BC Rugby Weekend of November 2nd 2019

November 02 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Results Week 8: Burnaby Tame Vikes; James Bay Dominate CW; UBC Soar Past Lomas; Seattle Edge Nanaimo; Ravens Crush Westshore; Pride Top Rowers

#1 (24 points) hosting #5 (17 points)

Burnaby put in 5 first half tries and were off to the races early on. Tries by captain O'Toole, Kelly, Josok, Watkins and Fitzpatrick put Burnaby in the lead 31-0 at halftime. Josok scored his second, Porter added another before UVic got on the board for a 43-5 second half score, Burnaby added two more by McDougall and Porter for a final of 57-5. Big scorelines were the theme of the day with several lopsided results. Burnaby and UBC remain top of the standings with 29 points. It's the Remembrance Day weekend next with a break from Premier play. On Nov 16th Burnaby will travel to the Ravens while UVic will be concentrating on the University Championships. They play the Calgary Dinos in a qualifying match next weekend and with a win would head to Montreal to play in the Championship tournament.

Mark: Burnaby coming off that upset loss to Capilano and then having to stew over it during a bye week should be ready to roll in front of the home crowd on Saturday. They were missing two key players during that loss, hooker James Kelly and scrum half Reid Watkins, both are back in the roster this week. The Vikes as usual will be dangerous on the counter attack with lots of strike runners out wide. Noah Bain in particular one to watch outside. Vikes have their #8 back in the roster, Nick Carson, an influential player. Vikes will play the CanWest final against Calgary Dinos next weekend to decide who takes the West #2 spot to the University Nationals in Montreal later this month, they'll want to come out injury-free in this match. If Burnaby control the ball with their big forwards and keep the turnovers to a minimum they should be able to impose themselves in the match. Burnaby by 9.

Brett: This could be an interesting one. There's no question UVic packs a talented backline and open play, but they've been susceptible to being bullied around. Burnaby carries that weight in their active forward pack. I see a high scoring game, with Burnaby establishing a strong forward foothold early. Burnaby +16

Aaron: Burnaby win by 7

Brian: Burnaby to beat U Vic by 5 (Burnaby +5)

Robin: Vikes 29-21 (Vikes +8)


1. Adrian Longbone
2. James Kelly
3. Chris Atkinson
4. Lucas Albornoz
5. Michael O'Toole
6. Domenic Baptista
7. Joey Tomlinson
8. Callum Toi
9. Reid Watkins
10. Hayden Munck
11. Gino Paolella
12. Neil Maclaine
13. Ben McDougall
14. Dan Josok
15. Brian Fitzpatrick
16. Dylan Vermette
17. Cameron Young
18. Scott Mackay
19. Thomas Dear
20. Fuku Vikilani
21. Geoffrey Ryan
22. Cian Keegan
23. Andrew Porter


1. Gavin Kratz
2. Thomas Di Fiore
3. Spencer Cooper
4. Nick Pearce
5. Benjamin Newhook
6. Thomas Heuser
7. James O'Neill
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
12. Mostyn Findlay
13. Gabriel Casey
14. Noah Bain
15. Liam Morrison
16. Carter White
17. Denver Fatt
18. Jarvis Dashkewytch
19. Nathan Yue
20. Nathaniel Dring
21. Nicolas Mouret
22. Ethan Hager
23. Darian Morrison

#7 (16 points) hosting #11 (8 points)

No one predicted a +33 result for the Bays as their up and down season continues. CW scored first and then it was all James Bay, they were up 50-7 before CW answered with two tries. There were apparently more cards at the game than a cribbage tournament in what by social media accounts was a feisty match. We'll get the full story when JBAA submit their report. CW play a makeup game against Westshore next weekend while other teams take in the Remembrance Day break. The Bays don't see action until Nov 23rd when they host the Ravens, CW visit the Rowers on Nov 16th. The Bays go to a 4-1-2 record for 21 points, CW languishes at 1-5 and 8 points.

