BC Rugby Weekend of October 5th 2019

October 05 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Results: CW Fall to Burnaby; Rowers Paddled by Ravens; Seattle Top Lomas; Pride Surge Past UVic; UBC Sting Nanaimo; Bays Draw with Caps


The +31 win was greater than any of the pundits predicted, Brian at +18 was the closest but everyone correctly predicted the match winner. Burnaby are now clear leaders in the league with 24 points with 5 wins from 5 games, only missing out on one BP. It was a dominant Burnaby performance and they were ahead 29-5 at the half, the first three tries through the forwards set the tone for the match. Next weekend is the Thanksgiving break, no matches except the UBC @ UVic Wightman Boot match. The week after, the 19th sees Burnaby travel to Capilano in the battle of the undefeated and CW travel to UBC for another tough match.

Mark: CW moving their roster around a bit as they're missing their captain Nathan Stewart. Liam Chisolm moves from second row to blindside and Luke Bradley comes back into the #8 role from center. James Pitblado looks like he'll be the #1 flyhalf for the near future and it's a decent halfback pairing with Schellenberger at #9. Burnaby have a strong forward pack, James Kelly put in a man of the match performance at hooker last weekend and he's beginning to show his potential. Lucas Albornoz and Callum Toi are both influential players in the forward pack. CW looking for their first win after two losses, Burnaby four wins on the trot. The teams met once last year with Burnaby winning by 7 on the road, add in home field advantage this time around and it looks like a Burnaby win. Prediction: Burnaby by 10.

Aaron: Two evenly matched teams in regards to winning their own set piece but Burnaby have a better defensive record than CW with an impressive tackle completion rate at 87%. Burnaby have been one of the more ill-disciplined teams in the league so far, averaging almost 11 penalties against them per game, 20 at the breakdown and 12 for foul play. CW have given away half that amount per game so far this season. In attack Burnaby have averaged almost 7 points per game more that CW, and are 27% more accurate with their goal kicking. Another home win in this one. Burnaby to win by 14.

Brett: Burnaby rolling strong, a usual contender. CW a good showing against the Pride, but came up short. They'll be travelling a little lighter than they'd like. I believe the last 20 minutes will go Burnaby's way. Burnaby +12.

Brian: Burnaby to get a good win on coach Aaron Flaherty's last match vs Castaway. Margin 18 points. (Burnaby by 18)

Robin: Burnaby 21-19 (Burnaby by 2)

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Jamie Kelly
3 Chris Atkinson
4 Lucas Albornoz
5 Tom Dear
6 Jeke Gotegote
7 Joey Tomlinson (i)
8 Callum Toi (i)
9 Geoff Ryan (Capt)
10 Neil Maclaine
11 Gino Paolella
12 Andrew Porter
13 Ben Mcdougall (i)
14 Dan Josok
15 Haydn Munck (i)
16. Dylan Vermette
17. Cameron Young
18. Kyle Perkins
19. Domenic Baptista
20. Randell Steele Blake
21. Darren McCrory
22. Nick Vandergoes
23. Brian Fitzpatrick

1. Clayton Thornber
2. Fil Pasagic
3. Doug Wooldridge
4. Jordon Montgomery
5. Quinn Horton
6. Liam Chisholm
7. John Humphries
8. Luke Bradley
9. Brandon Schellenberger
10. James Pitblado
11. Siôn Griffiths
12. Jack MCarthy
13. David Devillers
14. Balucci Kegode
15. Fergus Hall
16. Adam Turner
17. Cam Smith
18. Brandon Gerhardt
19. Alexander Kantypowicz
21. Oliver Winser
22. Orrin Watkinson
23. Daniel Griffiths


None of the pundits predicted this one, the first draw of the season. The BCRU reports it was 7 tries to 5 for Caps so they missed all but one of their conversions. Fortunately both clubs have excellent reporting so we'll hear both sides of the match. The result leaves Caps still undefeated in second place with 17 points, the Bays in 4th place with a 2-1-1 record for 12 points. On the 19th the Bays travel to the Lomas and the Caps host Burnaby.

