Regional Cup Competition 2019

May 25 2019

McKechnie Cup

Vancouver Wave Win McKechnie Cup with 46-18 Win Over Vancouver Island Tide

Information was sparse from Brockton Oval on the match but Connie McGinley provided some details and photos from her twitter account.

Vancouver won the senior match 46-18 to claim the McKechnie Cup. Vancouver Island won the U23 match 26-24 to come second in the Dunbar Keg with Fraser Valley already claiming the title.

We heard in the senior match that Blake van Heyningen at loosehead and Brandon Schellenberger at scrum half played well for the Island and James Kelly at hooker, Reid Watkins at scrum half and Blake Mahovic at inside centre were outstanding for the Mainland.

Round Three of BC Regional Matches: Vancouver vs Vancouver Island Senior Men and U23 Men at Brockton Oval: TEAM ROSTERS

It's all on the line for the historic McKechnie Cup this Saturday at Brockton Oval as Vancouver Wave host Vancouver Island Tide. Both teams beat the North Island Tsunami in Week 1 and 2.

In men's U23 Fraser Valley has won the Dunbar Keg so this match is for second place. The women's competition has ended with Vancouver Island winning the Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup.

McKechnie Cup

Ref Brett Hay

Vancouver Island

1. Blake van Heyningen, James Bay
2. Sam Rezapour, Westshore
3. Andrew Macpherson, James Bay
4. Jason Gagnier, Westshore
5. Quinn Horton, Castaway Wanderers
6. Peter Massimo, James Bay
7. Jake Slobodian, James Bay
8. Mike Finnemore, Castaway Wanderers
9. Brandon Shellenberger C , Castaway Wanderers
10. Aaron Hersant, Westshore
11. Ballucci KeGode, Castaway Wanderers
12. Michael Nieuwenhuysen VC , James Bay
13. Josiah Morra, Castaway Wanderers
14. Nate Tough, James Bay
15. Jordan Tait, Westshore
16. Carter White, UVic
17. Toby Ng, UVIC
18. Neil Hagerty, Westshore
19. Antonio Corbin, Nanaimo
20. Ty Benson, Cowichan
21. Cathal Long, Nanaimo
22. Isaac Gonevou, Westshore
23. Sean Park, James Bay


1) Neil Courtney (CAPS)
2) James Kelly (C) (VRC)
3) Robert Spearing (VRC)
4) Tom Barlow (LOMAS)
5) Billy Noonan (LOMAS)
6) Callum Botchar (UBC)
7) Connor McCann (LOMAS)
8) Colin Cooper (VRC)
9) Reid Watkins (BURNABY)
10) Jack Sher (UBC)
11) Giles Klaver (CAPS)
12) Blake Mahovic (C) (SQUAMISH)
13) Johnny Franklin (CAPS)
14) John John Tolton (UBC)
15) Lewis Stockton (SQUAMISH)
16) Scott McGinley (LOMAS)
17) Sam Turner (UBC)
18) Oli Watts (SQUAMISH)
19) Malcom Klaver (CAPS)
20) Jeremy Simon (CAPS)
21) James Morgan (LOMAS)
22) Neil Irwin (SQUAMISH)
23) Robert Jones (RAVENS)

U23 Men
Ref Toby Mustill

Vancouver Island

1. Toby Ng, UVIC
2. Hamish Dring, UVic
3. Aidan Cole, UVic
4. John McFawn, Cowichan
5. Dakota LaChance, James Bay
6. Kyle White, Westshore
7. Antonio Corbin, Nanaimo
8. Carter White, UVic
9. Ty Benson, Cowichan
10. Isaac Gonevou, Westshore
11. Oli Adams, Westshore
12. Cathal Long, Nanaimo
13. Max Crooks, UVic
14. Johnny Buck, Westshore
15. Lucas Grosse, Cowichan
16. Jordy Makela, Westshore
17. Liam Stevenson, UVIc
18. Gavin Kilpatrick, Westshore


