Rugby World Cup Prediction Contest

September 15 2019

RWC 2019 Japan

Enter RWC 2019 Prediction Contest and Win "RWC 2019 Guru" Trophy

We've setup a RWC 2019 Prediction contest for BCRN readers on our site. It's free to enter, we just have to set you up with a login account so you can enter your predictions. Email and let us know what handle you want and we'll do the rest, the system will email you the password.

We ran a similar contest in 2011 won by Wayne Loutet, a math teacher from Cowichan, see image below of Wayne and the Trophy. We're using different software this time, a generic Wordpress plugin, instead of our custom coded contest from 2011 which required a lot of setup work.

The software assigns 1 point for picking the correct winning team, 3 points for correct winning team and correct differential, and 5 points for correct winning team, correct differential and correct scoreline. We'll cutoff predictions for a game a few hours before game time, most games are in the wee hours of the morning west coast time, so we'll cut off the predictions the previous evening. You'll get to see others predictions and scores when the match results are entered the following day.

Here are a few screenshots from our contest site.

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