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November 12 2019

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Remembrance Day Coffeemate Classic 2019 Wrapup by John Langley

Caps play an inter club match every Remembrance Day. The Snowcaps over 40’s play against the Capilano 3rd Division. This match has been going on since 1986 in honour of Gerard Hanlon who came to watch the Snowcaps play on a Sunday and found them to be a man short. Gerard raced to his car and grabbed his kit. He stripped and in order to look older he powdered his hair with Coffee Mate powder and took the field. Sadly, Gerard was killed in a motor vehicle accident during the summer on his way to Alberta to work. The game has been played every November 11 since and has been expanded to include all former Capilano and Snowcap players that are no longer with us and to honour the fallen soldiers who bravely defended our country in the World Wars.

This match is always very competitive and Snowcaps can recruit a few friends to make it more so. Today, Glen McKinnon, Jesse Ryan, and Jeremy Simon, put in time for the Snowcaps. A father and son combo, Ken and Chris Robinson also played for the old guys. The Snowcaps resembled a US college football team with a sideline full of players.

The game is preceded by the players being piped onto the pitch. Alan Brown, a Snowcap, had a busy day. He did the Cenotaph service then came to Klahanie. Steve (Dirty) Rainboth played the last post. Following the story of the game, and amazing Grace on the pipes. A moments silence and then a shot of Scotch is administered to the players. Thanks to Alan and Steve for their valuable input.

The match was well played but the young legs prevailed and the fourth period was the difference. The 3rd Division won by 6 tries to 4. No kicks for goal are allowed so as to speed up the game. The 3rd Division added a flyer, a Carson Graham graduate who is now at U-Vic. He lit up the pitch with his speed and deceptive running. Snowcaps used treachery and sent out a couple of extra players but even that didn’t work.

The stands were full and as always rugby was the winner. Following the game the teams went to the clubhouse. The players were well fed by Capilano Chef Jim Leith, and the speeches were excellent. The Old Guys won the boat race with fast closing Jim Mossop using his gulping experience to nip the young guys who were close. John Rutherford did a good job refereeing the game but the Snowcaps fans thought he was too lenient on the youngsters. They are threatening to cancel his game paycheck! This game was another Capilano Classic. Thanks to the fans that filled the stands and were very enthusiastic. See you on Saturday as we host Nanaimo.

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