Mark: Caps undefeated and sitting in second at 3-0, the Bays in 5th with a 2-1 record. A shock loss to Seattle last weekend at home even with the addition of Kainoa Lloyd who was called up to the World Cup squad this week to replace an injured Taylor Paris. Noah Barker is back in Bays blue for this match at hooker, a position where he might have a better chance of breaking into the national team starting rotation. At 27 he's still got a lot of front row career left to make the change. Will his return be enough to turn the tables as they go in as underdogs in the match? The Bays support for the ball carrier was lacking in the Seattle match and they've made a change at second row and moved the hooker JC Fidinde to blindside. Caps have a good forward pack led by veteran Glen McKinnon and openside Jordan Reid-Harvey. They are missing their starting #10 Jeremy Simon and Sam Franklin takes over, could that be a factor? This game has a toss up feeling to it, the result could go either way. The Caps won the matchup last year by 17 on the road, we'll give them the edge again. Prediction: Caps by 3.

Aaron: At the set piece in this game, the stats suggest that James Bay are more likely to win their own ball at the scrum with only one lost so far this season. Caps are 20% more efficient on their own ball at the lineout, an area that James Bay have struggled, winning just 65% or 17 out of 26 thrown in on their own throw. Outside of this, both teams are fairly evenly matched but Caps do have the slight edge in the attack stats. They are averaging one more try per game than James Bay at 3.7 tries per game, helped by their 4 linebreaks per game. With a 94% goal kicking average to back that up, my prediction is for a home win. Caps to win by 13

Brett: Both of these teams have caused headaches for us to predict. Capilano always strong at home. Capilano +9.

Brian: Caps to shade it against James Bay. Margin 6 points (Caps by 6)

Robin: James Bay 28-21 (James Bay by 7)

1 - Jesse Ryan
2 - Adrien Carcy
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Jordan Orr
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Jason de Freitas
7 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 - Glen McKinnon
9 - Chris Robinson (C)
10 - Sam Franklin
11 - Ben Cameron
12 - Eligh Papin
13 - Johnny Franklin
14 - Jared Andrews-Almack
15 - Phil Le Lievre
16. Ayden Radley
17. Carter Wanless
18. Graeme Buckler
19. James Ritzema
20. Johnny Adams
21. Reece Roberts
22. John Allen

James Bay
1. Nico Krawczyk
2. Noah Barker
3. Blake van Heyningen cpt.
4. Peter Masimo
5. Fischer Kooman
6. JC Fidinde
7. Jake Slobodian
8. Carson O'Sullivan
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Cooper Coats
11. Nathan Tough
12. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13. Kieran McAuley
14. John Buck
15. Thomas Burton
16. Andrew McPherson
17. Mac Greedy
18. Dakota Lachance
19. Sean Stewart
20. Mitch Pye
21. Mitch Sora
22. Nathan Waldman
23. Evan Boothroyd
24. Jordan Austin


The +17 result was in the middle of predictions, Brian and Aaron came close with +15. It was a 7 try to 5 result which sees UBC go to a 2-1 record and 10 points, currently tied with 3 other teams for 5th place. Nanaimo sits at the bottom of the standings with an 0-3 record. On the 19th UBC host CW and Nanaimo travel to UVic.

Mark: Nanaimo had some unfortunate news when their #10/#15 Stephen Gillies returned to Scotland last week due to injury. He complimented #9 Sam Fowler in providing experienced leadership in the backs. Also veteran Brad Marshall isn't in the roster, the good news is Cathal Long is back on the wing. UBC coming off their chippy upset win over previously undefeated Ravens show they're getting into season form now. Their experience at the World University tournament no doubt accelerating their progress. On paper it shouldn't be close, although Nanaimo gave them a bit of a scare last year in a 25-21 match that UBC went on to win. Prediction: UBC by 12.

