BC Rugby Weekend of April 6th 2019

April 06 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Weekend Results: Rowers Sunk by Bays; Caps Fall to Ravens; Saracens Crushed by Vikes; Hornets Sting Valhallians; Burnaby Finish Strong vs Lomas



The new and improved Bays end the season on a high by defeating historic rivals the Rowing Club. It's too little and too late for this season but coach Sean White has already started looking ahead to next season. The Bays currently sit in 7th place but there are four teams below them with a game in hand that can overtake them, so they'll know their final ranking next weekend. The Rowers are tied with them in points at 30 and face CW at Windsor to close out their season. The winner of the Westshore v Capilano match will likely end up in 7th place.

#9 hosting #7, two clubs with a long history and old rivalry. There's no playoff glory awaiting either team this year but it should be a competitive match. Rowers missing James Kelly (according to BCRU list) who has received strong reviews from opposition coaches at #8 and also at hooker. Jordan Wilson-Ross revisits the team he first played for when entering the BC Premier league a number of years ago. The Bays have had a stronger lineup these last few weeks with Luke Campbell back from national duty. Mitch Sora at scrum half has been improving and the addition of Josh Thiel and Cooper Coats from the centralized program helps as well. It was a +6 win for Rowers when they hosted earlier in the season, the teams are that even. We'll give the +6 for home field advantage. Prediction: Bays by 6.

1. Eddy Quinn
2. Jason Carton
3. Robert Spearing
4. Brandon Kaye
5. George Richmond
6. Jack Warren
7. Rory Sanderson
8. Colin Cooper
9. Raymond Bissonette
10. Richard Thompson
11. James Rand
12. Jordan Wilson-Ross
13. Stuart Holland
14. Jack O'Sullivan
15. Nicholas Wackwitz
16. Benjamin Johnstone
17. Graeme Young
18. Kevin Nanne
19. Maverick Seed
20. Morgan Smith
21. Niall McDonough
22. Gregory Crowe
23. Jake Schwartz

1. Liam Murray
2. Jake Slobodian
3. Blake van Heyningen
4. Shea Wakefield
5. Reid Davis
6. Carson O'Sullivan
7. FJ Bronkhorst
8. Luke Campbell
9. Mitch Sora
10. Josh Thiel
11. Guillaume Caillaux
12. Mike Nieuenhuysen
13. Thomas Burton
14. Elliot Johnson
15. Cooper Coats
16. Andrew McPherson
17. Michael McCarthy
18. Fischer Kooman
19. Jimmy de Goede
20. Peter Masimo
21. Teigan White
22. Nabeel Imtiaz
23. Nate Tough



Shades of last week where Burnaby didn't show up for the first 40. Burnaby went into the half down 7-5 then did all their scoring in the second half. They'll have two weeks off to figure it out as they finish the regular season on top, and will get a bye in the quarter-finals. Then they'll likely host the winner of CW v UVic on April 27th. The Lomas visit UBC next week to end their season.

#12 hosting #1, on paper shouldn't be close but Burnaby have been erratic lately and putting in some lackluster performances. They came to life for 40 minutes last week when they came back from a 20-5 deficit at Westshore to score 5 straight tries in the second half. Which team will show up on Saturday? Last regular season match for Burnaby and if they win with a BP, they finish top of the table. They're missing a few key players again this week, their #10 Ryan and #8 Vikilani. Lomas got trounced by UVic +78 so they'll be wanting to prove something at home, expecting a stronger performance from them with only 2 matches left in their season. Prediction: Burnaby by 10.

