James Bay AA - November 2019

November 04 2019


Huddy Huddy – Bay Day at MacDonald Park: Three Wins Over Rivals Castaway Wanderers

from JBAA Media

JBAA took three wins from three versus rivals the Castaway Wanderers on a mild, sunny Saturday at MacDonald Park.

The Third Division match saw a Dave Ramsay and Jacob de Goede led JBAA Grizz team defeat CW by a score of 39-12. Per the Black Rat: “Ramsay Captained the team and Jacobus DeGoede (sic) was a whirling dervish on offence and defence.”

In the curtain raiser Premier Reserve match, the Bays trounced CW by a score of 26-21. The Bays backrow of Alex Jordan, Jakob Butler, and Mitch Pye impressed at the breakdown, and crisp delivery from scrum-half JT Boehme coupled with the jog-and-juke of Hunta Marsh kept CW on their toes throughout.

In the first twenty-minutes, the Bays take the lead with thanks to a Hunta try. Any CW play is stymied by Bays turnovers at the breakdown, at least for the first twenty-five minutes. The JBAA scrum led by the front-row of Fischer Kooman, Mac Greedy, and Kerry Park is dominant to start. But at twenty-six minutes, or thereabouts, CW win a penalty. They kick for touch, and off the lineout drive. They eventually win a scrum, and after three phases manage to score under the posts. Their kicker makes no mistake, and CW take their first – and only – lead of the game. 7-5 CW.

JBAA score soon after with Jakob Butler, Brandon Deuce, and Mitch Pye connecting. JT Boehme makes no mistake, and JBAA retake the lead. 12-7 JBAA. Minutes later, the Bays blow a seven on one attack, but, thankfully, soon score again through a JT to Jakob connection. JT hits the convert making the score 19-7 JBAA at the half.

Hunta scores again early in half two. JT slots the convert again, making the score 26-7 JBAA. Five minutes later, many substitutions are made, and a large contingent of the NZRN take the field in Bays Navy Blue (well, it would have been Navy Blue if we weren’t wearing our white jerseys). They, of course, impress both on offence and defence. Unfortunately, one of them sees yellow for a high-tackle, and the Bays go down to fourteen men. Soon after, Evan Boothroyd fends his opposition to the ground, starting a Bays attack that is eventually stymied.

CW score against the run of play with ten minutes remaining, and right off the next lineout score again. They’re now within five points, at 26-21, and the JBAA Brain Trust gets anxious. JT wins a turnover to end the CW threat off the next kickoff, though. Alex then finds Hunta a few minutes later, but Hunta is stopped just shy of the CW in-goal. CW grind for the last few minutes, but can’t solve JBAA’s defence. Final score 26-21 JBAA.

The Premier match was an interesting one – to start, at least. Phil Meyer refers to the JBAA-CW rivalry as the “Hundred Years War,” and the Premier match most definitely fit that description. There were games within games at scrum and lineout time, the usual belittling between front rows (especially Blake van Heyningen and his opposite number), and, as noted by BCRN, a whole heck of a lot of yellow and red cards on the day. Well, one red card.

The first scrum of match paints a picture for what’s to come. After three resets, JBAA wins a free-kick. The Blue Crush feel confident, so they ask the referee for another scrum instead of a tap or a kick for touch. After another two resets, the Bays are penalized. CW kick for touch, drive, and prematurely celebrate a score at twelve minutes, as the Bays’ defence held the ball up. JBAA loses a penalty again, though, and this time CW drive and score successfully. They’re kicker succeeds as well. Twelve minutes in, CW take their only lead of the match, 7-0.

Twenty minutes in and save for a few very brief moments in the CW half, JBAA have yet to hold possession outside of their own territory. For five minutes the Bays finally grind deep into CW territory but come away with nothing after Mike Nieuwenhuysen’s offload is knocked-on. But after a few minutes, and a lot of Rhys Gregory sniping at the base of the ruck, Mike finally finds some space and scores under the posts. Thomas Burton converts. The game is tied 7-7 with twenty-six minutes gone.

After a number of Bays phases in their own territory, and a few CW phases in their own territory, Rhys box-kicks with the ball coming down just outside the CW twenty-two. JBAA secure possession, and somehow, JC Fidende dots down. Thomas can’t convert, though. 12-7 JBAA.

From the kickoff, Jim de Goede and Carson O’Sullivan turnover CW ball. And a few phases later, a CW prop is yellow-carded for a high tackle. With a one player advantage, JBAA number ten, Mitch Sora, finds a gap in the CW defence, slides through, and offloads to fullback Hamish Pyne, who scores under the posts. Thomas converts. 19-7 JBAA.

JBAA continue to press with a minute remaining. JBAA openside, Tom Eton, a constant annoyance for CW on the day, secures a lose ball. Then now-just-shy-of-two-hundred-pound Nathan Tough, after considerable pressure from the JBAA forwards, finds some space, scoring another try for JBAA just before halftime. The conversion isn’t successful, so the Bays take a 24-7 lead into halftime.

When asked, JBAA alum Tom Hollingsworth described the first half as an “ugly sort of dominance.” Vader Waddell agreed.

The CW offense is stymied time and again to start half two. The JBAA maul then wins a penalty, and the boot of Thomas provides Bays’ ball in the CW ten meter line. Jim de Goede and Mike Nieuwenhuysen connect before finding Mitch Sora who scores again. Thomas converts. 31-7 JBAA.

Minutes later, from a lineout at halfway, JC Fidende gallops deep into CW territory, but is stopped at their five meter line. The Bays recycle once, recycle twice, and then Thomas scores. But he can’t convert, as he’s still daydreaming about an earlier bosh that he’ll certainly speak of for years to come. The score is now 36-7 for JBAA, nine minutes into the second half.

CW find some momentum a quarter of the way through the second half, but it ceases abruptly after they’re yellow carded again, this time for a late hit. Moments later, two of the Bays Dutchmen, Mike and Jimmy, connect. Jimmy scores under the posts. Thomas converts. 43-7 JBAA.

Very shortly thereafter, the Bays centers connect on a nice play, and find Carson O’Sullivan who scores. The Bays continue to take advantage of the man advantage. Thomas converts the last JBAA score. 50-7 JBAA.

CW now back at fifteen players score at twenty minutes and twenty-five minutes, bringing the score to 50-17 JBAA.

The match deteriorates in the last fifteen minutes. First, there are fisticuffs after an ugly breakdown. Both the JBAA captain, Blake van Heyningen, and the CW captain see yellow. They both continue to shout at one another as they leave the field, having to be held back by their teammates. The scene was very reminiscent of the Jamie Cudmore, Paul O’Connell fight ten years ago. Blake’s temper eventually cools, as he knows that a famed Vic West eatery Chicken on the Run ‘to go box’ awaits him in the sin bin.

The last bit of impressive play on the day comes from JBAA winger, Kieran McCauley, who once played number eight, and before that played center (a right of passage for most JBAA players), galloping past and boshing a few would-be CW defenders. But, the game deteriorates even more after that, as a CW player sees a yellow again (they’re fourth) for foul play. Cooler heads do not prevail, though, as JBAA backrow Carson O’Sullivan finally loses his temper, and sees red. The match ends on a low point shortly thereafter.

JBAA rest for the next two weeks. They host the UBCOB Ravens on November 23rd. This season has been an interesting one for JBAA. Some weekends, JBAA looks as though they can outmatch any opponent, while other weekends things sort of fall apart. That said, the Bays always relish fierce competition. The match on the 23rd is bound to be a good one.

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