BC Rugby Weekend of April 13th 2019

April 13 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Weekend Results: Ravens Fly Past Hornets; Rowers Paddled by CW; Lomas Dumped by T-Birds; Valhallians Top Caps


The Ravens had to work for their bonus point and just reached the four tries while holding Nanaimo to one. That result ensures their 3rd place finish and a QF match hosting Seattle Saracens. We'll await Peter MacDonald's report for more details.

Ravens going into the playoffs looking strong, they need a BP win to ensure a visit from the Seattle Saracens next weekend in the QF. There's also the long shot that UBC stumble against Lomas and a QF bye might be on offer. If everything goes as predicted it could lead to a UBC v Ravens semi, a replay of last year's final. The other semi seeing Burnaby host the winner of CW v UVic. Currently liking two scenarios for the final Ravens v CW or UBC v Vikes, but a lot of rugby to play yet. The match times have been moved up (12:15) to allow the Hornets to return to a club function that evening. Ravens resting a number of starters such as Aaron McLelland, Brian Moylett, Grant Crowell but they still have a quality team out there. Nanaimo missing a number of top players as well such as Brad Marshall, Cathal Long, Tuitala Tauaika. Prediction: Ravens by 18.


1 Dim Gotsopoulos (c)
2 Dan Cervino (i)
3 Chris Taylor
4 Rob O'Herlihy (i)
5 Jon Phelan
6 Patrick Richardson
7 Rob Clarke (i)
8 Nick Waggot
9 Jorden Sandover-Best (RC)
10 Robbie Jones
11 Kelepi Cucake
12 Benz Henrikson
13 Michael Nevin (i)
14 Jef Vyres
15 Sean Hase
16 Benji Couling
17 Tony Wise
18 Curtis Delmonico
19 Conor Hamilton
20 Andrew Hamilton
21 Cameron Denhoff-Ball
22 Nolan McAllister
23 Jake Wolfman

1. Patrick Milford
2. Tom Larder
3. Cameron McKerrow
4. Alex Brown
5. Drew Fisher
6. Zephyr Melnyk
7. Antonio Corbin
8. Matt Weir
9. Sam Fowler
10. Stephen Gillies
11. Harrison King
12. Mua Uluilelata
13. Taylor de Souza
14. Cooper Kenda
15. Tyler Hume
16. Rick Keen
17. Sam Tooke
18. Makz Foot
19. Kiko Halaliku
20. Satchel Micdermid
21. Taniela Tulia


A dominant performance as expected, keeping the Rowers off the score sheet will please coach Scott Manning. CW finish in 4th place and host 5th place UVic in the playoff quarter-finals next weekend.

CW looking for the BP win to finish off the season strong, they haven't played since March 23rd and will want to get their timing patterns firing before the QF next week, likely against the high flying Vikes. The Rowers ran into a strong JBAA squad last week and this is their second Island trip in a row. No roster for the Rowers but last game of the season, on the road, in a game that doesn't affect their season outcome - there may be one or two players MIA. CW fully loaded with the exception of Brandon Schellenberger. Prediction: CW by 8.


CW [updated version]
1. John Braddock
2. Clayton Thornber
3. Doug Wooldridge
4. Riley Ilnicki
5. Mike Finnemore
6. Sawyer Herron
7. Kelton Dawe
8. Nathan Stewart
9. James Pitblado
10. Cam Hall
11. Balucci Kegode
12. Luke Bradley
13. Josiah Morra
14. Mike Adibe
15. Fergus Hall
16. P. L. Mailloux
17. Jack Sponarski
18. Cullen Fawcett
19. Kyle Hohert
20. Haydn Evans
21. Matt Sutherland
22. Mike Dalsin
23. Jonny Morris


Westshore finish in 7th place to end the season, one out from the playoffs. JBAA finish 8th, VRC 9th, Caps 10th, Nanaimo 11th and Lomas 12th. It was a 6 try to 3 win with Westshore finishing strong. More details in Clancy McDonnell's report.

Two teams vying for 7th place in the standings, no playoff entry but bragging rights. Currently Caps #9 and Westshore #10. Rowers at #8 could in theory take that spot but they're playing on the road against a strong CW side so the odds are low. Westshore have come off two close losses in recent weeks, they led Burnaby at the half and lost the Nanaimo game at the whistle. Their rugby is improving and the addition of some young talent like Brock Webster and Tom Isherwood have deepened their attacking options out wide. U20 player Quinn Ngawati in the centres will be a factor in the match. They have their top loose forward Cole Mosychuk back from a 2 game suspension so they're looking good for their last match of the season. Caps at home will want to finish strong, they're missing one of their top attacking weapons, Johnny Franklin, who unfortunately picked up an injury against the Ravens. That may be key as Westshore look to have the advantage out wide. Prediction: Westshore by 2.


1 Tobias Berg
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Phil Erb
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Tua Vaa
6 Jade Billington i
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Ben Brill i
9 Mark Discombe
10 Jordan Tait
11 Aaron Hersant
12 Isaac Gonevou
13 Quinn Ngawati
14 Brock Webster rc
15 Tom Isherwood
16 Neil Hagerty
17 Bryce McKinnon
18 Desmond Downer
19 Gavin Kilpatrick
20 Matt Jones i
21 Matt Kemp
22 Galen Potash Kooyman

1 - Mackenzie Mills
2 - Jordan Reid-Harvey (C)
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Jordan Orr
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Jack Rainer
7 - Reece Roberts
8 - Jonathan Webster
9 - Chris Robinson
10 - Jeremy Simon
11 - Ari Stan
12 - Eligh Papin
13 - Ryan Agyagos
14 - Ben Cameron
15 - Sam Franklin

UBC 66 v MERALOMA 12 @ UBC @ 14:30


UBC emphatic in the 10 try to 2 win. They finish 2nd and will host the winner of Ravens v Seattle.

#2 hosting #12, UBC's roster show they're not holding anything back but intend to go after that bonus point win to give them a bye in the QF and host a semi in a couple of weeks. UBC haven't seen action since March 23rd so may need to shake some rust off in the first half. In their last match they dominated the Bays 54-13 on the road. The Lomas coming off losses to Burnaby and UVic, the positive news is they led Burnaby at the half last week before Burnaby pulled away. The game is at UBC as well so the home field advantage applies. Prediction: UBC by 14.

1. Nicholas Frost
2. Harrison Smith
3. Calixto Martinez
4. Liam Doll
5. James Carson
6. Owain Ruttan
7. Jacob Ikeda
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Fraser Hurst
10. Adam McQueen
11. Evan Norris
12. Ben LeSage
13. Elias Ergas
14. Jake Lan
15. Daniel Archer
16. Connor Sampson
17. Joe Sourisseau
18. Nolan Howell
19. Michael Smith
20. Jack Scher
21. John Jubenvill
22. Cole Keffer
23. Clint Lemkus

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Scott McGinley
3. Daniel Fumano
4. Daniel Wigley
5. Robert Sykes
6. Justin Fanselow
7. Connor McCann
8. Josh Clarke
9. Robert Fallon
10. Thomas Viljoen
11. Ben Bula
12. Steffan Evans
13. Jayden Tegg
14. Daniel Aplin
15. Evan Lloyd
16. Jackson Bushell
17. James Beck
18. Darren Du
19. Thomas Craig Barlow
20. Anton Belozerov
21. Antun Peko
22. Oliver Owen

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