Canada U18 & U20 ID Camps

October 22 2019


BC U18 and U20 Rugby Canada ID Camp Wrapup

There was a BC U18 and U20 men's ID camp run by Rugby Canada this past weekend in Vancouver, facilitated by BCRU and attended by a number of BC coaches. The attending players are listed below along with some information from the camp. There were similar camps run in other regions of the country.

There were a number of BC players who didn't attend, 5 due to injury, 8 didn't respond to the invite and 8 who declined.

The players came into camp on Friday morning and in the first session of the day they completed a Bronco fitness assessment. The players overall were above the national average for their positions which was a positive. The skills focused on were Catch & Pass, Tackle Technique, Breakdown Area and Post Tackle Work on the Ground. They played a number of games to highlight the skill focus areas. On the Sunday there was an inter-squad game which saw all players participate and show very well, given the wet conditions throughout the camp.

There were a large number of BC based coaches and managers that came along at some point to either observe or provide some coaching/feedback to the players. These include:

1. Aaron Takel
2. Scott Manning
3. Adam Roberts
4. Jeff Williams
5. Jamie Cudmore
6. Jared Barker
7. Greg Clague
8. Sean White
9. Harry Curtin
10. Luke Robson
11. Doug Branchflower - Manager
12. Mike Flynn - Manager
13. Derek Pue – Video Analyst

During the camp there were also presentations in the evening about University rugby opportunities by Adam Roberts, BC Rugby programs in 2020 by Aaron Takel and also from Jamie Cudmore about the Pride Academy.

There will be a full review of the camp in the coming weeks. Every player had multiple one to one meetings with their assigned coaches and will have follow up meetings to go over actions points for the future.

The U18 players will be selected for a tour to San Diego in December and the U20’s will have a camp starting on January 3rd. All selections are done by RC staff and will be communicated by them.

There are a couple of items such as scheduling the camp during club fixtures which will need to be looked at so that coaches and players aren’t pulled in multiple directions.

Camp Participants (Position, Birth Year, Last Name, First Name)

1 BR 2002 Begin David
2 Midfield 2002 Boothroyd Ryan
3 Outside Half 2001 Bourne Jacob
4 Scrum Half 2002 Brown Henry
5 Wing 2002 Buck  Storm
6 TH 2002 Buckingham Koen
7 Full Back 2002 Champion Ted
8 TH 2000 Chitan Alex
9 Midfield 2000 Clark Alex
10 LH 2001 Denouden Willem
11 BR 2001 Down Henry
12 BR 2002 Falcon Nicolas
13 Hooker 2002 Ficocelli Joey
14 BR 2002 Fourie Hanno
15 Back Row 2001 Gerlib Sheldon
16 Hooker 2000 Gerth Caleb
17 Full Back 2000 Griffiths Sion
18 Scrum Half 2002 Hall Keegan
19 Outside Half 2001 Hodgkins Jamin
20 Full Back 2002 Hussey Finn
21 Outside Half 2002 Levale Josiah
22 Scrum Half 2002 MacDonald Spencer
23 LH 2000 Mallard David
24 TH 2001 Mctavish Ian
25 BR 2000 Melnyk Zepher
26 Lock 2001 Mitchell  Liam
27 Hooker 2002 Moller Pheonix
28 Outside Half 2002 Morrisey Thomas
29 Scrum Half 2001 Okano Lucas
30 TH 2001 Paul Simon
31 TH 2001 Piper George
32 Scrum Half 2001 Smith Ethan
33 Lock 2002 Smith Owen
34 TH 2000 Steeves Kyle
35 BR 2002 Strautman Adam
36 Midfield 2002 Turi Matt
37 Outside Half 2001 Turner Ethan
38 Lock 2002 Wilson-Valdez Relmu

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