Mark: Always a difficult one to handicap. JBAA missing Cooper Coats at #10 could be a factor. CW seeing the return of two leaders on the team John Braddock and Nathan Stewart also could be influential. Both teams coming off impressive wins, JBAA over Vikes by 3 and CW over Lomas by 25. The 6 try breakout win by CW may indicate their attack is finally coming together. CW also add to the bench Mike Adibe, a top finisher who hasn't shown up in the roster yet this season, another potential factor. Adding up the factors, have to go with the visitors this week. Prediction: CW by 3.

Brett: An old, long standing competition renews at the house of Bay's. Always a difficult match to call, as the two teams will grind and wear each other down. JBAA difficult to predict this season, CW getting their feet under them again. CW regaining some needed veterans in Stewart and Braddock. Look for CW to carry momentum into this one. CW +9

Aaron: CW win by 1

Brian: James Bay to beat Castaway by 4 (James Bay +4)

Robin: JBAA 22 - 14 (JBAA +8)

1 Nico Krawczyk
2 Noah Barker
3 Blake van Heyningen
4 Carson O'Sullivan
5 Jimmy de Goede
6 JC Fidinde
7 Tom Eton
8 Jake Slobodian
9 Rhys Gregory
10 Mitch Sora
11 Nate Tough
12 Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13 Tom Burton
14 Kieran McAuley
15 Hamish Pyne
16 Kerry Park
17 Mac Greedy
18 Brandon Sidhu-Scherer
19 Fischer Kooman
20 Jordan Ford
21 Hunta Marsh
22 John Buck
23 Jakob Butler
24 Ben Curley

1. John Braddock
2. Filip Pasagic
3. Quinn Horton
4. Riley Ilnicki
5. Liam Chisholm
6. Matt Sutherland
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Nathan Stewart
9. Brandon Schellenberger
10. James Pitblado
11. Siôn Griffiths
12. Lucas Bradley
13. David Devillers
14. Jack MCarthy
15. Fergus Hall
16. Cameron Smith
17. Doug Wooldridge
18. Jordon Montgomery
19. Kyle Hohert
20. Mike Adibe
22. David Keta

#9 (12 points) hosting #2 (24 points)

This was a result everyone was expecting but no one picked a +45 differential. UBC continue on a roll tied for first while Lomas remain in 9th with a 2-5 record and 12 points. The Lomas don't see action until the 23rd when they'll host Burnaby while UBC prepare for the University Championships in Montreal where they are two time defending champions.

Mark: Lomas went up the rankings when they crushed James Bay by 33 points but then slid down the following week when they lost to CW by 25 points. Connor McCann at openside one player they're missing since the win over the Bays. UBC roster similar to the one that put +47 points on Capilano last weekend. Should be a UBC win. Prediction: UBC by 24.

Brett: UBC not quite as dominant as the past couple years, but drawing on their huge program depth from the past few years. Last weekend however, was a fully dominant performance offensively. Lomas will take advantage of mistakes and space, but UBC should take this one. UBC + 35

Aaron: UBC win by 10

Brian: UBC to beat Lomas by 25 (UBC +25)

Robin: UBC 43 - 17 (UBC +26)

1 Reese Hemmens
2 Eugene Van Der Merke
3 Dan Fumano
4 Matt Kerr
5 Pat Zuk
6 James Ryan
7 Mike Robinson
8 Matt Berry
9 Tom Vilijon
10 James Morgan
11 Antun Peko
12 Isaac Winter
13 Jalan Farris
14 Hayes Bishop
15 Dewi Williams
16 Scottie McGinley
17 Nathan Amey
18 Jackson Bushell
19 Anton Belozerov
20 Billy Noonan
21 Justin Fanselo
22 Kieran Ackford
23 Caylem Chambers


1. Nicholas Frost
2. Connor Sampson
3. Bryce Worden
4. Frank Carson
5. Liam Doll
6. Donald Carson
7. Michael Smith
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Maxwell Radcliffe
10. Jack Scher
11. Evan Norris
12. Adam McQueen
13. Daniel Archer
14. John Lan
15. Fraser Hurst
16. David Carson
17. Joshua Tweed
18. Sam Turner
19. Owain Ruttan
20. Connor Byron
21. Flynn Heyes
22. Sam Hughes
23. Matthew Percillier

#4 (18 points) hosting #12 (6 points)

The closest match of the weekend, the +16 Seattle win without a bonus point gives them a 4-4 record and tied with Capilano for 3rd/4th spot at 22 points but with Ravens and JBAA charging hard at 21 points with games in hand. Nanaimo remain in 12th just above Rowers in the standings. On Nov 16th Seattle have a bye while Nanaimo travel to Capilano.

