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October 29 2019

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Capilano Face Strong UBC Teams in Losses in Premier and Reserve

Capilano Women 2nd Division vs. Scribes

Scribes won this game 48-0 in what was not a good day for the Capilano RFC. The Premier Women were on a bye week and the 2nd Div team was on the back foot all game to the defending Champions. Caps met the Scribes in the Provincial Championship last spring and it was much closer than it was today. Congratulations to the Scribes and thanks to the referee.

Capilano 3rd Division Men: UBC 53-10

UBC has a strong rugby program and Curry Hitchborn, a former Capilano coach, has done a remarkable job recruiting young players from BC and elsewhere. There is an abundance of talent throughout the UBC Men’s program. UBC scored often and were the better team today. Caps did not stop trying but they were over matched. The Cap coaches did well in getting their reserves into the game. UBC did likewise and they cleared their bench. High tackling was a problem for the Caps and this led to yellow cards giving added advantage to UBC frosh. Congratulations to UBC and thanks to the referee.

John Langley

Capilano Premier Reserve Men and Premier Men

Beautiful sunny skies greeted the teams and spectators as Capilano RFC travelled to the Endowment lands to take on the UBC Totems, Braves, and Thunderbirds. The usual brisk breeze provided perfect conditions for the three games.

 Unfortunately, the Capilano teams that played so well against Burnaby the week before had a rude awakening against the students. The Premier and Premier Reserve games were never close. Scores of 51-7 for the Braves and 80-33 for the Thunderbirds tell the story of a long and trying afternoon for the black and gold.

There's not much point in describing each try in detail but suffice it to say the students scored in every possible way. As well, the Braves and Birds never took the foot off the throttle so tries that the Caps did get were not gimmies but the result of hard work against the reality of lop-sided scores. During this long afternoon, one play stood out for me in the Premier game. A Thunderbird player was racing down the sideline for another sure score when out of nowhere Caps # 13 Johnny Franklin tracked him down and caused the Bird to lose possession at the goal line. A great Capilano effort but the Birds score only a minute later to negate that great effort. That's the kind of day it was. One step forward, two backwards.

UBC is a well oiled machine with a strong forward group and some hard running backs. The centres, in particular for both the Birds and Braves, were dynamic with their pace and precise in their passing.

The Capilanos will have a few weeks off to regroup and refocus on what has been a very successful season until this week.

Thanks to the Referee's and to UBC for hosting.

Steve Feenstra

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