1) Jake Schwartz (VRC)
2) Matias Suez (RAVENS)
3) Vassili Marislaw (RAVENS)
4) Cooper Johnston (BURNABY)
5) Noah King (QUEENS)
6) Domenic Baptista (BURNABY)
7) Jack Bae (UBC)
8) Jahmaine Eliepa (CAPS)
9) Nikhil Bohlmann (UofT)
10) David Thompson (QUEENS)
11) Cody Schaeffer (LOMAS)
12) Samuel Sirlin (ST GEORGES)
13) Liam Clark (UVIC)
14) Chris Knoph (LOMAS)
15) Cam Waddell (CAPS)
16) Sam Turner (UBC)
17) Jackson Bushell (LOMAS)
18) Jason Sawyer (SFU)
19) Ryan Sawyer (SFU)
20) Aidan Ward (BAYSIDE)
21) Aidan Cottrell (CAPS)
22) Jake Lan (UBC)
23) Ash Van Rensburg (VRC)

Island Women Win Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup; Fraser Valley Win Dunbar Keg; McKechnie Cup Title Awaits Weekend's South Island vs Vancouver Match

The Island women repeated as regional title holders with two dominant wins over Vancouver. The Fraser Valley men held onto the U23 title with narrow wins over Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

The men's competition will come down to this weekend's Vancouver vs South Island match, both teams have beaten North Island and have identical 1-0 records.

Today’s Results:

Senior Men
Vancouver 48 vs North Island 23

Senior Women
Island 85 vs Vancouver 27

Men U23
Fraser Valley 32 vs Vancouver 29

Regional Matches Round 2 Today at Klahanie: U23 Vancouver v Fraser Valley; Men Vancouver v North Island; Women Vancouver v Vancouver Island

Round 2 of the regional matches take place today, the final round will take place next week. It's a chance for Provincial team selectors to get a last look at players for this summers inter-provincial matches.

This is the first match for Vancouver in U23 and men's action, last week Fraser Valley beat Island in U23 and South Island beat North Island in the men's game. Vancouver are defending champions in the men's McKechnie Cup.

The women's competition just has an Island and Mainland team and it's a best of two aggregate score to determine the winner. The Island won in a lopsided victory last week but are missing their top players who are attending a Canada camp so this match will be closely contended.


U23 Dunbar Keg

Ref Tyler Dawson @ 11:15 @ Klahanie Park

Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup

Ref Shanda Mosher-Gallant @ 13:00 @ Klahanie Park

McKechnie Cup

Ref Christopher Assmus @ 14:45 @ Klahanie Park


Vancouver Men

1) Neil Courtney (CAPS)
2) James Kelly (C) (VRC)
3) Robert Spearing (VRC)
4) Tom Barlow (LOMAS)
5) Bill Noonan (LOMAS)
6) Paul Kelly (SURREY)
7) Connor McCann (LOMAS)
8) Colin Cooper (VRC)
9) Reid Watkins (BURNABY)
10) Jack Sher (UBC)
11) Giles Klaver (CAPS)
12) Blake Mahovic (C) (SQUAMISH)
13) Jordan Wilson-Ross (VRC)
14) Nikhil Bohlmann (UofT)
15) John Tolton (UBC)
16) Scott McGinley (LOMAS)
17) Sam Turner (UBC)
18) Callum Botchar (UBC)
19) Oli Watts (SQUAMISH)
20) Malcom Klaver (CAPS)
21) James Morgan (LOMAS)
22) Neil Irwin (SQUAMISH)
23) Lewis Stockton (SQUAMISH)

North Island Men

1 John Braddock (c)
2 Robin Gusse
3 Cam McKerrow
4 Matt Weir
5 Makz Foot
6 Antonio Corbin
7 Zephyr Melnyk
8 Brad Marshall
9 Ty Benson
10 Stephen Gillies
11 Tyler Hume
12 Taniela Tulia
13 Cathal Long
14 David Nuamah
15 Owen Wood