Aaron: Statistically speaking this should be a close one based on the 2 games played so far this season by both sides. UBC are averaging a tackle completion of 84% and Nanaimo 83%. Nanaimo have the slight edge on scrums won on their own ball by 11% over UBC. Both teams have a productive lineout this year, averaging 94% and 93% for UBC and Nanaimo respectively. One are of concern for UBC might be their discipline over the last two games. They have been hard fought battle and they have been penalized by the referee 10 times this season for foul play (38% of their total penalties conceded). UBC are averaging 13 penalties per game with Nanaimo at 8.5 penalties a game (65% of theirs coming at the breakdown). Both teams have struggled to consistently create linebreaks although they have both shown ambition to play, both in the double digits for average continuity shots (UBC 14.5, Nanaimo 16.5). Both teams have kicked 2/3 of their shots at goal from either penalties or conversions. The statistics suggest that Nanaimo should win this one 17-13 but I think given the opposition UBC have played in their first two games (Burnaby Lake and Ravens) and having recorded a hard fought win against a good Ravens team last week I have to go with the team with more cohesion and momentum. UBC to win by 15.

Brett: Another heavyweight visiting the north island. Nanaimo scorelines have been getting narrower and narrower, full credit to them. UBC +28

Brian: UBC to beat Nanaimo by 15

Robin: UBC 37-15 (UBC by 22)

1. Nicholas Frost
2. Connor Sampson
3. Bryce Worden
4. Frank Carson
5. Liam Doll
6. Donald Carson
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Maxwell Radcliffe
10. Jack Scher
11. Evan Norris
12. Michael Smith
13. Elias Ergas
14. John Lan
15. Sam Hughes
16. David Carson
17. Sam Turner
18. Conor O'Flaherty
19. Callum Botchar
20. Connor Byron
21. John Tolton
22. Kilick Saxer
23. Nicholas Froese

1 Sawyer Barth
2 Tom Larder
3 Patrick Milford
4 Max Brook
5 Alex O'Dell
6 Matt Weir
7 Alex Brown
8 Zephyr Melnyk
9 Sam Fowler (c)
10 Jordan Hooke
11 Tye Woodruff
12 Lachlan Donnelly
13 Mua Tiumafifi
14 Cathal Long
15 Sam Reimer
16 Rick Keen
17 Makz Foot
18 Drew Fisher
19 D'Artagnan Mallet
20 Andrew Davidson
21 Ryan Bradley
22 Taniela Tulia
23 Brennan Bourchier


A +10 result for the home side, close to what was predicted with Mark the closest at +12. Seattle with two wins in a row go to a 2-3 record for 10 points. The Lomas with a 1-3 record for 7 points and 9th place. On the 19th the Lomas host James Bay and Seattle travel to Westshore.

Mark: Seattle won their first match last weekend at JBAA after losing their first 3. They've started adding some quality players to their roster however, Moses Lalasava, is one example. The Seattle Seawolves winger came into the match in the second half wearing #23 and immediately helped turn the match around. He's getting the start at fullback this week. The Saracens have both Dione Crowder and William Stowers in the backline this week and player of the match, Levi Penter, returns at #13. Marvin (Joey) Iosefa comes into the reserves bench, he played a season for the New England Patriots of the NFL in 2015. He's also was called up by the MLR champions Seattle Seawolves last season. So Seattle look fully loaded this week and capable of putting points up in a hurry. The Lomas lost both matches to Seattle last year but kept it close -6 and -8. The Lomas coming off their first win of the season last weekend over the Rowers who have yet to claim a win this year. It's all pointing to a Seattle victory. Prediction: Seattle by 12.

Aaron: Unfortunately due to weather in week 2 we do not include the statistics for the Lomas home loss against the Ravens 7-53. According to the stats we do have, Lomas should have the slight edge at the set piece against Seattle. Their scrum and lineout efficiency on their own ball has risen in the last few week to show 93% and 73% respectively. In comparison, Seattle show 85% success on their own ball at the scrum and 71% at the lineout, something that Lomas may target this weekend as a Seattle weakness with a slow set piece dominated game. Both teams have struggled consistently in attack managing to average 1.8 linebreaks per game for Seattle and 0.5 linebreaks per game for Lomas. Both teams have struggled to get over the gainline in attack and are both roughly 10% short of the target 65% in attacking gainline success (Lomas 57% & Seattle 55%). Lomas have the slight edge in the scoring department, averaging 3.5 tries per game and have a goal kicking success rate of 90%. Looking back on the game from last week, Seattle will no doubt have looked at the 3-4 possible try scoring opportunities they left on the field. Both teams had big away wins last week so they will both feel like they have some momentum going into this one. Perhaps home soil will give Seattle the slight advantage? Seattle to win by 16.