Mark: Nanaimo coming off their first win last week, at home vs Westshore. This week on the road it will be a tougher task. Seattle with a similar roster to last week when they defeated the Rowers by 10 at home. One difference is their outstanding #10 Jonny Reid isn't listed in the match day 23 and the job goes to Driu Naori who was the Premier Reserve scrum-half last season. That might open the door a bit for Nanaimo if they can put him under pressure. Seattle going in as heavy favourites but going for the long shot on this and backing the underdog. Prediction: Nanaimo by 2.

Brett: Nanaimo claiming a scalp at home against a decently manned Westshore side. We'll see what sort of depth they can carry across the border. Seattle looking dangerous this year. Seattle +19

Aaron: Seattle win by 5

Brian: Seattle to beat Nanaimo by 9 (Seattle +9)

Robin: Seattle 24 - 17 (Seattle +7)


1. Kellen Gordon
2. Giuseppe Semeraro
3. Louis Henson
4. Taylor Krumrei
5. Ben Keith
6. Matthew Potter
7. Ryan Snider
8. Cole Van Harn
9. Jack Cannon
10. Driu Naori
11. Will Brennan
12. William Stowers
13. Levi Penter
14. Tristan Ingold
15. Mosese Munez Lalasava
16. E Tiauli Halleluiah
17. Alfred Taufuna
18. Danny Sonon
19. Ben Gustafson
20. Chase Bates
21. Eric Soto
22. Jordan Jenkins
23. Killian Keane


1 Sawyer Barth
2 Tom Larder
3 Makz Foot
4 Alex O'Dell
5 Matt Weir
6 Alex Brown
7 Antonio Corbin
8 Zephyr Melnyk
9 Sam Fowler (c)
10 Jordan Hooke
11 Brennan Bourchier
12 Max Brook
13 Mua Tiumafifi
14 Gareth Pritchard
15 Sam Reimer
16 Andreas Krawczyk
17 Cameron McKerrow
18 Drew Fisher
19 Zack Mayo
20 Andrew Davidson
21 Aidan Finnegan
22 Ryan Bradley
23 Thomas Kobayashi

#13 (3 points) hosting #8 (15 points)

A +40 win for the Pride who are now the only undefeated side at 4-0. The Rowers remain in the cellar. Brian nailed the differential for the only prediction bonus point this week. The Pacific Pride host Westshore at Westhills Stadium on Nov 16th while the Rowers host CW.

Mark: The Pride haven't been defeated yet this season and seem to be getting stronger as they start to gel, they're 3 for 3 with bonus points in each win. The Rowers have yet to win a match in 6 outings. The Rowers have talent with Doug Fraser and Jordan Wilson-Ross in the backs. Josh Thiel gets his first start this season for the Pride and he'll be going up against Doug Fraser, should be an interesting matchup to watch. Pride obviously go in as favourites and we don't see the upset coming on this one. Prediction: Pride by 18.

Brett: Unfortunately for the Rowers, the Pride are rolling hard, and the oarmen just do not have the depth to compete with them. Pride +38

Aaron: Pride win by 25

Brian: Pride to beat Rowers by 40 (Pride +40)

Robin: Pride 39 - 12 (Pride +27)


1. Liam Murray
2. Dewald Kotze
3. Tyler Rowland
4. Marc-Antoine Ouellet
5. Austin James
6. Edward Ilnicki
7. Mason Flesch
8. Siaki Vikilani
9. Crosby Stewart
10. William Kelly
11. David Richard
12. Joshua Thiel
13. Quinn Ngawati
14. Antonin Ngongo
15. Alexander Russell
16. Morgan MacIntyre
17. Michael McCarthy
18. Taitusi Vikilani
19. Guiseppe du Toit
20. Brennig Prevost
21. D'Shawn Bowen