1. Adrian Longbone
2. Preston Petrovitch
3. Nikolas Hildebrand
4. Craig McLaughlin
5. Tom Cvijanovic
6. Thomas Dear
7. Michael O'Toole
8. Callum Toi
9. Reid Watkins
10. Neil Maclaine
11. Gino Paolella
12. Sean Mckeown
13. Cian Keegan
14. Darren McCrory
15. Cole Macqueen
16. Chris Dunne
17. Bryce Worden
18. Cameron Young
20. Brian Murphy
21. Nolan Shelley
22. Andrew Porter

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Scott McGinley
3. Daniel Fumano
4. Daniel Wigley
5. Henry McQueen
6. Robert Sykes
7. Connor McCann
8. Josh Clarke
9. Robert Fallon
10. Thomas Viljoen
11. Ben Bula
12. Shawn Mercier
13. Steffan Evans
14. Antun Peko
15. Jayden Tegg
16. Jackson Bushell
17. Darren Du
18. Justin Fanselow
19. Patryk Zuk
20. Dewi Williams
21. Dominic Boyd
22. Oliver Owen
23. Hayes William Bishop



A 10 try to 2 dominant performance by the Ravens. They now sit tied with CW in the standings but have the advantage in the first tie breaking rule, "The aggregate score of the Matches Played between the two Teams". If both CW and Ravens win with bonus points next week, which is likely, Ravens will finish 3rd and CW 4th. Capilano host Westshore next week and the winner of that match will overtake JBAA for 7th place.

#4 hosting #8, both teams have two matches left. Ravens motivated to keep winning with bonus points as they'll want to avoid an on-form UVic in the quarter-finals. Also they're building nicely towards the playoff with some dominant performances, a +38 against Seattle last week. Jorden Sandover-Best at #9 getting some mentions in our BC Premier All-Star poll we've sent out to select experts around the league. That article and list coming next week. Starting tighthead Chris Taylor not in the roster. Ravens giving some of their starters a rest on the bench, to be used as needed, Moylett, McLelland, Hamilton. Caps coming off a disappointing loss to Rowers at home have their work cut out for them. They have some top talent in Chris Robinson, Johnny Franklin and Jordan Reid-Harvey. Prediction: Ravens by 12.

1 Paul Ahn
2 Matiaz Suez
3 Curtis Delmonico
4 Jon Phelan
5 Cameron McWilliam
6 Patrick Richardson
7 David O'Donaghue (i) (c)
8 Grant Crowell
9 Jorden Sandover-Best (RC)
10 Robbie Jones
11 Kelepi Cucake
12 Kol Henrikson
13 Colby Mason (i)
14 Jef Vyres
15 Sean Hase
16 Jono Wong
17 Neil Murphy (i)
18 Conor Hamilton
19 Brian Moylett (i)
20 Liam Flanaghan
21 Graham Turner
22 Aaron McLelland

1 - Mackenzie Mills
2 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Jordan Orr
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Jack Rainer
7 - Reece Roberts
8 - Jonathan Webster
9 - Chris Robinson (C)
10 - Jeremy Simon
11 - Ari Stan
12 - Johnny Franklin
13 - Ryan Agyagos
14 - Ben Cameron
15 - Sam Franklin



14 tries to 4 and UVic are on fire, the projected quarter-final match vs CW should be epic. Both UVic and Seattle get a rest next week and then prepare for their quarter-finals on April 20th. Seattle will likely travel to Jericho to face the Ravens for their QF.

#5 hosting #6, a game that means nothing in the standings but both teams will want to enter the playoffs on a high and stay healthy. UVic roster (according to BCRU list) has a few changes reflecting the upcoming playoffs, Grady Bowd is rested on the bench. Logan Martin-Feek moves from his usual centre position to take on the #10 role. Jenner Teufel, the backup scrum half, gets the start at blindside flanker. The second team is playing CW for the Times Cup in an earlier match, some of those players may see some backup action at the Premier level. Aidan Cole the very large prop may be one example. He has the potential to be a force if his workrate continues to improve. Seattle saw one of their centres Joey Iosefa move up to the Seawolves and is getting the start this week vs Utah. Jonny Reid and Will Stowers quality players. Difficult to predict with little on the line except preparing for the playoffs. UVic on form though so expect them to get the win at home. Prediction: UVic by 8.

