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May 28 2019

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BC Bears Announce 60 Man Training Squad - 30 Mainland Based, 30 Island Based Players

The BC Bears seem to have their act together this year as head coach James Thompson along with assistant coach Simon Fitzgerald and manager Brian Hunter have assembled an impressive 60 player training squad, divided equally between Mainland and Island players. Training on the Mainland will be at Jericho & Burnaby, on the Island at Westhills & Brentwood - training dates are June 13, 20 and July 4, 11, 18.

The Bears travel to Calgary to play the Wolfpack on June 29th and then host the Wolfpack on July 27th. It would be good to see the Bears keeping the momentum going with some fall fixtures against MLR teams but it's wait and see what happens with the club season and the Pacific Pride program starting up in the fall.

Brian Hunter is the manager and can be reached at bdhunter1958@gmail.com


1 Blake Mahovic Squamish
2 Bryce Worden Burnaby
3 Callum Botchar UBC
4 Chris Taylor Ravens
5 Coly Mason Ravens
6 Connor McCann Meralomas
7 Conor Hamilton Ravens
8 Conor Sampson UBC
9 Cully Quirk Queens
10 Gino Paoella Burnaby
11 Jack Scher UBC
12 Jake Bae UBC
13 Jake Lan UBC
14 James Kelly Rowers
15 Johnny Franklin Capiliano
16 Jorden Sandover-Best Ravens
17 Jorden Wilson-Ross Rowers
18 Matiaz Suez Ravens
19 Mike O'Toole Burnaby
20 Nathan Kendrick Ravens
21 Neil Courtney Capiliano
22 Neil MacLaine Burnaby
23 NIck Allen UBC
24 Nik Hildebrand Burnaby
25 Noah King Queens
26 Reid Watkins Burnaby
27 Robbie Falloon Abbortsford
28 Robbie Jones Ravens
29 Sean Hase Ravens
30 Taitusi VIkilani Burnaby


1 Aaron Hersant Westshore
2 Antonio Corbin Nanaimo Hornets
3 Blake van Heyningen James Bay
4 Brandon Schellenberger Castaway Wanderers
5 Brennig Prevost UVic
6 Cameron McKerrow Nanaimo Hornets
7 Cathal Long Nanaimo Hornets
8 Cole Mosychuk Westshore
9 FJ Bronkhorst James Bay
10 Jake Slobodian James Bay
11 Jason Gagnier Westshore
12 John Braddock Castaway Wanderers
13 Jonny Buck Westshore
14 Jordan Tait Westshore
15 Josiah Morra Castaway Wanderers
16 Lachlan Kratz UVic
17 Matt Weir Nanaimo Hornets
18 Michael Nieuwenhuysen James Bay
19 Mike Finnemore Castaway Wanderers
20 Nathan Stewart Castaway Wanderers
21 Nathan Tough James Bay
22 Nicholas Carson UVic
23 Owen Wood Cowichan
24 Peyton Eagar Nanaimo Hornets
25 Quinn Horton Castaway Wanderers
26 Reid Davis James Bay
27 Shane Dagg Westshore
28 Taylor de Souza Nanaimo Hornets
29 Thomas Burton James Bay
30 Zephyr Melnyk Nanaimo Hornets

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