BC Rugby Weekend of September 21st 2019

September 21 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Results: Valhallians Sting Hornets; Caps Top Rowers; Lakers Sink Saracens; Bays Dominate Vikes

@ 14:30 @ JUAN DE FUCA

Westshore scored within the first few minutes which set the tone of the match, Nanaimo controlled the ball for periods of the game but couldn't convert possession into points. Westshore visit UVic next week while Nanaimo host Burnaby.

Mark: A first look at both squads although Nanaimo did have a warmup match vs Pacific Pride where they looked good for the first 60 minutes before the Pride pulled away. They're missing a couple of top backline players Cathal Long on the wing and Jared Stephens in the centres. Mua Ulilelata is a big unit in the centres and brings a lot of go forward ball when he's involved. Key players for Nanaimo are the scrum half Sam Fowler, the fullback Stephen Gillies and the forever young Brad Marshall, now moved to #8. For Westshore, Casey Reed is back in the roster at hooker after missing a lot of last season. Tyler Symon Burke is a former Hurricanes Development player from NZ spending a season with Westshore, the 21 year old hopes to break into the Hawke's Bay Magpies lineup but has decided to play in BC this season, "I hope the overseas experience will help me grow as a person and as a player" he remarked in a NZ Herald article. Also joining him is another former Hurricanes Development player, Mitch Drew, at fullback. Spencer Jones, who will be playing with the Toronto Arrows again in 2020, is with Westshore for the fall part of the season at outside centre and Taylor McGuire is returning from an injury that saw him miss most of last season. It should be a competitive match, the teams split games last year, Westshore winning by 10 in the first and Nanaimo winning by two in the second. Prediction: Westshore by 8.

Aaron: There are no stats on record for either team this season, so I will draw on last seasons to help. Last year Westshore had the slight upper hand on average over the course of the season at both scrum (+11%) and lineout (+3%) on their own ball. There is very little difference between the two teams in regards to their disciplinary record, Westshore averaged 10 penalties per game and Nanaimo averaged 11 penalties per game, however, Westshore were more penalized at the breakdown. Westshore had the lowest goal kicking percentage in the league last season at 55% success rate, this might play a factor if it is a close game. Nanaimo were highest ranked team in the league last season in regards to missed tackles and handling errors. Westshore by 7.

Brett: First official games for both clubs. Really difficult one to call. Nanaimo has been a team that gets stronger as the season goes on. Westshore has lost a few players to the Pride, and regular turnover. This could come down to one call or one player being available/not available. Westshore hosting at home to celebrate their 50 year anniversary will be playing for more than standings points. But I like the underdog play here for a team that's growing yearly Nanaimo by +3.

Robin: Westshore 33 - Nanaimo 19 (Westshore by 14)

Brian: Westshore to beat Nanaimo by 7 points.

1. Foster Dewitt - c
2. Casey Reed
3. Bryce McKinnon
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Tyler Symon Burke
6 Peyton Eagar
7 Jade Billington
8 Ben Brill
9 Matt Jones
10 Aaron Hersant
11 Paul-Henri Van Thiel
12 Taylor McGuire
13 Spencer Jones
14 Shane Dagg
15 Mitch Drew
16 Matt Evans
17 Neil Hagerty
18 Tobias Berg
19 Aiden McClary
20 Cole Mosychuk
21 Adam Roer
22 Isaac Gonevou
23 Cody Gervais

1 Pat Milford
2 Tom Larder
3 Sawyer Barth
4 Max Brook
5 Alex O’Dell
6 Matt Weir
7 Alex Brown
8 Brad Marshall
9 Sam Fowler (c)
10 Jordan Hooke
11 Tye Woodruff
12 Mua Ulilelata
13 Taylor de Souza
14 Sam Reimer
15 Stephen Gillies
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Makz Foot
18 Connor Robertson
19 D’Artagnan Mallet
20 Andrew Davidson
21 Gareth Pritchard
22 Ryan Bradley
23 Taniela Tulia


Three tries apiece and Rowers with a BP in the loss. We look forward to the Caps match report for the details. Caps remain undefeated along with Burnaby, JBAA and Ravens. Next week Rowers host Lomas and Caps have a bye.