1. Eddy Quinn
2. Jason Carton
3. Robert Spearing
4. Charles Suyker
5. Kevin Nanne
6. Mason Pedersen
7. Raymond Bissonette
8. Colin Cooper
9. Christopher Nolan
10. Nick Wackwitz
11. Morgan Brinson
12. Doug Fraser
13. Ryan Brett-Williams
14. Migthy Okafor
15. Jordon Wilson-Ross
16. Josh Waller
17. Jack Warren
18. Michael Cooke
19. Joe Holland
20. Tom O’Hare
22. Gregory Crowe
23. Connor Hines

#10 (11 points) hosting #6 (16 points)

A +45 for the Ravens exceeded the pundits expectations but followed the pattern of blowouts this weekend. The difference in intensity between the two teams was apparent early on, Ravens dominating the contact area on both sides of the ball and exhibiting greater speed with their ball movement. The game was 12-8 early in the first half, Westshore decided to tap and go instead of taking an easy 3 points in front of the posts and it was never close after that. Colby Mason was a force in the centres with tacklers showing a distinct lack of enthusiasm to take him on when he got up a head of steam. Jorden Sandover-Best kept the Ravens attack operating at a pace that Westshore weren't able to deal with. Westshore travel to CW next weekend for a makeup game while the Ravens host Burnaby on Nov 16th in a battle of the top contenders.

Mark: Both teams coming off losses, the Ravens the victims of a strong last 10 minutes by the Pacific Pride and Westshore victim of a slow start against Nanaimo. Both rosters looking similar this week, the Ravens missing #8/centre Brian Moylett and #8 Grant Crowell. Westshore have moved Tyler Symon-Burke from second row to blindside flanker. Westshore tighthead Bryce McKinnon has being playing well and he goes up against Chris Taylor the former Ireland U20 player who has been a standout in the BC Premier at tighthead. He's moving over to loosehead for this match and that should be an interesting contest to watch. The Ravens are moving second row James Carson to tighthead. The danger men for Ravens, Aaron McLelland at fullback and Jorden Sandover-Best at scrum half. Spencer Jones at outside centre is one to watch for Westshore and they field a capable set of loose forwards. The favourites no doubt are the two time defending champions, Ravens, but we'll go against the stream on this one and back the underdogs. Prediction: Westshore by 2.

Brett: Westshore making additions this year has helped them keep games tighter, yet losing to Nanaimo last week. They'll want to stiffen up this week, however the Ravens are fully loaded. Look for them to put the points on in the second half. Ravens +22

Aaron: Ravens win by 18

Brian: Ravens to beat Westshore by 7 (Ravens +7)

Robin: Ravens 33 - 19 (Ravens +14)


1 Tobias Berg
2 Matt Evans
3 Bryce McKinnon
4 Foster Dewitt
5 Aidan McCleary
6 Tyler Symon-Burke
7 Jade Billington
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Matt Jones
10 Malcolm Klaver
11 Conrad Newell
12 Taylor McGuire
13 Spencer Jones
14 Paul-Henri Van Theil
15 Shane Dagg
16 Neil Hagerty
17 Jay Jimmo
18 Gabe Evans
19 Adam Roer
20 Isaac Gonevou
22 Mitch Drew
23 Cody Gervais


1. Chris Taylor
2. Matias Suez
3. James Carson
4. Cam Eric
5. Connor Hamilton
6. Patrick Richardson
7. David ODonoghue (c)
8. Tim Richardson
9. Jorden Sandover-Best (RC)
10. Robert Jones
11. Sean Hase
12. Sohaib Chaudhry
13. Colby Mitch Mason
14. Jef Vreys
15. Aaron Mclelland
16. Jake Mclachlan
17. Neil Murphy
18. Niall Hannon
19. Mathew Chan
20. Kelepi Funilagi Gucake
21. Julien Mac Kay Cantin
22. Rohaan Sethna

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