Vancouver Women

1. Beth Hand, SFU
2. Lauren Tagg, Burnaby Lake
3. Tiana Coutts, Burnaby Lake
4. Emily Van Gulik (C), Burnaby Lake
5. Ashlynn Smith, Abbotsford
6. Natasha LaLonde, Burnaby Lake
7. Allyssa Lacap, SFU
8. Katie Grudzinski, Burnaby Lake
9. Christina Burnham, Capilano
10. Kashish Arya, Abbotsford/UofT
11. Chloe Ralph, Capilano
12. Jessica Piotrowski, SFU
13. Kaila Pickering, SFU
14. Olivia Burns, Bayside
15. Fernanda Figueroa, SFU
16. Rachel Getz, AB Wolfpack
17. Karina Christiansen, Capilano
18. Jessica Vander Zaag, Meraloma
19. Mhairianee McKeeve, Rowers
20. Viviana Johnson, Abbotsford

Coach: An Hoàng
Ast Coach: Aaron O’Flaherty

Vancouver Island Women

1. Chelsey Minter - westshore
2. Nicole Shaver -cw
3. Valerie Wideski - westshore
4. Britta Peterson- Nanaimo
5. Chanelle Edwards-Challenger - cw
6. Renee Gonzales - westshore
7. Camille Irvine - cw
8. Lizzie Adams -cw
9. Julia Folk - cw
10. Jordyn Myers- uvic
11. Lauren Sargent -cw
12. Sya Trafford - cw
13. Paula Simpson - comox
14. Ciara Malone - cw
15. Sara Einarson - cw
16. Hazel Domingo - cw
17. Brodie Schmidt - cw
18. Meghan O'Neill- Nanaimo
19. Danelle Campbell- comox

Wins for Fraser Valley in U23, Vancouver Island in Women's Match and South Island in Men's: PHOTOS ADDED

[ed. if you use these photos on your club site please attribute to BCRN as the source.]

The Fraser Valley narrowly defeated Vancouver Island 39-36 in the opening match of the day.

Following that the Island women put on a scoring clinic defeating Vancouver women 87-12. Elissa Alarie from fullback and Paige Farries at outside centre were a constant attacking threat. Sophie de Goede at #8 put in a strong shift.

In the men's match it was South Island pulling away in the second half with a deeper bench, final was 34-17. Quinn Horton at #5 made his presence felt and Mike Nieuwenhuysen was a danger in the centres, #9 Brandon Schellenberger kept the attack moving at a high pace. For the North Island Brad Marshall at #8 played a strong match and tighthead Cam McKerrow added some physicality to their short game.



Team Rosters for Saturday's Regional Games: Island v Valley in U23; Island v Mainland in Women; North Island v South Island in Men

There are three matches at Juan de Fuca park, the home of Westshore RFC.

At 10:30am it will the U23 men’s game, Vancouver Island vs Fraser Valley. BC U19 coach Curry Hitchborn says he’ll be watching the U19 players closely in these matches for his team selection.

Then at noon it will be the senior women with Vancouver Island vs Vancouver, followed by senior men South Island Tide vs North Island Tsunami


Senior Men – South Island Tide

1. Blake Van Heynigen, James Bay
2. Jake Slobodian, James Bay
3. Andrew MacPherson, James Bay
4. Jason Gagnier, Westshore
5. Quinn Horton, Castaway Wanderers
6. Peter Massimo, James Bay
7. Cole Moyschuk, Westshore
8. Mike Finnemore, Castaway Wanderers
9. Brandon Schellenberger, Captain, Castaway Wanderers
10. Jordan Tait, Westshore
11. Sean Stewart, James Bay
12. Michael Nieuwenhuysen, VC, James Bay
13. Shane Dagg, Westshore
14. Nate Tough, James Bay
15. Mitch Sorra, James Bay
16. Carter White, UVic
17. Bryce McKinnon, Westhore
18. Desmond Downer, Westhore
19. Nat Dring, UVic
20. Thomas Isherwood, Westshore
21. Aaron Hersant, Westshore
22. Noah Bain, UVic
23. Sean Park, James Bay