Brett: Seattle getting to defend their side of the border after a breakout game last weekend. Lomas looked very strong as well. Look for the Seattle fliers to break this one open. Seattle +16.

Brian: Seattle Lomas draw.

Robin: Seattle 17 - 14 (Seattle by 3)

1. Matthew Duncan
2. E Tiauli Halleluiah
3. Louis Henson
4. Ben Keith
5. Eric Soto
6. Cole Van Harn
7. Matthew Potter
8. Aladdin Schirmer
9. Jack Cannon
10. Jonny Reid
11. Dion Crowder
12. William Stowers
13. Levi Penter
14. Tristan Ingold
15. Mosese Munez Lalasava
16. Daniel Trierweiler
17. Kellen Gordon
18. Alfred Taufuna
19. Ben Gustafson
20. Andrew Kiernan
21. Marvin Iosefa
22. Pierre Wood
23. Caleb Nonoa

1. Nathan Amey
2. Scott McGinley
3. Angelo Pepe
4. Matthew Kerr
5. Patryk Zuk
6. Thomas Barlow Craig
7. Connor McCann
8. Matt Berry
9. Thomas Viljoen
10. James Morgan
11. Caylem Chambers
12. Isaac Winter
13. Jalan Farris
14. Evan Lloyd
15. Dewi Williams
16. Ty Tuckett
17. Daniel Fumano
18. Daren Du
20. Anton Belozerov
21. Peko Anton
22. Cody Schaeffer
23. Oliver Owen


Everyone predicted the winner - Brian at +45 was the closest in the differential. The Rowers had the wedding bell blues as their first team traded boots for tuxes and the reserves and 3rd filled in according to second hand reports. The Ravens are a solid third in the standings at 3-1 and 16 points. Rowers are winless in 5 attempts but have 3 bonus points. On the 19th the Ravens and Rowers have a bye.

Mark: We're hearing the Rowers may be short some of their starters as someone has decided to plan their wedding on a Saturday in rugby season - it happens. That might boost up the winning margin a bit although the Ravens would have been favourites anyway. The Ravens smarting after experiencing their first loss of the season against UBC last weekend. The Ravens have some attacking prowess in the backs with Aaron McLelland, Colby Mason and Jorden Sandover-Best. Their scrum should be solid anchored by tighthead Chris Taylor. Prediction: Ravens by 28.

Aaron: It should be an exciting game from an attack perspective this week from both teams. Both teams like to keep the ball alive and with Ravens averaging 15 continuity shots and 5.5 linebreaks per game and Rowers averaging 18.5 continuity shots per game but only 1.5 linebreaks. The Ravens scrum has looked solid winning 100% of their own ball at the scrum according to the games we have coded for them this season. The Rowers aren’t far behind, with 91% wins on their own ball. The Rowers might want to put some pressure on the Ravens lineout, only a 67% success rate for the Ravens from 21 lineouts on their own throw. From the stats there isn’t much between the two teams in defence, Ravens averaging 85% tackle competition and Rowers averaging 83%. Rowers have struggled in kicking points from penalties and conversions just 69% accuracy. Ultimately this game will come down to tries scored, Ravens averaging 5.5 tries per game in the two games coded in comparison to 3 from the Rowers. Ravens to win by 19.

