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October 09 2019

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Capilano RFC Match Reports: Wins in Women's Premier and Men's Reserve - Draw with JBAA in Men's Premier

It was another excellent rugby day at Klahanie Park. The Bob Spray, stadium field, was re opened after extensive repairs and upgrades to the drainage system. The new club scoreboard shone brightly and is now hard wired. To add to the excitement of the day, the Vancouver Rugby Union President Peter Muirhead presented a new trophy to the Capilano RFC that can be celebrated by the entire membership. Capilano has been voted the best club to play against by the VRU members. TheVRU club of the year trophy is named after Dave Brown. The Capilano Club has worked hard for many years to upgrade the facilities and make Klahanie a top notch rugby venue. Klahanie is a first class facility and a great place to play or watch rugby. The gate fee helps offset the cost of feeding and watering the visitors as well as the home teams. All Capilano members from the executive down to the volunteer workers that make it all possible, to the alumni, mini’s, snowcaps, players and fans can be proud of this award. This will be another reason to celebrate our 50th season of Capilano Rugby!

Capilano 2nd Division Women

United won this game handily 39-0

The Capilano Women’s 2nd team was downed handily by the United side. It was a one sided affair today with the Caps not up to their usual winning style. United looked strong and cohesive from what I saw of the game. Congratulations to United and thanks to the referee.

Capilano 3rd Division Men

Capilano won this game 34-27 over Ridge Meadows. I didn’t see much of it as it was on at the same time as the Premier Women. Caps appeared to have territorial advantage from what I could see from afar. It was a try fest thought with Caps coming out on top. The Caps team is young but continues to show promise. Congratulations on the win, thanks to Ridge Meadows for the game and thanks to the referee.

Capilano Premier Women

Caps won this game 77-5 over Abbotsford. This was another mis- matched contest with a First Division team in against a Premier side. These games pit mostly young players against more experienced players and the results are predictable. Premier teams are running up astronomical points against 1st Division opposition. The League needs to deal with this! Caps are resting several players from the Canadian Championship side and they are still strong. Today it was generally one way traffic with Caps up 50 points before Abby got on the board with a well earned score. Stacey Hake was running amok for her team and scored two. Danielle Fearns also score a couple. Christina Burnham scored and was a field general swinging the ball wide at will. Savannah Bacchus, a recent addition from Alberta, scored two while playing in the centers instead of her usual scrum position. The Robinson sisters Ashley and Mel both score singles. Shannon Craig added the conversion on one of those. Then it was Shannon Craig who played well at number 10 to make it 57. Sarah Bill an English flanker also playing in the backs scored on a long run. Sahel Tehrani a wing replacement came on and scored the final try to make it 77-5. Lindsay Nicholson had another strong outing and chipped in with an assist and a couple of conversions. Congratulations to Caps and thanks to Abbotsford for the game. Thanks also to the referee for his assistance. The teams then headed to the clubhouse for food and a boat race.

The Capilano Premier Women were recognized at half time of the Premier Men’s game. VRU official Connie McGinley, praised the team for a fantastic season that saw them become BC Champions, Williams Lake winners and Canadian Champs. This is quite an accomplishment in the 50th season of Capilano Rugby. The Women’s program has been well supported by the club and they continue to be a power house team. Well done to the Capilano Women!

John Langley

Premier Reserve Men and Premier Men

Saturday afternoon, Klahanie Park, sunshine and the beverages flowing like the Capilano River right next door. This was a great day before the Premier Reserves and Premier Men games even started. 

Both Capilano and James Bay came into the day with fairly equal stats and records. Several fans standing near me thought these would be two close hard fought games, and we were not disappointed. Both games could have been won by either team, it was that close.

The Reserves game had the Caps start lively as the visitors found their land legs. After about 15 minutes JB started to take control and shortly after a JB scrum their # 8 had a smooth run over the Caps line to open the scoring. 7-0 JB. The Caps tried to right the ship but JB would not be denied and their # 2 found pay dirt after another strong scrum from the JB pack. 12-0 for JB. Caps pushed back hard and after a nice run by #2 Curtis Nelson thought they scored only to have it brought back because of a forward pass. A few minutes later the Caps # 6 Reese Roberts crossed to make the score 12-7 JB. Just before the half Caps struck again with a dash into the far corner where numbers are hard to see. Half over with teams knotted at 12.

The second half remained scoreless until the 60th minute when Caps # 10 Curtis Wanless got the ball near the JB goal line and a couple of jukes later dotted down. 19-12 Caps. Caps ran into a bit a penalty trouble around this time and soon had one and then two men in the bin. JB's scrum again had their way and after several passes to the outside the JB winger ran in uncontested. With no extras the score was 19-17 Caps.  Now the nail biting began and even though the Caps had a few giveaways they showed great resolve and closed the game out to take the narrowest of victories.

The JB forwards impressed me as their set pieces were spot on all game. As for the Caps, the young back line was a handful for JB to handle. As well, I have to mention Caps # 8 Kes Kasha, whose steadying influence kept the Capilano pack from being overwhelmed at times.  

Thank you to James Bay and to the referee.

On to the main event. The Blue Crush in their dark blue and the Caps in their black and gold. The Caps kicked off and promptly stole the ball. After a strong run by # 11 Ben Cameron,  # 3 Neil Courtney does the honour of opening the Cap account. No extras 5- Caps. Five minutes later the Franklin brothers, # 10 Sam and # 13 Johnny combine for the Caps second crossing of the afternoon. With extras 12-0 Caps. As is often the case, JB rights their ship and it wasn't long before # 12 Mike Niewenhuysen had one of his many big runs of the game. He smoothly ran by a few tacklers to get the Bays on the board. 12-7 Caps. JB was now coming hard and soon they hammered another try to tie the game at 12. Now it was the Caps turn to deliver a blow and who better to do that than # 8 Glen McKinnon. McKinnon was a force all game and on this occasion he quickly tapped twice to set the table for Courtney to lay off to # 9 Chris Robinson for a fiver. 17-15 Caps. A JB penalty kick and another JB try soon had the Bays back in front 25-17. Caps scored the final points of the half to make the score 25-22 Bays at the break.

The second half was a carbon copy of the first half. The Caps opened the second half with a concerted team effort to move the length of the field and with Johnny Franklin's strong running it was left to Neil Courtney to finish the drive. Caps up 27-25.Things got even brighter for Caps when Johnny Franklin backed himself on a little chip and chase to give the Caps a 32-25 lead. In around this time the Bays had some penalty issues and had two men in the bin. This didn't deter the Bays as they started to roll with hard running and soon the roared back with two tries to take a 37 - 32 lead with only a few minutes remaining. Now it was nail biting time for the Bays as they hung on to the lead. The last several minutes had the Caps pounding away at the Bays line only to be held up or repelled by the stout defense. The Bays were penalized two or three times but the Caps didn't use the advantage until Glen McKinnon found the smallest of openings and willed his way over the line. 37-37 with no extras.

Like the Reserve game, points left on the field or penalties given are a negative talking point that takes away from a brilliant game that was exciting to the end.  Both teams made great plays and not so great plays but that's the beauty of the contest.

For the Bays # 12 Nieuwenhusen was a pleasure to watch in the backs while # 6 Fidinde had a big workload in the pack.

For the Caps # 13 J. Franklin was equally up to the task as was # 3 Courtney.

Thanks to James Bay for an awesome game and thank you to the game officials.

Steve Feenstra 

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