Coach: Clay Panga, Nanyak Dala, Mike Scholz

Senior Men - North Island Tsunami

1 John Braddock
2 Robin Gusse
3 Cam McKerrow
4 Drew Fisher
5 Makz Foot
6 Andrew Nielsen
7 Zephyr Melnyk
8 Brad Marshall
9 Stephen Gillies
10 Owen Wood
11 Lucas De Vries
12 Taniela Tulia
13 Colby Mason
14 Cathal Long
15 Tyler Hume
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Pat Milford
18 Dan Reimer
19 Ty Benson
20 David Nuamah

Coaches: Ryan Eathorne & Simon FitzGerald

U23 Men – Vancouver Island Crimson Tide

1. Aidan Cole, UVic
2. Toby Ng, UVic
3. Desmond Downer, Westshore
4. Nat Dring, UVic
5. John McFawn, Cowichan
6. Hamish Dring, UVic
7. Antonio Corbin, Nanaimo
8. Carter White, UVic
9. Tye Benson, Cowichan
10. Thomas Isherwood, Westshore
11. Oliver Adams, Westshore
12. Isaac Gonevou, Westshore
13. Jonny Buck, Westshore
14. Aaron Hersant, Westshore
15. Noah Bain, UVIc
16. Gavin Kirkpatrick, Westshore
17. Lucas Grosse, Cowichan
18. Dakota Lachance, James Bay

Coaches: John Buxcey, MacBryan Bos
Manager: Patrick Carr

U23 Men - Fraser Valley

1 Scott Petrie - United Rugby Club
2 Austin Zimmer - ARFC
3 Matt Eckert - Surrey Beavers
4 James Ginther - ARFC
5 Josh Radons - ARFC
6 Devon Cudmore - ARFC
7 Mac James - ARFC
8 Hans Stander - United Rugby Club
9 Jon Marco - United Rugby Club
10 Noah Jensen - ARFC
11 Tyler Tsoukalas - Langley Rugby Club
12 Von Richardson - ARFC
13 Daniel Mills - ARFC
14 Thomas Maki - Langley Rugby Club
15 Braeden Verleur - ARFC
16 Ethan Bacungan - Richmond
17 Darian Archer - Surrey Beavers
18 Joe Vukasovic - United Rugby Club
19 Travis Couture -Langley Rugby Club

Senior Women - Vancouver

Senior Women - Vancouver Island

Regional Rugby Starts This Weekend with Fraser Valley, Vancouver, South Island, North Island Matches

Regional rugby will take over for the next three weekends as the club season has wrapped up. The U23 Dunbar Keg sees Vancouver Island hosting Fraser Valley, the senior men's McKechnie Cup will see the South Island host the North Island and in the Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup for senior women, Vancouver Island will host Vancouver in the first of a home and away series. All matches are at Westshore's Juan de Fuca facility. The matches start at 10:30am.

The Canada 7s at Westhills is a 10 minute drive away and Canada's matches are at 11:28am, 2:12pm, 4:56pm.

The regional matches will help BC coaches evaluate players for this summer's inter-provincial matches and matches against incoming touring sides. U23 players will also be thinking of the Pacific Pride program that will be restarting in the fall and hoping to make an impression in matches beyond club level.

The men's McKechnie Cup dates back to 1896, a list of former winners can be found in this article.


Dunbar Keg

McKechnie Cup

Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup
VANCOUVER ISLAND TIDE V VANCOUVER @ 12:00 @ Juan De Fuca Round 1 Aggregate


Dunbar Keg
VANCOUVER V FRASER VALLEY @ 11:15 @ Klahanie Park

McKechnie Cup

Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup
VANCOUVER V VANCOUVER ISLAND TIDE @ 13:00 @ Klahanie Park Round 2 Aggregate


Dunbar Keg

McKechnie Cup

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