Brett: Jericho park is a fortress right now, and this rivalry is old, but the Rowers may not have quite enough to crack them this season. Ravens +19

Brian: Ravens to bounce back from last weeks defeat against UBC by beating the Rowers comfortably. Margin 45 (Ravens by 45)

Robin: Ravens 29 - 12 (Ravens by 17)

1 Jake Mclachlan (i)
2. Matias Suez
3. Chris Taylor
4. James Carson
5. Cam Eric
6. Patrick Richardson
7. David ODonoghue (c) (i)
8. Tim Richardson
9. Jorden Sandover-Best (RC)
10. Robert Jones
11. Sean Hase
12. Kol Henrikson
13. Colby Mitch Mason (i)
14. Jef Vreys
15. Aaron Mclelland
16. Neil Murphy (i)
17. Angus MacPhail
18. Dan Cervino (i)
19. Mathew Chan
20. Brian Moylett (i)
21. Tarzan Mac Kay Cantin
22. Sean Duke



The +39 win wasn't expected, Brett at +19 was the closest. UVic actually had most of the possession and territory early in the match and it looked like they would be the stronger team early on. It was 7-7 after a quarter of play. A deeper bench and the fitness of a full time squad were likely factors as the second half belonged to the Pride and they piled the points on quickly once they gained dominance. For the Vikes their blindside Thomas Di Fiore put in a solid performance before he came off injured in the second half. For the Pride a lot of numbers 16 to 22 looked good in the second half, and Jake Thiel was one of the more noticeable as the game wore on. The Pride are carrying a number of injuries and will look forward to the break. Their next match is Oct 26th against the Ravens, the Vikes host UBC in the Wightman Boot match next weekend.

Mark: Should be an epic match featuring young talent on both sides. Another Vikilani added to the Pride with Taitusi #6 joining Siaki at #8 as Jamie Cudmore looking to add some physicality to the forwards. A couple of Pride players going up against their old teammates with former Vikes Crosby Stewart starting at #9 and Brennig Prevost at fullback. Lots of talent on the Vikes side with a centre pairing of Mostyn Findlay and Lachlan Kratz - Ethan Hager off the bench shows the Vikes plan on sustaining the outside attack for a full 80. This should be very entertaining rugby. Prediction: Pride by 6.

Aaron: One of the most impressive aspects of the Pride’s victory last week at CW was their defensive display. They made 120 tackles with a 92% completion rate. UVic will have to move the Pride defence around to create space, something the stats suggest they have done in their opening 3 games of the season. UVic have tried to play a fast paced game averaging over 17 continuity shots per game and over 13 sequences of more than 3 consecutive passes. They have been reasonably accurate too, averaging a handling error every 12 passes, one of the highest in the league (Pride managed 8 passes per error in week 1). Uvic are averaging 5 tries per game, the Pride scored 6 in week 1. UVic are 20% more accurate with their goal kicking which might be a factor if it is a close game. Both teams are averaging 36 points per game so you might expect a high scoring affair if the weather cooperates. A number of spectators on the sidelines at CW last weekend suggested that this Pride team will go from strength to strength as the season goes on, I tend to agree. Pride to win by 10.

Brett: This should, regardless of score, be a very exciting game. The Pride forwards were strong in the CW game, and any one of them can score breakout tries. Pride +19

Brian: Pride to back up last weeks win and beat U Vic by 4 (Pride by 4)

Robin: Vikes 31 - 29 (Vikes by 2)

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Carter White
3. Spencer Cooper
4. Nathaniel Dring
5. Nick Pearce
6. Thomas Di Fiore
7. Thomas Heuser
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
12. Mostyn Findlay
13. Lachlan Kratz
14. Jarvis Dashkewytch
15. Liam Morrison
16. Denver Fatt
17. Ethan Hager
18. Nathan Yue
19. Callum Masterton
20. Nicolas Mouret
21. Payton Gibson
22. Darian Morrison

Pacific Pride
1. Liam Murray
2. Dewald Kotze
3. Tyler Rowland
4. Nolan Howell
5. Reid Davis
6. Taitusi Vikilani
7. Mason Flesch
8. Siaki Vikilani
9. Crosby Stewart
10. William Kelly
11. Thomas Isherwood
12. Quinn Ngawati
13. David Richard
14. Alexander Russell
15. Brennig Prevost
16. Michael McCarthy
17. Morgan MacIntyre
18. Nik Hildebrand
19. Edward Ilnicki
20. Richardson Mitch
21. D'Shawn Bowen
22. Jake Thiel

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