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Thomas Di Fiore
3. Gui Costa
4. Jackson Matthews
5. Nick Pearce
6. Jenner Teufel
8. Denver Fatt
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Logan Martin-Feek
11. Ethan Hager
12. Mostyn Findlay
13. Lachlan Kratz
14. Kapi Vataiki
15. Brennig Prevost
16. Aidan Cole
17. Callum Masterton
18. Carter White
19. Gabriel Casey
20. Gradyn Bowd
21. Thomas Heuser
22. Noah Bain

1. Ryan Youngman
2. Giuseppe Semeraro
3. Matthew Duncan
4. Ben Gustafson
5. Hall Henry
6. Tim Brogdon
7. Eric Soto
8. Hannibal Vaivao
9. Jope Motokana
10. Jonny Reid
11. Levi Penter
12. William Stowers
13. Tristan Ingold
14. Caleb Nonoa
15. Scott Dean
16. Danny Sonon
17. Mosese Vea
20. Jonathan Valz



Nanaimo went up early and were comfortably ahead at the half. Westshore fought back but couldn't pull out the win. 5 tries apiece for the teams with conversion kicking the difference. The game was delayed for the ambulance as young Westshore centre Kevin Vertkas was stretchered from the field, we wish him a speed recovery. Westshore claim 2 BP in the loss and sit in 10th place with 27 points, they visit Klahanie next week to close out the season against 9th place Caps (28 points). Nanaimo in 11th place (26 points) finish the season at the Ravens.

#10 hosting #11, both teams had a good outing last week. Westhshore put in a good early 40 minutes against Burnaby while Nanaimo fought James Bay in a back and forth match. This should be a competitive match. Westshore have some veterans in the front row with Toby Berg and Phil Erb but they played well last week. The Luxembourg international prop, Saman Rezapour, scored a nice try in support against Burnaby, he's beefing up the front row as hooker this week. Cole Mosychuk still out for a previous red card. The backline has some talent with a number of Canada U20 players from last year and this year. Their bench isn't very deep which hurt them against Burnaby. Nanaimo also boast some veteran players with the talented Brad Marshall moving from #10 to #8 this year. Taniela Tulia the former Tongan international winger who has 10 caps, the last in 2005, is now a wily #10 guiding the attack. Their inside centre, Tumua Uluilelata, is a big unit and the battle between him and Quinn Ngawati should be interesting. Nanaimo also have a problem stocking the bench with enough depth so the last 20 minutes could be decisive. If Westshore can put in a full 80 like last week's first 40 they would be favourites, we'll see. Prediction: Westshore by 5.

1 Tobias Berg
2 Saman Rezapour i
3 Phil Erb
4 Foster Dewitt c
5 Jason Gagnier
6 Tua Vaa
7 Jade Billington i
8 Ben Brill i
9 Mark Discombe
10 Jordan Tait
11 Brock Gallagher rc
12 Quinn Ngawati
13 Kevin Vertkas rc
14 Aaron Hersant
15 Tom Isherwood
16 Bryce McKinnon
17 Neil Hagerty
18 Gavin Kilpatrick
19 Ryan Waldriff
20 Adam Roer
21 Isaac Gonevou
22 Cody Gervais
23 Galen Potash-Kooyman

1: Tuitala Tauaika
2: Thomas Larder
3: Cameron McKerrow
4: Michael Halaliku
5: Matt Weir
6: Mallory Roe
7: Zephyr Melnyk
8: Brad Marshall
9: Samuel Fowler
10: Taniela Tulia
11: Cathal Long
12: Tumua Uluilelata
13: Taylor de Souza
14: Tyler Hume
15: Stephen Gillies
16: Antonio Corbin
17: Patrick Milford
18: Makenzie Simmons-Foot
19: Sawyer Barth
20: Harrison King
21: Cooper Kenda

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