June 20 2019


BCRU AGM This Saturday: Financial Report, Club Voting Numbers and Discipline Committee Report

It's the BCRU AGM this Saturday at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport in Richmond. All the AGM documents and details are listed here.

Here are some highlights from the documents available at the AGM link.

Voting numbers

Which clubs have the most voting influence at the BCRU. There are a total of 5,187 votes allocated, these numbers are based on the number of individuals registered with the BCRU per club as of August 31st of each year. These are the top 10.

#1 Capilano 450
#2 CW 350
#3 Abbotsford 345
#4 Bayside 328
#5 Meraloma 271
#6 Westshore 267
#7 United 239
#8 Cowichan 209
#9 James Bay 204
#10 Langley 198


The BCRU had revenues of $2,151,265 in 2019 and expenses of $2,166,536 for a deficit of $15,271. Human Resources expenses (assuming salaries) were reduced in 2019 to $588,106 from $634,968 in 2018. Although Administration expenses (rent, utilities, Provincial Office, parking) went up to $143,386 from $129,525 in 2018. Dues revenue went up, government grants went down, revenue from Commercial Activities went up. Spending on Representative Teams went up. Further details available on the BCRU site at the link above. One word of commendation to the BCRU for their prompt reporting of the financials, if you look at the parent organization, Rugby Canada, the financials for 2018 aren't even posted yet.

Discipline Report

While there was a notable drop in the number of hearings, the total number of games suspended actually increased from last year's all-time high of 161 games to 170 games this season. (Notably, however, one match resulted in four red cards and an aggregate of 34 games suspended for the players who were sent off.) Seven teams this season were affected by at least 10 games of suspensions (down from eight last year).

Teams with most game suspensions, Surrey at 31; most red cards tied between Capilano and Seattle at 4; most multiple yellows tied between JBAA and Bayside at 2. On the other end of the scale only two clubs not to receive any game suspensions, UBCOB and CW, although Ravens had 1 red card and CW had a Code of Conduct incident.

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