FISU Rugby 7s 2019

June 07 2019

Robin MacDowell - Coach

Canada Enter Two Rugby 7s Teams in Summer Universiade in Napoli, Italy: Men's Team Announced - Coached by Robin MacDowell

Every two years FISU (Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire ) holds the Summer Universiade which includes competition for university athletes in a number of core sports plus sports added by the host country. Rugby 7s was first introduced to the Summer Universiade in 2013 in Russia but was left out in 2015 in South Korea and 2017 in Chinese Taipei. It is back for the second time in Italy 2019.

FISU also holds a World University Championship (WUC) in specifics sports on a two year cycle on even years. The World University Rugby 7s Championship has taken place every two years since 2004 and the last edition was 2018 in Namibia.

Head Coach for the men's team is Robin MacDowell, assisted by Neil Langevin. Coach for the women's team is Collette McAuley.

The Universiade runs from July 2nd to 14th but the Rugby 7s takes place from July 5th to 7th. The Canadian men are in a pool with Italy, Japan and France. The other pool is Argentina, Romania, Russia and South Africa. The women's pool for Canada includes France, Japan, Italy and the other women's pool is Russia, South Africa, Belgium, Argentina. Russia won both the men's and women's 7s in 2013 when they hosted the Summer Universiade.

This is the roster for the men's team and we'll add some more insights on the players and links to their Go Fund me pages. Each player has to come up with $3000 to cover costs.

This is the women's team entered, head coach Collette McAuley assisted by BC's Darcy Patterson.

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