Monday Wrapup - August 12 2019

August 12 2019

COOS Rugby 7s team based in Kelowna

U18 Women vs USA; Local 7s Tournament Updates; The RWC Warmup Matches

U18 Women

The women's Canada U18 west camp wrapped up with a match vs USA on Sunday. We're assuming it was against USA West but there wasn't much released by Rugby Canada on the match, we just found out through tweets by John Tait the senior women's coach and then parents who were trying to get more info.

This is what we have so far, the Canada side did well winning the Sunday match by a few tries but no score as of yet. We received this update on Saturday "The camp at Brentwood right now is U18 West. There are 40 athletes there. They are playing a scrimmage against the USA (who are also in camp) at 2:00 pm tomorrow (Sunday). The u18 east camp commences next week at Brock university, USA east will be there as well, with a scrimmage to wrap things up. These are assessment and selection events for the U18 national team that will tour to San Diego in December. Ricky Coombe is head coach, Fran Mason is manager."

Local 7s Tournaments

The COOS out of Kelowna have won the last two senior men's tournaments, Kelowna 7s a week ago and Bayside 7s this last weekend. They have a few top level imports plus Isaac Kaay and Doug Fraser played for them in the Kelowna tournament. You can see them in action at the Langford 7s at Westhills on August 31st. The Ontario based Canadian MisFits U19 who have won a number of USA based tournaments this year will be at the tournament, the U19 division should be one to watch. You can still get your team in, there's divisions for senior men elite, senior men social, senior women, U19 men, U19 women - email John Lyall to get the latest.

One note on the tournaments, Rugby Canada has implemented a new insurance policy that will make it harder to put on tournaments and camps. It used to be organizers could buy insurance for the event that would include all participants, now they've changed that to each player must be insured and the event must be insured. This could double or triple insurance costs depending on the number of participants. We've sent out emails to various RC and Provincial administrators for answers but haven't received any details yet.

RWC Warmup Matches

It's getting real now with the RWC warmup games starting en masse. We watched 6 matches over the weekend and we're hoping all aspiring local players are catching these games, there's a lot to learn in playing your position at the top level. Coaches should be making sure their developing players are logging in some viewing time on these internationals. Some highlights to mention, did you notice Ireland's strategy for clearing the ball out of their 22, not content with the tired and often poorly executed box kick, they gave the ball to the flyhalf who tried a kick-pass to the far side winger. It actually worked well against Italy, take a look and let us know what you think. As for box kicks, does anyone do it better than the South Africans, if your chasers are not arriving at the same time as the ball and contesting 50/50 for the ball you're not doing it right.

New Zealand what's happening to them and the red card to Barrett, creating a stir, everyone's worst nightmare that refs are going to interfere too much in the results by handing red cards out in an inconsistent fashion. Even England coach Eddie Jones expressed his concern.

The openside flanker we really enjoyed watching this weekend, Tom Curry from England, only 21 his ability to accelerate sets him apart. We see so many loose forwards run around the pitch at one speed, watch his performance against Wales, line breaks, interceptions, getting to the breakdown, he does it at pace. Unfortunately he picked up an injury in the match and hopefully he'll be alright for the World Cup.

In the Ireland v Italy match always good to see kiwi Dean Budd as captain of the Italian team. He spent a season at Velox in the BC Premier a number of years ago after Auckland wouldn't give him a Super Rugby contract, he got released from his Mitre 10 contract (or whatever it was called then) and took a year travelling. He played #8 for Velox for a season but then went to Italy and never left, now he's the Italian captain, has beefed up a bit and plays second row.

The PNC matches, Japan are looking good, the Japan v Scotland match should be competitive, perhaps an upset. When USA lost AJ MacGinty at flyhalf their attack lost shape, how important is a top level #10 to the attack? Did you notice how many #10s scored tries over the weekend, they're not out there just as a ball distributor and kicker but should be able to break the line to keep defences honest. Canada still struggle to find one player that can do it all at #10, O'Leary, Nelson, McRorie seem to be the contenders. The Leinster game will be an opportunity for some experimentation but the person chosen for the last USA match will likely be the chosen one for the World Cup.

Coming up this weekend the NZ v Australia rematch for the Bledisloe Cup, this time in NZ, England v Wales rematch in Wales, South Africa v Argentina rematch in South Africa, Italy v Russia and France v Scotland.

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