BC Premier All-Star Team 2019

April 17 2019

Aaron McLelland - UBCOB Ravens

BC Premier All-Star Team Candidates: Who the Experts Picked

We polled five Premier coaches and two rugby writers to get their input on who stood out this season in the BC Premier. At some positions there was a clear consensus but, as expected, disagreement at other positions. We'll open it up to readers to further narrow down a BC Premier 1st XV and match day 23. Email editor@bcrugbynews.com with your choices and reasoning or use the comment section below. We'll tabulate the results next week in a follow up article.

#1 Loosehead

Cali Martinez of UBC was a favourite here with John Braddock of CW also getting mention.

#3 Tighthead

Chris Taylor of the Ravens was a popular choice with Bryce Worden of Burnaby getting mention.

#2 Hooker

A number of candidates put forward, both Cali Martinez and Chris Taylor received votes at hooker as well, multi-talented front row players. James Kelly of Rowers received mention, he also plays #8. Thomas Di Fiore of UVic and Tom Larder of Nanaimo also received votes, both players also play tighthead. I would also add Clayton Thornber of CW to the list. So no clear consensus here from the experts but we'll open in up to the comments section (or email) from readers on who stood out this year at hooker.

#4 Second Row

Brian Moylett of the Ravens was a popular choice here.

#5 Second Row

James Carson of UBC was a popular choice with Mike O'Toole of Burnaby getting mention.

#6 Blindside Flanker

A split between Nathan Stewart of CW, Owain Ruttan of UBC, Jackson Matthews of UVic. Nathan Stewart also received mention at #7 openside flanker.

#7 Openside Flanker

James O'Neill of UVic was a popular choice with Cole Moyschuk of Westshore getting mention.


Connor Hamilton of the Ravens, Ben Brill of Westshore, Nick Carson of UVic, Luke Campbell of JBAA and Taitusi Vikilani of Burnaby receiving mentions. What are readers' thoughts on top #8?


Jorden Sandover-Best of the Ravens was a popular choice with mentions to Sam Fowler of Nanaimo, Reid Watkins of Burnaby and Fraser Hurst of UBC.


Grady Bowd of UVic was a popular choice with mentions to Adam McQueen of UBC, Stephen Gillies of Nanaimo and Cam Hall of CW.


Elias Ergas of UBC was a popular choice with Brennig Prevost and Kapi Vataiki of UVic getting mentions. Prevost was also put forward for fullback.


Ben LeSage of UBC a popular choice, he was also mentioned as #13. Colby Mason of Ravens, Luke Bradley of CW, Quinn Ngwati of Westshore all received votes.


Jared Stephens of Nanaimo, Johnny Franklin of Capilano were popular choices (Ben Lesage received votes for #12 and #13).


Jake Lan of UBC, Mike Adibe of CW and Crosby Stewart of UVic all received votes.


Aaron McLelland of the Ravens a clear favourite with Brennig Prevost of UVic also getting mentioned.

Utility Backs

A few players mentioned for their versatility in the backline, Brandon Schellenberger of CW and Sean Hase & Sean Ferguson of the Ravens.

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