Zephyr Melnyk
7. Antonio Corbin
8. Ags Ekualiti
9. Sam Fowler
10. Stephen Gillies
11. Harrison King
12. Taniela Tulia
13. Taylor De Souza
14. Cooper Kenda
15. Tyler Hume
16. Ricky Keen
17. Makz Foot
18. Alex Brown
19. Sawyer Barth
20. Drew Fisher
21. Seth Recalma
22. Satchel McDermid



James Bay got the first 3 points and then it was mostly UBC scoring. Several of the tries were from long range on the counter attack as the students punished the home team on turnovers. For the Bays their fullback Cooper Coats stood out and for the T-Birds the hooker Harrison Smith received kudos from the coaching staff. UBC finish out the season at home against the Lomas, a BP win guarantees them a QF bye and a home semi-final fixture. The Bays finish out the season against Nanaimo on the road, then at home vs the Rowers.

#10 hosting #2, James Bay have picked up their game since Luke Campbell has returned. The national team #8 has rallied the troops and given them more confidence, they completely outplayed Westshore last weekend for a +28 win. Josh Thiel back in the roster will help as well. It should be a competitive match despite the gap in the rankings. JBAA playing for pride now as they're out of the playoff hunt, UBC trying to maintain their 2nd place standing and a bye in the quarter-finals and a home game in the semis. The UBC roster looks similar to last week when they decimated the Caps. One difference is moving Mike Smith from loose forward to centre and bringing in Jake Ikeda at openside. The centre matchup Smith/Lesage vs Thiel/Nieuwenhuysen should be epic. Prediction: UBC by 7.

1. Nick Frost
2. Harrison Smith
3. Cali Martinez
4. James Carson
5. Liam Doll
6. Owain Ruttan
7. Jake Ikeda
8. Nick Allen
9. Fraser Hurst
10. Adam McQueen
11. Jake Lan
12. Mike Smith
13. Ben Lesage
14. Evan Norris
15. Jack Scher

1. Liam Murray
2. Jake Slobodian
3. Blake van Heynigen
4. Shea Wakefield Cpt.
5. Reid Davis
6. Alex Jordan
7. Mason Flesch
8. Luke Campbell
9. Mitch Sora
10. Elliot Johnson
11. Austin Pinnell
12. Josh Thiel
13. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
14. Thomas Burton
15. Cooper Coats
16. Andrew McPherson
17. Michael McCarthy
18. Fischer Kooman
19. Jimmy de Goede
20 Teigan White
21. FJ Bronkhorst
22. Nathan Waldmann
23. Nabeel Imtiaz



The third heavy loss in a row for Westshore, and officially eliminates them from playoff contention. The Vikes solidify their hold on 5th place, they play Lomas next and then an important match vs Seattle at home to end the season. Westshore have 3 matches left, at home vs Burnaby and Nanaimo, then on the road at Capilano.

#5 hosting #8, Westshore have had an up and down season, they had a remarkable result on the road vs Meraloma +38, then two dismal matches vs CW -38 and JBAA -28. UVic on the other hand have been peaking, compiling some big wins since the break, their only stumble was against the high flying Ravens. Vikes score an average of 38 points per match, Westshore give up an average of 32 points per match. Westshore have their two injured loose forwards back Brill and Mosychuk so that will help their cause. Brock Webster lines up at fullback. They should put in a better performance this week. The Vikes backline always dangerous, the Vikes ran in 68 points last weekend against Nanaimo. Prediction: Vikes by 12.

1 Saman Rezapour i
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Phil Erb
4 Tua Vaa
5 Jason Gagnier
6 Jade Billington i
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Ben Brill i
9 Brock Gallagher rc
10 Aaron Hersant
11 Jordan Tait
12 Quinn Ngawati
13 Paul Van Thiel
14 Tom Isherwood
15 Brock Webster rc
16 Tobias Berg
17 Bryce McKinnon
18 Kyle White
19 Gavin Kilpatrick
20 Mark Discombe
21 Adam Roer
22 Isaac Gonevou

1. Thomas Di Fiore - Prop - Brentwood College
2. Tyler Rockwell - Hooker - Western High School
3. Gavin Kratz - Prop - Oak Bay Secondary School
4. Nick Pearce - Lock - Argyle Secondary School
5. Jackson Matthews - Lock - Loyola Secondary School
6. Tom Heuser - Flanker - Sardis Secondary School
7. James O’Neill - Flanker - Shawnigan Lake School
8. Nicholas Carson - Number 8 - Oak Bay Secondary School
9. Crosby Stewart - Scrum-half - Oak Bay Secondary School
10. Grady Bowd - Fly Half Lindsay - Thurber Comprehensive
11. Kapi Vataiki - Wing - Richmond Secondary School
12. Mostyn Findley - Centre - Shawnigan Lake School
13. Lockie Kratz - Centre - Oak Bay Secondary School
14. Karsten Leitner - Wing - St. George’s School
15. Brennig Prevost - Full Back - Glenlyon-Norfolk School
16. Gui Costa - Prop - Shawnigan Lake School
17. Noah Bain - Wing - Yale Secondary School
18. Logan Martin-Feek - Centre - Claremont Secondary School
19. Carter White - Hooker - Oak Bay Secondary School
20. Gabe Casey        -        Fullback        - Nepean High School
21. Denver Fatt - Prop - St. George’s School
22. Mitchell Wainman - Prop - Banff Community School
23. Liam Morrison - Wing - Earl Marriott Secondary


The loss officially eliminates the Rowers from playoff contention. Seattle look solid for 6th place at least, only 3 points behind 5th place Vikes. Seattle finish off the season with two tough matches, away at the on-form Ravens and then a trip to Victoria to play the Vikes. Caps at 28 points had a bye week and with 3 games left - Rowers, Ravens, Westshore - could conceivably reach 43 points and top Seattle who sit at 42 points now. The odds of Caps winning all three with a BP and Seattle not getting a BP in their remaining matches is low but Caps are still the last team with a mathematical chance of catching the top 6. Seattle and Caps split the matches this season but Seattle hold an advantage in the point differential.


#9 hosting #6, at one point Rowers were in the thick of the playoff hunt but have fallen back. With 4 matches left they have 20 points on the table and if they win all four with a BP they could reach 44 points, UVic already have 40 with 3 matches left and Seattle have 37 with 3 matches left. If Rowers win this they still are a mathematical possibility for the playoffs, if they lose they're done and dusted. Seattle had a tight win over last place Lomas last weekend +8. The Rowers coming off a bye week but were pummelled by the Vikes in their previous match. Lots at stake for both teams to claim the 6th and last playoff spot. Prediction: Seattle by 2.

1. Pat Farrell
2. Ryan Youngman (C )
3. Alfred Tafuna
4. Ben Gus
5. Hannibal Vaivao
6. Tim Brogdon
7. Ryan Snider
8. Maile Taufa
9. Andrew Nelson
10. Jonny Reid
11. Will Stowers
12. Nolan Williams
13. Penisoni Leua
14. James Tuiqilai
15. Moses Lalasava
16. Danny Sonon
17. Giuseppe Semeraro
18. TBD
19. Henry Hall
20. Eric Soto
21. TBD
22. Benson Young
23. TBD


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