Mark: Rowers started the season with two losses, a close one at home versus the Bays and then a more comprehensive loss to Burnaby on the road. Caps have had a strong start with two wins, both on the road. They defeated Lomas in a narrow win and then pulled out a big win in Seattle. Matches between these neighbours always seem to have a bit of niggle and provide some unexpected results on the scoreboard. They split the games last year, Caps winning the first by 22 and Rowers winning the second by 8. Doug Fraser is back in the Rowers midfield which will boost their attack, Johnny Franklin has been on fire for the Caps in the centres. The halfback pairing of Chris Robinson and Jeremy Simon is working well for the North Shore team and Glenn McKinnon is always solid at #8. Think this will be closer than expected. Prediction: Caps by 7.

Aaron: So far this season Caps have scored twice as many tries as Rowers and with a goal kicking average that continues to impress (91%) my money is on Caps again this weekend. In attack they have shown they have the ability to break the line with 7 linebreaks so far this season. Caps have also shown the ability to get over the gainline in attack, being 10% more efficient that Rowers so far. The stats have Caps 10%+ more efficient at both the scrum and lineout on their own ball which might feature in the game given that Rowers are tracking at a handling error every 5 passes in attack. Defensively, Caps have the slight advantage in this one with a tackle completion percentage 5% better than Rowers (86%). Caps by 21.

Brett: Another two teams that have started the season busy. Capilano has been hard to pin, with a big win against Seattle, and a narrow one at home the week before. The Rowers suffered a thumping last week but had a lot to say against JBAA. Whether or not Doug Fraser is available may have an impact on this one. Regardless, the rowers will need to start putting up more points if they're going to hold off premier teams. Capilano by +12.

Robin: Capilano 21 - 12 (Caps by 9)

Brian: Rowers to beat Capilano by 6 points (Ian Prendiville to cross the whitewash for the Rowers!)

1 - Jesse Ryan
2 - Adrien Carcy
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Gary Cartwright
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Jason de Freitas
7 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 - Glen McKinnon
9 - Chris Robinson (C)
10 - Jeremy Simon
11 - Ben Cameron
12 - Eligh Papin
13 - Johnny Franklin
14 - Jared Andrews-Almack
15 - Phil Le Lievre
16. James Ritzema
17. Johnny Adams
18. Jordan Orr
19. Kevin Leask
20. sam franklin
21. Cam Waddell
22. Ayden Radley
23. Graeme Buckler

1. Josh Waller
2. Ian Prendiville
3. Robert Spearing
4. Connor Hines
5. Charles Suyker
6. Niall McDonough
7. Michael Cooke
8. Jason Carton (C)
9. Chris Nolan
10. Nick Wackwitz (VC)
11. Mighty Okafor
12. Doug Fraser
13. Joe Holland
14. Ryan Williams
15. Jordan Wilson-Ross
17. Kevin Nanne
18. Niall Bermingham
19. Raymond Bissonette
21. Jack O'Sullivan
22. Cody Fell
23. Tom Windows

@ 14:30 @ BURNABY LAKE

Burnaby continue to impress with an 8 try to 2 win. They sit top of the standings with a 3-0 record and a +79 differential. Next week Burnaby travel to Nanaimo and Seattle visit the Bays.

Mark: Burnaby one of three undefeated teams so far this season, they have the second best point differential, behind the high flying Ravens. Seattle are 0-2 having lost to the other undefeated teams, Ravens and Capilano. Aladdin Schirmer at #8 is a top player who is on the Seattle Seawolves roster and has two caps for the USA national team. Dion Crowder on the wing is another Seawolves player who is dangerous with ball in hand. Burnaby have a solid forward pack, Lucas Albornoz at #4 played some Mitre 10 Cup rugby and has one cap for Canada. They should be good for the win on home soil. Prediction: Burnaby by 15.

Aaron: Burnaby have started the season well and this might continue this week. With an impressive defensive display so far this season and a tackle completion percentage of 93%, it might be hard for the away team to break the line and put points on the board. Burnaby have the slight edge in the set piece on their own ball so I expect them to add to the 8 linebreaks they have achieved so far this season. If Burnaby can lower the penalty count, I think they will be able to keep the pressure on Seattle and control the outcome of the game. One of the more impressive stats from Burnaby so far is their ambition to speed the game up with 18 attempts to speed the game up (offload in contact, quick tap penalty or quick lineout) which is 10 more then Seattle. Burnaby by 19.

Brett: Both busy teams to start the season off. Seattle showing some great rugby but largely unable to keep teams out of their end zone. Burnaby strong at home so far, and with Seattle travelling, expect Burnaby to stay consistent. Burnaby by +22.

Robin: Burnaby 41 - Seattle 15 (Burnaby by 26)

Brian: Burnaby to beat Seattle by 38 points.

1. Adrian Longbone
2. James Kelly
3. Chris Atkinson
4. Lucas Albornoz
5. Michael O'Toole
6. Jeke Gotegote
7. Joey Tomlinson
8. Domenic Baptista
9. Geoffrey Ryan
10. Hayden Munck
11. Gino Paolella
12. Neil Maclaine
13. Ben McDougall
14. Randell Steele Blake
15. Cian Keegan
16. Dylan Vermette
17. juan videla
18. Preston Petrovitch
19. Fuku Vikilani
20. Darren McCrory
21. Dan Josok
22. Andrew Porter

1. Alfred Taufuna
2. Giuseppe Semeraro
3. Matthew Duncan
4. Eric Soto
5. Keith Ben
6. Cole Van Harn
7. Potter Matt
8. Aladdin Schirmer
9. Isaiah Chinen
10. Jonny Reid
11. Dion Crowder
12. Penisoni Leua
13. Hirai Tsugunosuke
14. Caleb Nonoa
15. Pierre Wood
16. Jasper Bowen Shepherd
17. Pete Falanai
18. Jonathan Valz
19. Ben Gustafson
20. Levi Penter
21. Jenkins Jordan
22. Tristan Ingold
23. David Tran

@ 14:30 @ JAMES BAY AA

Should always think twice on a bet against the Bays at home. One observer reported that the Bays physically won the battle, bullied was the word used, the students thrown off their game by a physical Bays team. The Bays of old may be back. The Bays are now 2-0 and host Seattle next week, the Vikes host Westshore.

Mark: Never like betting against the Bays on home field but they've struggled a bit with rosters the last couple of seasons, missing some of the big name players they would normally get but who have gone to MLR options or the Pacific Pride this year. They did beat the Rowers in their first match by +2. UVic are also 1-0 on the season with a comprehensive 43-21 over CW. There no doubt UVic can put points on the board in a hurry if given time and space. Lachlan Kratz was one of the top backline players for Canada U20 at the JWRT this year. James O'Neill has been getting strong reviews at openside, definitely in the running for a national team spot next RWC cycle. For the Bays Mike Nieuwenhuysen always puts in a solid shift in the centres. Vikes likely have too much firepower over the 80 minutes. Prediction: Vikes by 18.

Aaron: Another away game for UVic and a chance for them to back up an impressive win in week 1. The statistics suggest that UVic might be showing a weakness at the lineout with a completion percentage of 56% in week 1, something that they will have to do something about this weekend. UVic have shown they are comfortable in attack with 5 linebreaks in week 1 and an impressive figure of averaging a handling error every 13 passes, the most effective in the league so far this season and 14 continuity attempts. The set piece is likely to be evenly contested as well as two proficient goal kickers on display, so it is unlikely that this will come down to grinding out a win with penalty kicks. With an impressive gainline efficiency of 70% so far this season for UVic I see them taking the win in this game. UVic by 25.

Brett: First game for James Bay after a couple of question-mark seasons. Uvic had a strong outing against a somewhat depleted CW squad, and seem to firing through the backline. This is a hard one to call. If JBAA has sounded the horn and reclaimed some classicly strong forwards, they could have a lot to say in this game. To add, this game has some extra on the line with the Stewart Cup competition. In the end the Uvic backline may just be too much for the blue to handle. Uvic by +21.

Robin: UVic 37 - 17 (UVic by 20)

Brian: UVic to beat James Bay by 12 points.

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Thomas Di Fiore
3. Spencer Cooper
4. Mitchell Wainman
5. Nick Pearce
6. Thomas Heuser
7. James O'Neill
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
11. Noah Bain
12. Jonas Robinson
13. Lachlan Kratz
14. Jarvis Dashkewytch
15. Gabriel Casey
16. Carter White
17. Denver Fatt
18. Daniel Jacobs
19. Payton Gibson
21. Liam Morrison
22. Callum Masterton
23. Nathan Bice

1. Nico Krawczyk
2. JC Fidinde
3. Blake van Heyningen Cpt.
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Peter Masimo
6. Coleman Braid
7. Jake Slobodian
8. Carson O'Sullivan
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Mitch Sora
11. Nathan Tough
12. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13. Tom Burton
14. John Buck
15. Aaron Evison

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